Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Updates From Bombay

Radiation Therapy. Most probably. Again. :(

Once papa gets done with the bed rest and the stitches / staples are removed, most likely – he will have to undergo radiation therapy.

Trying to convince papa to make a trip to Chennai (once he is done with bed rest and can walk around), for another opinion.

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Agnel said...

Chennai is a good option. They have one of the best hospitals and docs in the country. I had to visit the place for some reasons in 2008. It was crowded like hell, it was during the bomb scares.. just a few days after the mumbai attack.

Hope Papa gets better. Hang in there mate. One of the few things that I've realized is that, it is very important to take your mind of certain things for atleast a few hours during the day. Humor does help, try to watch some comedies and laugh out loud in your own room. Don't even feel bad that you're trying to be happy when things aren't okay. It is one of the few ways to survive, and even psychologists admit that prolonged depression/sadness is not good.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel,

Well, as of now, I am trying to convince papa to get another opinion from Chennai - Apollo Hospital.

They have this thing called Cyberknife. There were talks about this from 2008 onwards (that it had arrived in India). Turns out, it wasn't operational till 2009.

That too, to the best of my knowledge, it's available only in B'lore (HCG) and Chennai (Apollo).

Got a response from one of the doctors in Apollo who said that papa's case could be candidate for Cyberknife. BUT they would of course need to conduct their own tests to determine how effective the treatment would be.

For that, papa has to be there.

The guys at Apollo already have papa's reports.

As per my last conversation with papa (earlier today) he did say that he would think about it, once he is able to walk a bit.

Hoping for the best.

About laughing.. well, not really sure I remember how to laugh. But then.. we try.

Spend most of the evenings with my friends. Smoking up sheesha, sharing problems (we all have our own issues). Talking about it and remembering the good days and the wonderful times we had growing up.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel,

Thanks, mate.

Agnel said...

Hey.. please don't mention it.

Apollo hospital, yes. That's where I went. Glad to hear that they are ready to help. Let's hope for the best mate. It's part of life, it's part of growing up.

Well, when you're with friends talk something funny. I'm really sure, you'll be able to laugh. Just type lol, it's fine :P, :) Smile it's okay. It's the beginning, you'll feel better.

Sleep well tonight. Tc.

L o r d R a j said...

Sleep... hmmm. Not so sure about that.

Right now, watching 2012.
Shitty film (my view).

Before this was watching Mentalist and Smallville.
Before that, was reading Archies.
Before that, was with my friends.

After this.. might read up on some Jeffery Archer or P.D. James. Might just lie down. Haven't decided yet.

You take care, mate.

sv9211 said...

Hey Raj,

I am also a supporter of second medical opinions but as you say papa should agree. Chennai is a good option. Have you looked at Delhi? Dharamshila in Noida were good some years back...dunno how they are faring now. This is their web:

Take care. Bye

sv9211 said...

Raj, checked their site now. it seems you can get a second opinion online:

L o r d R a j said...

Hello SV,

Hope all is well with you.

About the second opinion, the only reason we are opting for Apollo, Chennai is because they have 'Cyberknife' installed and operational.

The other place that claims to have Cyberknife (to the best of my knowledge) is HCG B'lore, but haven't got any response from them yet.

Delhi would be preferable in all other respects, but then... none of the other hospitals have Cyberknife. Hence insisting for Chennai.

Already have spoken to the doctor there. Reports were emailed even before we landed in Bombay.

Their opinion (based on the reports) is that they might be able to use Cyberknife in papa's case, but more investigations will be required for which papa has to be there in Chennai.

sv9211 said...

Hey Raj,

Yes, then its good. Apollo Chennai are one of the best....

Take care.

PS: We miss you on CCC, buddy!

L o r d R a j said...

Thanks SV.
Will try to pass by the forum soon.
You take care, mate.