Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nokia N95

Disappointed. The reason could be because I am so used to the SE interface, and the touch screen of the P series has spoilt me.

The cam is good (5 MP). The GPS works (which I won't be using much. Was just curious about it. used it for a bit.. and now I am done with it. Just another feature which I don't think I'll be using). The two way slide.. in my opinion is pretty useless, but guess some people find it useful (I don't really use the cell phone for listening to music. Not much anyways).

But what disappointed me the most was, the handsfree. I actually thought this was a joke. There is NO MICROPHONE with the handsfree. As soon as you hook it up, it says "please use the microphone on the phone".

I solved the problem by hooking it up to my bluetooth headset but then that runs out of charge too, and that's why at times I PREFER using the handsfree. But can't use the one I got with this phone.

Probably there is another handsfree which does have a microphone and was not included in my sales pack (wouldn't be the first time, has happened before). One can definitely purchase one from the stores.

Definitely NOT worth the money spent. There are much better options to choose from within the same price range.

I'd say something upto 150 - 180 (KD) would be a reasonable price. But at present the phone is selling above 200 and I just think it's not worth that much.

Update - Just got back from the vendor. Told them about my problem with the headset (without the microphone). The guy apologises and gives me an attachment (apparently he forgot to include that) - which - along with the microphone - basically has a few keys (to use for the calls n the music player) and also a jack to fit in the stereo headset... hmm problem solved.

You are either with us or...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Microsoft Shared View (Beta)

Hmm.. remote desktop. That's exactly what this is. The set up is a lot easier. All you need is the email address (of course the application, which you can download from here) and then join in / create a session. About 15 people can join a single session.

All the usual stuff, one would expect from a remote desktop application. Select what you want to share. Decide who retains the control, switch control as and when you want. Share documents files yaada yaada yaada.

Will work on it for some more time and then might actually have my colleagues install it onto their systems. Will make life easier for me on the days I decide not to show up at work.

Accessing reports and clicking on options myself would be a hell lot easier than explaining over the phone stuff like - "so... what do you see on the screen now?.. ok click on REPORTS, and the third or the fourth option would be PORTFOLIO POSITION BY SECTOR.. yeah click on that.. now.. you see on the right hand side..a field.. INVESTOR NUMBER .. yeah type in......"

Besides, if they get the hang of it, then they might just have this installed on their laptops as well, and thereby making it easier for me to get work done when they decide to take a day off as well.

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

An interesting tool. making blogging easier (not that composing a post was ever tough.. except for deciding on the content). An offline editor - compose your posts and upload them to your blog as and when you are ready. not bad eh?

One of the features I liked the most is, that it lets you download the theme of your blog and that enables you to preview your post WHILE you compose it, as opposed to typing it out first and then hitting preview.. at least that's how it works on . Don't know about the other blogging services.

The reason this would score over drafting your posts on word first - is - (bet some of you were wondering, what's the big deal - why can't we just use word and copy paste) - because with this - what you see is what you get. That's why I prefer doing this rather than drafting my post on word first and then copy paste onto the blog.

Other than that.. the usual - insert tables, align text, spell check WHILE YOU COMPOSE, font style, font color, hyperlink, insert picture.. yaada yaada yaada.

If you want to give it a try.. you can download it from here

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein laati hai humein,,


Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein laati hai humein
ye zameen chaand se behatar nazar aati hai humein

surkh phoolon se mahak uthati hain dil ki raahen
din dhale yuun teri aawaaz bulaati hai humein

yaad teri kabhi dastak kabhi sargoshi se
raat ke pichale pahar roz jagaati hai humein

har mulaaqat ka anjaam judaai kyun hai
ab to har vaqt yahi baat sataati hai humein

Monday, June 25, 2007


(just in case you couldn't figure out the title, well the song is from southpark.. )

Hope you guys enjoy this.. I sure as hell did. Do listen to what bush says in the beginning and in the end. It just shows that if his speeches are carefully editted, the guy DOES SPEAK THE TRUTH

(just watch the video before you comment on my observation)

btw.. while we are on the subject, I am sure most of you would've watched southpark (I think it's hilarious), well there is something similar now.. on bush jr. it's called, Lil Bush. watched a few episodes.. not bad.

