Friday, March 6, 2009

Now About KCCC

I am not sure if I should be taking names or not.. but what the hell. Like I care.. and as if anyone reads this blog.

As mentioned earlier - They do have all the equipment required. They just don’t have enough people with common sense. 

The set up needs to be worked on. On more than one occasion, the file went missing. When the file goes missing – what the females sitting at various windows say, doesn’t help. The usual statement is ‘We can’t find the file, go look for it’. Can you please tell me, how the hell am I supposed to know where you put my file!!!

Anyways, I run around from Old Building to New Building to Faisal Building. From Radiology Dept. to Nuclear Medicine to Oncology to Surgical OPD, looking for the file. I finally find the file. The bastard technician won’t hand it over to me. He says – it’s against the rules.

Son of a bitch Saber (that’s his name), if you fuckers were doing your job right, I wouldn’t have to be running around the hospital looking for the files! KCCC will handover a patient’s file to an illiterate cleaner, but they won’t give it to the patient! Look, rules are rules.. but for the love of god, either make sure that the file is in the right place where the appointment is due or at least give the file when someone comes looking for it. No point in being a prick when someone’s life is on the line.

I explained it to him that I needed the file since the surgeon refuses to see my father unless he has the file. The number is up and the surgeon will move on to the next patients if I can’t take the file. Saber remains adamant. I then run around and get a bangladeshi cleaner.

  • Dr. Abraham Varghese – Sensible fellow. I have no complaints against this man.
  • Dr. Mahmoud – Very soft spoken and understanding.
  • Dr. Haiber (sp) – seemed competent enough. No complaints.
  • Prashant (Technician) Extremely soft spoken and knows his work. Most of the nurses I had to deal with were fine. no major complaints. 

Dr. Saroj Vashishta – Indian - JFTR (for those of you who keep looking for an Indian doctor)

Super dumb stupid incompetent bitch. She has absolutely no confidence and has no manners either. No sense of time and no respect for others. Perhaps the most incompetent doctor I have ever met. Unfortunately, this pathetic slut was the oncologist for my father’s case. Absolutely horrid female. Very rude and doesn’t know how to talk to people. She should never be allowed to practice medicine. SHE SHOULDN’T. 

After super delaying the entire post surgery therapy, finally she concluded that Radiotherapy would be required. And (this happened in front of me) – this stupid bitch is asking the bangladeshi cleaner ‘This patient needs to get radiotherapy, how should we plan it?’ – THE CLEANER.. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU WORTHLESS WHORE!!!

There is not one decision she was able to take herself. Not one single decision. For everything she needed to consult with someone or the other. Anything comes up and her answer would be ‘ I don’t know’

She was a student in PGI Chandigarh. Neelu Bhaiya’s mother died of cancer at PGI Chandigarh – this was in 1984. When Neelu Bhaiya saw Dr. Saroj kutti Vashishta – he told us that he recognized her. By the end of the conversation – she remembered Neelu Bhaiya, Bishu bhaiya and their mother.

In 1984, this bitch was a student in PGI Chandigarh. My cousin told us that she was horrible then, and she continues to be horrible even now.

If the doctor’s at KCCC were a little more sensible, we really wouldn’t be having this problem right now.

3 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear that pal. Just hang in there, things will get better.

It just irritates me when we have to suffer not only for our mistakes, but also for the mistakes of other idiots. Life is really unfair.

Take care!

Rayboy said...

Its seriously sad to know this...!!.. i will see if it can be raised up in the indian doctors forum in Kuwait.

These matters need to seriously be looked into.

How is your dad holding up with the Chemo?

L o r d R a j said...


Yes. Like it wasn't bad enough paying for our own mistakes. Well.. What's happened has happened. Just hope that things from here on move properly.


Yes, this needs to be addressed. I am not in Kuwait at the moment. Don't know when I will be able to make it to Kuwait. As of now, the doctors say that papa's treatment could take about 5-6 months.

I really don't know how to address this situation from here.

What I do know is that it has to be taken up seriously.

I read it online, that in feb, someone in the govt. had proposed the Kuwait needed more centres for cancer treatment. I think perhaps he would have experienced something similar.

Chemo.. well all things considered, he is taking it well. Usual depression pangs. Short fused, weakness, fatigue. But thankfully no nausea and all that. not yet.

Got hooked up with a good team of oncologists here. Lets hope that everything works out well.

Thanks for your prayers.