Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updates From Bombay

The latest update is – since papa has a break for a few days, he has decided to get some dental work completed in India. Which means that he won’t be coming down to Kuwait. Which really sucks.

Anyways, given that he is willing to go ahead with the dental work – it shows that he is feeling better now. Which is awesome news. The bad part is – the better he feels, the less likely it is that he will listen to anyone else.

I have to sort out some insurance paper work here, which will take a few days. A few things about papa’s investments too need to be looked into. Just because papa is in India, doesn’t mean that he is going to let all these things go. He now sends emails INSTRUCTING me as how to proceed with his investments.

Trying to get all this sorted out before his radiation starts. I want to be there when they start off with the radiation. Not like I can do anything, but still.

Seriously hating this Do as directed way of living. For some issues, I do have better / easier / convenient solutions. Most of them have already been worked out as well. But papa refuses to go by things in that manner. Ahh well. As long as he is getting better.

Guess he too hates the Do as directed approach just as much as I do. The only difference is, my suggestions are an effort to make things a bit convenient. Shit happens, eh. 

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

"Im always right", this is the attitude "warden" type dads usually carry. We are expected to "do as directed" Yeah!

I decided to somehow make my dad understand, that isn't how life is gonna be. If "I have to live the way he wants" then "he has to live my life".

Watch "bommarillu" Raj. It is a beautiful movie :). Knowing your high standards in movies, I suspect this wouldn't meet any of them, but just hang in there till the last 20 mins... you'll know what I'm talking about!

Hope papa recovers soon :)

L o r d R a j said...

Thanks for your kind wishes, mate.

Bommarillu - hmm will try to get my hands on it. :)

High standards.. lol - yeah right.

About my father, see it's slightly a different equation. When it's something concerning my life - All I have to do is listen to his views and then explain him what's running in my head - that does take a while to explain(usually convinces him to let it go my way). I just have to explain why I think it's the right approach.

But, when it comes to HIS life.. he will ask me to take care of something and when I am done with it, he will say that's not right, not the way to do things bla bla bla, and then for about a month or so - he won't listen to anything I have to say on any subject.