Friday, March 6, 2009

Update From Bombay

Well, technically, not in Bombay anymore. We are in Vasai / Naigaon (sp). Rather confused.

Really nice quiet place. Green. The morning air is fresh. Nice cool breeze.

Jen – Thanks for your wishes, Pride – Thanks for your email. Please pray for papa.

Papa is talking normal stuff. He has started yelling at me too (a bit) and I think that’s a good sign. He has his blood test scheduled for tomorrow. Appointment with the oncologist on the 9th. Next Chemotherapy cycle starts on the 18th. Just a while back, he told me that with every passing day he seems to be feeling better.

My experience - The people in Bombay (Ville Parle, Mahim, Andheri, Santa Cruz etc).. too busy in their own world. Not very polite. Usually irritated, frustrated etc. The ones that did not conform to the above were – Auto Rickshaw Drivers, Taxi Drivers and few others (very few).

Here (Vasai / Naigaon) – very different. Everyone is helpful. Everyone has a story to tell. Nice friendly people willing to go out of their way to help you out. Most of them smiling (everyone except the vegetable vendors). Made a few friends.

I prefer this place to Bombay. Yes, my internet connection seems to be running on roaming charges, but whatever. We got a nice comfy place 3 bedroom apartment - thanks to few friends (Thank you sooooo much). Fully furnished, Air-conditioned, Inverter, Motor – all hooked up. Very comfy. And like I said, this place being away from Bombay has a lot of advantages. It reminds me of Dehradun – 12 years back. No pollution. The morning cool breeze was a big surprise for me. They say that there is a 4 hour power cut every day (load shedding), I haven’t had any problems with it, yet. Guess it’s thanks to the inverter.     

BTW, I travelled in the local Bombay bus!! Don’t intend to sound like a spoilt brat, but … err.. ME travelling in a bus IS a pretty big deal. and if that wasn’t bad enough.. I travelled in a local train too. Well, it was a Sunday so it was SUPPOSED to be less crowded (no.. it really didn’t seem like less crowded… I was standing throughout the journey).

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