Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogging to fame


If you guys knew about this, then good. I just found out about this today morning and thought of sharing it (incase someone DOES visit my blog).

Now Blogging to Fame brings in unique opportunity for everybody to be part of
Mega event in making of 9 A List Bloggers. You can be part of it by either your
own best blogs or just giving fame to your favorite blogs and bloggers. More
than $100000 awards including $80000 to be given in cash.

Just register, nominate your blog.. and look for other blogs/bloggers go through their blogs or whatever. You like something you see then you FAME IT (basically vote for it).

I doubt anyone is taking the money bit seriously, at least I am not.

For me.. it's just another way to kill time. Of course another addition to my - LOOKING BUSY DOING NOTHING - tool list.

3 Opinions:

Happy Kitten said...

Hey Lordship... u r already faming away to glory! can I claim a part of the prize? :)

L o r d R a j said...

Prize.. lol..

well honestly Happy, i have no such illussions.. but yes if i do get anythin, u r more than welcome to take half of it.

its only fair :)

L o r d R a j said...

There r much much betta bloggers out there.. n im pretty sure i dont have a chance.. like ive mentioned on ma blog post..another tool for Lookin Busy Doin Nothin. ;)