Windows Genuine Advantage - Patch

Today, one of my colleagues asked me if I had a work around for the WGA crap (windows XP).. I did share the info with him, and what surprised me (a little) was that he wanted to forward the patch to his friends as well.

The reason I was a little surprised was, because I honestly believed that by now almost everyone would've managed to acquire at least one patch which worked for them.

Obviously, not everyone has.. so here it is, just in case anyone needs it. I used this a loooong time back and it didn't give me any problems. My colleagues pc too seems to be running fine and the updates are not a problem anymore. So if this works for you, great. If it doesnt.. well shit happens.

1. Go to START > Run

2. Type in "regedt32" [enter]

3. On the left pane go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents

4. Double-click on OOBETimer on the right pane

5. Change at least one digit of this value to deactivate Windows (then close the registry)

6. Go to START > Run

7. Type in "%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a" [enter]

8. Select "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" [Next]

9. Click the "Change Product key" button at the bottom

10. Type in "V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J" for your key

11. Click "Update" button (n thats it.. click whateva u need to to get out... )

12. You're done, close up and reboot just to be sure

13. Have fun Windows Updating!

Updated patch - here

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Girl Dancing in the Virgin store in kuwait.

Hmm so.. the girl decided to dance and some guy recorded it on his cell phone.

well it might not be the usual sight in Kuwait.. and it may be frowned upon but in my opinion, there is hardly anything THAT inappropriate about it.

Some users (on other blogs) have commented on the video, calling it disrespectful to the culture and all that.

Like I said, I just don't see it that way. The female is dancing in a mall, it's just that. It's not like she stripped or anything. It might not be something you see often in Kuwait, but it's definitely not something to get worked up for (at least not THIS MUCH, but then, that's just my opinion)

Now about the guy capturing the video on his cell phone.. well again, in my opinion, this doesn't really qualify as invasion of privacy. Technically it's not allowed to take pics in the malls and all that. That's why I'd say what he did was wrong, but it's not invasion of privacy and it's definitely NOT voyeurism (as suggested by some). Besides when someone is craving the attention, why not let them have that attention.

I mean, for the love of god, she is dancing in a store, obviously she doesn't mind the attention (probably she did it just for the attention).

Maana ke musht-e-khaak se badhkar nahin hoon main

Muzaffar Warsi...

Maana ke musht-e-khaak se badhkar nahin hoon main
lekin havaa ke raham-o-karm par nahin hoon main.

insaan hoon dhadkte hue dil pe haath rak
yuun doobkar na dekh.. samundar nahin hoon main.

chehre pe mal raha hoon - siyaahi nasib ki
aaina haath mein hai - sikander nahin hoon main.

Gaalib teri zameen mein likhi to hai ghazal
tere kad-e-sukhan ke baraabar nahin hoon main.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Aakhri alvida.... lyrics

Dhadkanen khamosh hain - kuch kehti nahin
ye aakhri alvida na ho
chaahten aankhon se behti rahin
ye aakhri alvida na ho

is dard ko - dil mein - dil mein rehne do
jo khauf hai - aankhon se - aankhon se kehne do
dukh ki nadi.. chup chaap behne do
jo kehna hai .. tum dheere se keh do...

ye aakhri alvida na ho !!!

sab yaad hai, jo baandhe the bandhan
kaajal bindiya, haathon mein kangan
mehki rahti thi mehandi
gaata rehtaa tha saawan..
in yaadon ko sapnon mein rehne do!!!

ye aakri alvida na ho

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Download videos from Youtube.

The other day one of my friend was asking me how he could download the videos from youtube.

