Sunday, May 10, 2009

And I am Back ...

Landed last night.

Updates from Bombay:

Well I reached Friday morning. Long discussions with papa (well, I call it discussions, everyone else is convinced I was arguing). Everything was explained yet again. And he agreed.

I was supposed to go to Hinduja on Saturday morning and meet with the doctor - who will be in charge of the radiation. Papa was scheduled to meet him on Monday and a time table would be set for the radiation. Everything was going fine. Papa was finally calm and convinced.

But then the doctor's secretary called and said that he couldn't meet me on Saturday as he was flying off and would be back on Monday night and will meet papa on Tuesday.

Bas - that was it.

Papa - now I have two days and I refuse to sit in the hospital. get me out. Now!
Me - let's just talk about this.

he walks out went to the nurse' station and said to prepare his discharge summary and get the bill immediately.

Me - fine. I will arrange the tickets, lets go to Kuwait.
Papa - one fool in the family is enough, you do your int'l day trips. I will go to Vasai

So folks went off to Vasai. On reaching Vasai - Papa says 'Raman was right. This trip wasn't such a good idea, I am too tired '

But by night, he had mom and sis cook him up stuff that he likes. He concludes 'the trip was worth the trouble'

As per the doctors - papa is fine and doing ok. But he needs to complete the entire treatment and then sit through a few more tests after the treatment to make sure that everything is the way it should be. Regular follow up is a must.

Right now, papa's views are 'What the hell do the doctors know. They are fooling you. I am telling you I am fine. If I am not fine, I will know it before the doctor does. The doctors just want money and they are simply putting me through all this'

Of course this view isn't entirely true - but then it's not an easy job to convince my dad.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

I empathize with you mate. Sometimes, they tie our hands and ask us to do everything.

They wouldn't listen to anything and would make us look like total idiots. It happens to me all the time.

I really admire your mental strength Raj. Take good care!

L o r d R a j said...

Thanks Agnel.

Trying to take good care of my folks, right now.
Tie our hands and ask us to do everything"TELL ME ABOUT IT!!

Mental strength! What mental strength!?! Just trying to hang on. Just hoping that my head doesn't blow up or I don't end up saying / doing something stupid.

And I am sure you know - this isn't easy.

Thanks a lot mate. Appreciate your concern and kind wishes. Please pray that papa gets back to his normal routine life, soon.

You too, Take care.