Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bombay - My Views

I put up these comments (on a forum I visit regularly), over the last few days - following the terror attack in Bombay. Just thought of putting them up on the blog as well. The thing that really got me started was - the phrase - The SPIRIT of Bombay.

I knew it was coming. It always does. The only question is, which news channel or news paper is going to put it up first. That phrase has never made sense to me (in relation to terror strikes or riots) and I doubt it ever will.

Other than that, it was a few things mentioned by my friends (on the forum) that got me typing out some statements and my views. The media - as always - proved to be very helpful in giving me more material for my posts. 

Mumbai begins to heal after terrorist rampage


This crowded, bustling financial capital, wracked by three days bloodshed, slowly began puling itself back together Sunday as a once-besieged restaurant reopened its doors and Indians mourned their dead.


No, I am not saying the people of Bombay should sit at home and keep mourning. All I am saying is - the people going to work or opening for business is NOT Healing or Spirit of Bombay. It's called - majboori ka naam mahatama gandhi

paapi pet ka swaal hai.

somebody has to pay the bills. The government isn't going to pay you for sitting at home.


The minister has sent his resignation to the PM Manmohan Singh after he owned moral responsibility for the for Mumbai terror attacks that claimed more than 195 lives

Hmm and now we all feel so much better... right?

Deshmukh downplays Ram Gopal Verma, son's visit to Taj


"If my son is with me what is wrong in that? It was a big incident and he wanted to see it," Deshmukh said.


I agree, that's kind of a stupid statement to make. However, what I can't seem to understand is - if RGV did go, what's there to make a fuss over it? Even if he does make a film on it - WHAT'S THE BIG FUKING DEAL! Is only Mani Ratnam allowed to make movies on blasts in Bombay?! (for those of you who didn't get that, he made a movie titled Bombay against the back drop of the 1993 Bombay Blasts)

only official visitors were allowed.. hmmm - bomb phat gaye, log mar gaye, and NOW everyone is concerned about who is going into the hotels???

The amount of attention given to SUCH PATHETIC issues - even if HALF of that attention was directed at the borders, explosive warehouses and THE WARNINGS received, there is a good chance that some of such incidents could be avoided.

Who came to visit the bombed sites is an issue. What's the purpose of the visit - is an issue. ok.

how about:

  • who all walked into your borders?
  • the purpose of THOSE visits?
  • investigating seriously where all the missing ammo from our own military warehouses went?
  • figuring out how come it is so easy to get explosives into the bloody country and walk around the city carrying those things.

I mean, FOR A CHANGE - inn baaton pe thoda dhyaan deke dekho. Chances are - these would be more helpful in protecting the people as opposed to - why RGV was walking around the Taj.

Pak .. or an inside job... US and/or Israel... political gains. Tonns of theories to chose from.

In my view - that is to be worried about at a later stage. Simply because, there is absolutely no way in hell this could have happened without help from inside our own borders - be it by a minister or by a greedy patrol man or a corrupt official and definitely a total breakdown of the security and intelligence system. Well, you can call it breakdown or you can refer to it as exposing their incompetence. Take your pick. 

This wasn't like an international flight was hijacked and rammed into the building. The problem lies WITHIN. The sooner we admit THAT, the sooner we can proceed towards remedial and preventive measures.

But we would be content with - proposing and entertaining - conspiracy theories and be satisfied with elections and resignations. Sigh... such simple souls.

that.. is the sad truth - maano ya na maano.

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