Saturday, May 1, 2010

Raheja Hospital – A Fortis Associate

Management change. Raheja is now under Fortis management. Thought that would be a good thing. But…. it really isn’t. Some of the rules - though inconvenient, do make sense. For example – no outside food. Other rules – not so much.

Chuck all that. This is what really ticked me off:

There are (were) 4 suites in total at the hospital. Comfortable, spacious and all that. Well now the management decided that one of the suites should be PERMANENTLY reserved for the CEO (it seems that the new management isn’t aware of the existence of hotels in Bombay). Another suite has been converted into an administrative office. That leaves only two suites for the patients.

There are quite a few First Class Private rooms in the hospital. BUT, one of them has been turned into an IT office, where two programmers sit and are FaceBooking for most of the day (saw it myself). Every time I would pass by that room, there they were busy clattering away on their laptops. One glance and it was hard to miss the obvious FaceBook logo.

If this wasn’t bad enough, they have been given a room each (from the First Class Private rooms category) to stay. That’s 3 rooms gone to the IT department !!

To compensate for this, one of the First Class Private rooms has been packed with 3 beds (WTF??!! How is it a PRIVATE ROOM if you are sharing it with 2 other patients!!)

The new management decided that the ICU was old and needed renovation. SO the ICU has been temporarily shifted from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor.

The OT is on the 2nd floor. Makes sense to have the ICU on the same floor. The patient is taken to the ICU immediately after the surgery and it is just sensible to have it on the same floor. But now, the patient is brought out on the stretcher from the OT and waits for the lift to be transported to the ICU!!

Because the ICU is no longer on the 2nd floor, the management / maintenance decided that there was no need to leave the air-conditioning on in what WAS the Waiting Hall outside the ICU. This waiting hall was also used for the relatives to wait while the patient is in the OT.

No air-conditioning, so obviously it’s uncomfortable. When complained about this, the answer was – the OT is air-conditioned. The hospital is for the patients and NOT for their relatives. If you want to wait in an air-conditioned hall, then you can go to the reception or to another floor. Don’t wait outside the OT.

Well, they might have a point – but I would really like to see where they would be waiting when their father/mother/son is being operated on. 

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