Friday, March 6, 2009

Papa’s Treatment – KCCC – Makki Al Jumma

The surgeon immediately referred the case to KCCC Makki Jumma … call it whatever you want. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy had to be started. Unfortunately in Kuwait, KCCC is the only shitty place where this can be done. They don’t have this treatment in the private sector. Now, I think the Sheikha Badriya thing will also be providing some of the cancer treatment, but that started off - I believe only in February 2009.

Bloody bunch of clowns over there (KCCC). The reference letter clearly stated that papa’s treatment should be started immediately. But the fools over there…. haraam zaade.. maadar chod… kutte ke bacche.. randi ki aulaad.

This test, that test. bla bla. I know the tests are necessary, but the dates were – next week.. then again next week.. then again next week. Reports take anything from one to two weeks to come up and then the oncologist sees out-patients only once in a week. So you get the test, wait for a week or two. get the report, then hook up an appointment with the oncologist and go and see him.

Pulled some strings. got most of the tests done early. Managed to get the reports. Everything seemed to be fine. All reports came out – CLEAR.

Second week of February. papa said the discomfort was starting again. Noticed that there was a swelling building up again. Went back to our surgeon (the one in the private sector who did the surgery) – Surgeon is SHOCKED. He says – how come no treatment till now? Radio / Chemo should be started within 20 days of the surgery!!! (surgery was done Dec 20th 2008!)

yes.. that’s when we realised that we got fucked.

bastards at KCCC say – yes this is complicated case bla bla bla. The surgeon at KCCC says he has never seen something like this before. He is reluctant to operate. The bitch oncologist says ‘You delayed it too much’ WHAT THE FUCK YOU WHORE.. WHAT DID WE DELAY!!!

anyways.. I lose my temper. Almost got into a fist fight at the hospital. Raised my voice in the waiting room. Told dad that there is no way in hell we are continuing the treatment a KCCC.

Consulted the private surgeon who did the first surgery. He advised – Go to India. These guys have fucked up and the case is getting more complicated as we speak.

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