So I just thought I'd put it up here too, in case there are others who might want to know. If you already know, then great. In case you have a better option then please share (yes, I am still assuming that at least someone would be visiting this blog).

This is how it's done:

Go here n enter the URL for the youtube video and click on Get Video. The browser MIGHT block the download and a bar will appear just below the browser's menu. If that happens, then click on the bar and enter the url again and click on Get Video.

Once the file is downloaded, rename it to "(filename of ur choice).FLV" . You are done.

To play this file, you will require a FLV player. Tons of them available from the net, I am currently using this one.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Music & Lyrics

hmm.. an average comedy. But with the kind of crap I've been watching these days, this was a welcome change.

There is nothing new. There have been tons of similar stories. The performances aren't that memorable either. Hugh Grant is the usual. Nothing much to say. It's nothing worth remembering and it doesn't try to be either. It's an ok watch. Nothing special.

If you haven't watched it yet, then don't bother. You won't be missing much. But it's definitely tolerable.

Cars - dealer maintained - THERE IS A REASON.

Some individuals prefer to have their car serviced through the dealership, while others don't really see the point in spending more money for a routine service.

Well, there IS a reason why some people prefer to have their vehicle dealer maintained.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not because these individuals don't value the money and hence don't mind overpaying for a service. It's actually pretty much the opposite.

These individuals do value money and they would rather spend a little more at one place than end up spending more - cumulatively - at more than one place.

See, when one has the car serviced at the dealership, one is SURE (at least that's how my head works) that only qualified people are tinkering with the vehicle and they know what they are doing. Plus it's a lot more convenient to go to the dealer and have everything done in one place, be it battery replacement or just an oil change or denting or whatever.

Sure, they do charge a little more than what one would pay outside.. but then, people who have their cars dealer maintained, give more preference to convenience and peace of mind, rather than saving a penny here or there (which at times - might end up in the person spending a lot more in three different workshops and spare-part distributors). Not to mention a comfortable waiting lounge to wait in while your car gets serviced.

If that isn't a convincing argument, how about this - dealer maintained cars have a higher resale value.

Still not convinced... hmm k how about this:

Your favourite local mechanic makes money as many times as you go to him with problems. The mechanics at the dealership don't work on commission basis, they get a fixed salary regardless of whether you show up with your car every month or not.

Now, who is MORE LIKELY to give you incorrect information about your vehicle? Who could - potentially - have the motive to lie to you about the condition of your car. The authorised dealer or your favourite mechanic who opened shop under your building?

It might just be a psychological thing.. probably there is nothing to it, but the point is.. When you hear a noise or your car isn't driving as smoothly or there is a problem in the start up or whatever - not every driver knows exactly what could be wrong. That's why they take the car to a mechanic.

At that stage, I would rather go to the authorised service station and have them look my car over.. as opposed to going to any other mechanic or garage and have them tinker with my car and tell me loads of stories and possibly charge me more than what is required.

I am not saying all mechanics are cheats. I am just saying, if there is a better option, then why not make use of it.

Iraq Chaos

Monday, June 18, 2007

Vo khvaab thaa bikhar gaya...

Iftikhar Imam Siddiqui...

Vo khvaab tha bikhar gayaa, khyaal tha mila nahin
magar ai dil ko kya hua, kyon bujh gayaa pataa nahin

har ek din udaas din, tamaam shab udaasiyaan
kissi se kya bichhad gaye, ki jaise kuch bachaa nahin

vo saath tha to manzilen nazar nazar chiraag thiin
qadam qadam safar mein ab, koi bhi lab duaa nahin

hum apne is mizaaj mein, kahin bhi ghar na ho sake
kissi se hum mile nahin, kissi se dil mila nahin

hai shor-saa taraf taraf, ki sarhadon ki jang mein
zameen pe aadmi nahin, falak pe kya khuda nahin

Virtual Reality

I usually don't bother much with Scientists coming up with new conclusions based on some new researches, Basically because most of them are just waste of the grant money they received and more often than not, the conclusions will be contradicted in another article based on some other research.

