Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Views On Papa's Decision

It's imperative to be sensible about things, which unfortunately - at the moment - doesn't seem to be happening with many people. Common sense isn't that common after all.

For his radiation / appointment or even a visit to the doc to get himself examined, papa has to go through a 2 hr car trip. How is this a sensible move? A 2 hr car trip in Bombay is not a good experience even for someone who is reasonably healthy. My father is recovering from surgery and is undergoing chemo, so imagine how it will be for him.

From Raheja hospital (where he was admitted) to Hinduja - the distance is about 1.5 Kms. He could remain admitted in Raheja and get his radiation done easily at Hinduja. I had set up everything in Raheja from a nurse escort, a ward boy and transportation. They would take him, get everything done, and bring him back to Raheja.

Once Radiation starts, it will be only for about 20 mins or may be even less. As per the current situation, papa has to sit in the car for 2 hrs, get the radiation and then sit back for another 2 hrs to get home. IS THIS SENSIBLE? How is this going to help him - beats me.

There is no way Raheja will admit him now, until his next chemo is due (which is on the 25th). There is no way Hinduja will admit him for a 20 min session a day. Of course there are work arounds. Money talks. But then - everything was in place and now everything is a mess. The one who will suffer is papa. Unfortunately I can't take the physical pain and stress FOR HIM. he has to tolerate it on his own.

I was labelled a monster for insisting that papa remains in the hospital. They said I wanted to wash my hands off the situations. because everybody said ' A DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENT WILL HELP' Now - those same people will label me incompetent for failing to organise things effectively. I don't care what people say, I never have - but with them talking - papa's stubborn attitude was just fanned all the more and now we are in a fix and no one is going to realise this until it's too late.

Finding a place to stay near Hinduja has proved unsuccessful. There aren't many decent hotels in Mahim.
Yes, I can't be picky at such times, but I can't hook up my father in a rat hole either.

Hospital mein 24 hrs 7 days a week, he had the medical attention. ab kya hai!! I think I am the only one who is thinking in these terms and I can't understand why no one else can even SEE these points. let alone agree with them.

What he wants is an apartment close to Hinduja, reasonably furnished, a good AC, cable television, fully equipped kitchen and a regular maid service.

Ab bolo - ek din mein ye sab Bombay mein kahaan se laayun!? Even if I lie to him about the expenses, setting up all of this is going to take time, right! KITCHEN is a must. He hates the food in Bombay (and people tell me that I AM PICKY!!).

sab kuch upar waale ke haathon mein hai..true. Not contesting that at all - but THAT is no excuse for being stupid when it comes to situations like this.

Sorry Jen - really trying that positive thinking bit, but we all have our limitations. I just find it hard to be oblivious to real time situations. I can't.

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