Monday, May 4, 2009

Blood Sugar Update

Well, he has calmed down now. The drips are back on. He was given a minimal shot of insulin, I believe it was just to reassure him, rather than for anything else.

I am sure he hates me for putting him through this. Probably hates all of us even more than he hates the doctors. He wanted to come back to Kuwait after the surgery and the stitches were removed. So, yeah, he definitely hates me for this. No big deal. Almost everyone I know hates me for one reason or the other. The very few who don’t – well, thanks.

They will be checking his sugar levels again in about 2 hours from now. Spoke to my sister and she said she will go and speak to the nurse who will be coming in for the next shift (in some time) and get things back on track.

Just praying that his treatment gets completed soon and papa gets cured of this. Once he gets out of the hospital, I think I will get myself admitted to one. Just to say sorry, I guess. Besides, while I am there, will somehow get my hands on morphine or some shit. God knows I could use some. 

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