Saturday, May 1, 2010


Landed last night.


Initially we flew to Bombay to take care of Pleural Effusion. Fluid collection in the lung. Papa was having trouble in breathing and it was because of this.

Fluid collection was taken care of. Thoracoscopy. The doctors sent it to the lab for analysis. No cancer cells detected. Cause of collection is still unknown (at least to me). I am pretty sure that papa didn’t suffer any trauma/injury that would cause this.

While we were there, the doctors suggested to get a check up of the previously operated areas as well. A lobulated mass was found in the same area. Once he recovered from the Thoracoscopy, a core biopsy was done to identify the nature of the mass. Recurrence of the cancer again.

When those reports came in, didn’t want to tell papa about the results. He had recovered well from the Thoracoscopy and was in a reasonably cheerful mood. Getting all excited about flying back down to Kuwait. But then, I thought it was better coming from me than from the doctors. So told him.

Papa had to go through another surgery on Thursday morning. Another excision. The tumour was resting on the sciatic nerve. The doctors have removed it. Papa is on bed rest for 5-10 days. Waiting for the results to come in to determine further course of treatment.

Yes… life sucks. I don’t even know what to feel anymore or how to react. But I will say this, Papa sure as hell has an amazing attitude and spirit. Stubborn as hell (not a good thing). And about the attitude, well my friend Fakhry says it best – Don kabhi wrong nahin hota (He refers to my father as ‘Don’).

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