Remember .. coffee is bad for you.. then coffee is good for you (make up your mind) or how about this - smoking will mess up your lungs but it might also reduce the risk of parkinsons.. (now we have a choice)

But AT TIMES (when it suits my purpose), I do like to quote some researches or FINDINGS (as they call it) and here is one of them:

I might be pushing the envelope a little here, but - I ALWAYS KNEW COMPUTER GAMES WERE USEFUL

And to think there were tons of people insisting that computer games are no good, a waste of time and even harmful. :) - some people even wanted to ban games with too much of violence by yapping that it has negative effects on the brain and makes the gamers more prone to violence.

well.. ahem.. sorry to disappoint you but most of us know the difference between a video game and real life - some of those who might not know .. well they could get VIOLENCE PRONED even by watching Tom n Jerry Cartoons (ever noticed how many times tom gets whacked on the head with a frying pan or how many times he gets blown up by TNT explosives.. or... well u get the point right?)

BTW.. all I wanted to do here was just try to justify - to myself and to some others - the time i spend/waste in front of my playstation.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Robin williams from Man of the year

Jus love this part.. its an 8 minute clip (will take time to load dependin on ur internet connection) - but its really cool.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Reviews suggested that it would be an ok movie.

For me.. the first time I heard of this movie, I was like - "great!!, first dejavu, then premonition.. and now this! Don't they have any other subject!!"

The thing that set this movie apart (for me) was - this one has Nicolas Cage. Figured - hmm how bad could it be.

Now that I am done with watching it, I can't believe how stupid it is.

Some of the visuals were fun to watch. It looked very cool, neat and all that. But the basic plot was too stupid.

As it is, no one takes the FBI seriously.. and here you have a serious threat and the FBI is chasing down a magician who MIGHT be able to see into the future and help them find a nuclear weapon.

There is a limit to how stupid one can be.

Ok check this out..

BIG BOSS AT FBI - "Alright people we got a nuclear - alert code red, southern california region - LA to sandiego - 95% certainity - nuclear emergency search teams are already on their way, but until they get here somebody please tell me what my agency, the FBI is doing?"

bla bla bla..

BIG BOSS AT FBI - "alright Callie what do you propose we do next?"

JULIAN MOORE (completely idiotic FBI agent) - "I believe the urgency of the situation compels the use of any and all resources to obtain Chris Johnson (that's cage, btw)"

so you have about 8 million lives in danger and THIS IS YOUR PROPOSED PLAN OF ACTION.
no wonder nobody takes these idiots seriously.

ohh how could I forget.. here the villain has an excellent approach.. IF CHRIS ISN'T A THREAT, THEN WHY ARE THE SAME AUTHORITIES THAT ARE LOOKING FOR US SO INTERESTED IN HIM??!!??!

waah waah.. kya logic hai.

The guy can see the future.. and fine we can make our peace with that piece of fiction and actually even look forward to it. But an idiotic FBI AGENCY and an unimaginative villain really necessary. I mean couldn't they be a bit more, u know - normal.

Honestly.. can't believe that people actually enjoyed this shit.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Inter-caste Marriage

ahh two words, I have a problem with .. Caste and Marriage.

Caste.. well I don't think anyone with a thinking mind would ever conclude that discriminating / preferential treatment - because of the caste of an individual - is a good thing.

Marriage - well I don't exactly despise it .. it's just the concept doesn't make sense to me. It's like why do I need a license from society to be with someone I love. I've always maintained that one CAN be committed without being married, and if one HAS to be unfaithful, then marriage doesn't present a real deterrant.

At the end of the day.. if the one you want to be with, insists on marriage, then what the hell. Just because I feel the concept is over-rated doesn't imply that it's over-rated for everyone. The point is.. if it makes you happy.. it can't be that bad.

The opposition (if any) to an intercaste marriage comes from Parents and society.

