Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post Surgery

The surgery went off fine on the 13th. It lasted for about 5 hours. Excision and reconstructive. Papa was moved into the ICU after the surgery, and yes we all were freaked out.

Anyways, making this short – Papa is fine now. He has started walking now (not much though, taking it slow for now – and he hates it) without the aide of a walker or support from the physiotherapist. Some of the stitches have been removed, and more will be removed in the days to come.

Yes he is weak but then he was on drips initially and then moved up to liquid diet. proper diet started only a few days back. 

The update – The tumour is out. Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy will be required, and will be starting during the first week of May. I have managed to convince papa to stay in the hospital (with mom and sis, of course) till the treatment is completed. It could last upto mid June.

Radiation therapy will be administered at Hinduja hospital. Have already spoken to the doctors treating papa and they have assured me that everything (from transportation to administrating the therapy) will be scheduled and coordinated and taken care of. Since papa doesn’t like the hospital food, arrangements have been made with one of the hotels – also by the doctors.

One of the reasons being, papa (and the rest of us) panic even if there is a slightest complication, for eg. oozing from the stitch or papa feeling hot or sweaty or having a stomach ache or.. well just about anything. If he is in the hospital, at least there is a nurse or two available 24 hrs to attend to him.

The On call doctors gets to papa’s suite within 10-20 minutes of us making the call, even around midnight (yes we did try that). Once the doctor or the nurse has attended to papa, we all get relieved.

The suite is comfy enough and can comfortably accommodate 3 persons, excluding the patient. There is no reason to shift outside. At least not yet. Even the closest place we might be able to find, wouldn’t be with a 10-20 min. radius of the hospital.

I will be flying down again, this Thursday night – returning Saturday.

2 Opinions:

Jonyboy said...

Was cheking out ur blog daily to get the latest updates. Dint want to bother you with emails. I had a hunch tat you wud be very busy.

Anywayz, thanx to such wonderful ppl, the doctors, nurses and of course, to the Lord Almighty, that everything is fine with ur dad and his post surgery tenure in the hospital, has also been taken care of. Wise decisions, I must say, of you convinicing him to stay in the hospital under the watchful eyes of the doctors.

Anywayz, pls convey our best wishes and regards to DAD, while you are there, next time.

L o r d R a j said...

Thank you for your wishes, Jonyboy.

Yes, will definitely convey the same to papa. :)

About the hospital thing, well I am glad that at least someone sees my point. Most of the people have concluded that I am a monster, for making papa stay in the hospital, when he can get discharged.

Some have even gone as far as saying that the only reason I am doing this is so that I don't have to take the trouble of making arrangements.

It's interesting.. because, there are NO arrangements to be made, if papa heads out to Vasai. We still have the 3 bedroom apartment in Vasai (thanks to the kindness of Lovena Aunty).

And I have mentioned this before, the people around - over there - are so helpful, that we wouldn't have to bother with anything at all.

My suggestion (for papa) to remain in the hospital, was simply because I wanted to make sure that PAPA stays fine and doesn't have to take any extra stress than he absolutely has to.