Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Site Blocked - India


The site is called SavitaBhabhi. To be honest - I hadn't heard of this site until this whole issue of blocking it came about (around end of June) :


India Bans Adult Cartoon Site SavitaBhabhi.com

XBIZ News Report


I did visit the site after that, turns out it's been around for a while.

I really don't get the logic of these bans or blocks. The I&B ministry wants us to believe that the intention is to stop people from seeing this. Anyone with even half a working mind would know - that when you block or ban something - all you are doing is now giving it even more publicity than it already had.

It's not like banning or blocking would have decreased the number of visits. People interested in the animated bhabhi would have come out with a dozen work-arounds within 5 minutes of the ban being announced.

There might be other people who would be interested or intrigued by comic strip pornography (personally, I prefer to use the term Erotica) who didn't know about this site.. and now - thanks to your BAN, even they know about it.

The ones who would have been OFFENDED by such content - well NEWS FLASH - they wouldn't visit such sites even if they weren't blocked.

So what has the ban really accomplished? (in real terms, not cheap debating points).

People who WANT access to the stuff will find one or more workarounds.

By Banning / Blocking - all you end up doing is giving it more publicity. That really wasn't the aim of the I&B ministry, or was it?

The thing that gets to me the most is - people like you and me can figure out such simple things, but all these idiots sitting in the cabinet / ministries - with all their advisers and experts - ARE BLIND TO THE OBVIOUS!

It's extremely disappointing.

No surprise then that Mamta 'Moron' Banerjee comes up with a plan for Double Decker trains and has no answer to what would happen when the train would have to go through a tunnel.

I think it's her voice (Mamta's). Makes me want to slit her throat, pull her tongue out and leaving it hanging like a fucking necktie. (I've been using that line for years.. Used it a lot when I was in school. I might have picked it up from some movie).

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