Friday, March 6, 2009

Papa’s Treatment – Off To Bombay

Convinced my father that there was no way we could possibly rely on the bastards at KCCC. They have all the equipment, but they lack common sense and competence (more on that in a bit). We made calls. Got in touch with whoever we know. Tried to get appointments.

We were told that Tata Memorial would take a while to set up an appointment for papa. But there were surgeons and oncologists who had spent 20+ years with Tata and were now visiting consultants at other private hospitals and had their own consultancies as well. We got in touch with them (Thank you Leena didi).

Made all the arrangements for leaving Kuwait. Papa, me, mom & sis. All of us. Bishu bhaiya took care of our hotel reservations etc for Bombay and has been with us ever since we landed here, taking care of everything. Supplies, grocery shopping, arranging cabs, etc. etc.

Lovena aunty arranged for this flat for us in Vasai / Naigaon which is a lot more than we expected. Very comfortable. Thank you so much. Lovena’s sister and sister in law, Blossy and Sandra – have been very kind and extremely helpful. Thanks a lot. Really don’t know what more to say.  

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