Friday, March 6, 2009

Papa’s Treatment – In Bombay

Leena Didi had hooked us up with a ex Tata Memorial Onco surgeon. This was done on the same day that we landed and I doubt anyone could have arranged and orchestrated the appointments etc in a better fashion. Mom and sis stayed back at the hotel. The rest of us headed off to meet the surgeon.

Having bishu bhaiya with us was a major confidence booster for all of us.  The doctor’s here seem pretty shocked by what happened at KCCC. But rather than dwelling on that, they proceeded further. off to Breach Candy. MRI done. Report done – Same day as we landed in Bombay.While we were waiting for the report. While waiting for the result, we guys had lunch with Sanjay Khan, Zayed Khan and Sussanne Roshan. I only like Sanjay Khan. The rest of them.. well, excess baggage.

Got the reports, went to the surgeon. The surgeon concludes that everything would have been just fine if the treatment had started when it should have. But since that didn’t happen, the tumour is back and is bigger and badder. Surgery can be done but it will be complicated for both the patient and the surgeon. So he suggested Chemotherapy, in order to control the tumour and hope to reduce it in size. With the reduced size and tumour growth controlled, the excision will be less complicated.

Following day, we meet the pathologist who confirms that the tumour can be controlled by chemo. We then go to the oncologist (also ex – Tata Memorial Doctor). He discusses the case with the surgeon. Treatment planned. Next day, papa gets admitted and chemotherapy started.

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