Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Haven't had the time (or the mood) to blog about anything. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me why there haven't been any updates to my blog? Just saw a few emails and comments in my inbox and thought I would update my friends on what's happening.

Well, to be honest - nothing much is happening. Just talking with papa and trying to make him stick to one decision.

My view: We should have already been in Bombay by now and papa's treatment should have started. But then, papa has his reasons. Not to mention, the tons of advisors who keep advising him regularly. Of course, their suggestions seem to make more sense to papa. My suggestions (according to him) are impractical.

Just when I think I have him convinced, he switches up the next morning.

As of the 27th of December, the plan was that we will be leaving for Bombay on the 6th of January (In my view - leaving on the 6th was late enough. We should have left earlier). Surgery on the 9th. After the excision, the doctors will analyse the tumour and determine what post-surgery treatment (if any) is required.

But yesterday, the plan was altered YET again and now we will be leaving on the 9th of January. Meeting with the doctor on the 11th.

Goes without saying that this does depend on papa's mood and what suggestions he gets from his friends/advisors.


5 Opinions:

Jonyboy said...


He is still here...!!!??

I thot he, must hav already left for Mumbai, by now....including you.

Anyways, good luck and hope he wont be advised to change his decision again.

Mathai said...

I guess you cant argue with your papa when it comes to certain matters, after all...hes the boss. Anyway hope you fly to India as soon as possible and get the best treatment.

sv9211 said...

Hey Raj,

Nice to see you back!

Yes, I can understand the frustration when parents still think that we are kids and that we cannot plan or do things alone. Been there....done that. I also understand the thousands of emotions you might be going thru due to all this....but hang in there buddy, it will be fine sooner or later.

Remember the more you think about it sitting alone, the more you will feel pained. Meet friends, keep blogging and we all are missing you on Q8NRI too. Come back soon!
Happy New Year, mate! Cheers.

DLC said...

Hang in there Raj, I know its easy to say so.. it is tough to make ur Dad see things your way..

we're all praying.. take care

L o r d R a j said...

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for your wishes.

Update : Tickets are done. Doubt that these will be rescheduled. Leaving on 10th evening.