Friday, March 6, 2009

Details of Papa’s Treatment – The First Surgery

Ok. I will try to explain this in the best way I can. My father was complaining about not being able to sit comfortably. After ignoring it for a while and then waiting for the situation to get more uncomfortable, he finally decided to visit a doctor. He refused to go to a private hospital or clinic – because that’s him. My insistence is always on Private Hospitals.. but then.. Who the hell cares about what I think. 

Anyway, since the problem kept getting worse, I along with my family – insisted to get papa checked out properly at some private hospital. Found a few friends in and around the government hospitals as well (just in case papa would refuse going for Private – which he usually does). After initial examination, it was determined that surgery would be required for sure, but no one was able to confirm what the hell this thing was. Got a Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology done. Turned out it was a tumour. Malignant.

Yes I freaked out. There was no point in telling dad about it and freaking him out all the more. There was no time to wait for the stupid govt. hospitals to give us a proper date. So got hold of a private surgeon. One of the best. He went through the reports and concluded that immediate excision was required. We managed to hide the entire cancer malignant part from dad. It took a lot of effort from me an my cousin (Neelu Bhaiya). It was difficult to convince the surgeon as well. but he did understand. None of us wanted to freak out papa before the surgery and make the situation worse.

It was then, that we told mom and sis about it. They handled it well.

Surgery done. December 20th 2008. Papa recovers from surgery. We are all a bit relieved. We get the biopsy results of the damn thing that was pulled out. Clear margins, but the tumour had to be shaved off the bone. Which meant that there were some cancer cells left. Papa walking around normal. Back to work. Everything is cool.

The surgeon immediately referred the case to KCCC Makki Jumma … call it whatever you want. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy had to be started. Unfortunately in Kuwait, KCCC is the only shitty place where this can be done. They don’t have this treatment in the private sector. Now, I think the Sheikha Badriya thing will also be providing some of the cancer treatment, but that started off - I believe only in February 2009.

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