Society.. well.. ahem.. hardly an issue. I mean if I am miserable, the society isn't going to come to my rescue and sort out my problems (at least I don't expect the society to do so). Secondly, get 10 - 20 people who think along the same terms as you do, and there - you have a society of your own. Because of these two reasons, I don't give any weightage to the society.

Now about the other bit. Parents. I genuinely believe that no parent would be happy if their decision makes their kids miserable. Sure parents think differently about some issues., but they are just trying to do the best they can in the best way they know how to.

If the issues are communicated effectively, then I don't see why it would be next to impossible to convince one's parents. I am not saying it's going to be easy, but then again, things that are worth it are rarely achieved easily.

In my view - the problem is primarily the fact that parents are not convinced with how informed or responsible their offspring is. They might be right at times in concluding so.. but at the end of the day, no parent can live their kids life. The kid has to do it on their own.

There comes a time when the parents should just let the kids decide for themselves. The point is - if you believe your offspring is matured enough to get married, then how come you can't respect his/her choice of the partner?

The choice MIGHT not be to your liking.. but what is more important? Your offspring's happiness or the fact that they do what you've decided?

I am not saying that the offspring's decision would ensure HAPPINESS indefinitely, but neither can the parents choice ensure HAPPINESS indefinitely.

At least let the person be responsible for his/her own life. If the couple isn't happy, then at least they can't blame their parents for it. BUT if the parents decision was imposed.. and the couple ends up unhappy, then the parents WILL (and in most cases - SHOULD) be blamed.

Now, if one were to think in these terms, I dont see HOW or WHY a parent would want to impose their choices and/or decisions onto their kids.

More surge

Faasle aise bhi honge ye kabhi socha na thaa

Adeem Hashmi..

Faasle aise bhi honge ye kabhi socha na tha
saamne baitha tha mere aur vo mera na tha

vo ki khushbu ki tarah phaila tha mere chaar suu
main usse mahsus kar saktaa tha chhu saktaa na tha

raat bhar us ki aahat kaan mein aati rahi
jhaank kar dekha gali mein koi bhi aaya na tha

aks to maujud the par aks tanhaai ke the
aaina to tha magar us mein tera chehraa na tha

aaj us ne dard bhi apne alahdaa kar diye
aaj mein royaa to mere saath vo royaa na tha

ye sabhi viraaniyaan us ke judaa hone se thiin
aankh dundhalaai hui thi shahr dundhlaaya na tha

yaad karke aur bhi takleef hoti thi adeem
bhuul jaane ke siva ab koi bhi chaara na tha

Monday, June 11, 2007


Damn.. and I thought Dejavu was a stupid flick..

About this movie.. well, Sandra Bullock - boring and annoying as ever. The movie isn't as much of a drag as it could've been, so that's a positive. I am not saying it's worth watching, I am just saying that I was expecting it to be a lot worse.

Some might like it.. but then again, people even appreciated casino royale.. (how and why.. something I will never understand).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blood & Chocolate

Hmm the book was too cool. The movie was ... below average (for me). For people who haven't read the book, the movie might be tolerable. I still wouldn't say it's worth watching. I am sure you can come up with better ways to kill time.

But... if you could get the book, then please do read it.. it's a good book (provided you enjoy such stories).

The movie - the characters seem to be half baked. Didn't really enjoy much. The fight sequences.. well.. err.. the jumps seemed good in the beginning.. but then it was just .. ok.. get on with it.

I would've definitely enjoyed a lot more of violence (seriously lacking) and a bit more of character development.

Would've really helped the movie if the film maker had actually bothered to read the book.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Justaju jiski thi...


Justaju jis ki thi, usko to na paaya hum ne
is bahaane se magar dekh lii duniyaa hum ne

tujhko rusavaa na kiya, khud bhi pashemaan na hue
ishq ki rasm ko is tarah nibhaaya hum ne

kab mili thi kahaan bichhadi thi - humen yaad nahin
zindagi tujhko to bas khwaab mein dekha hum ne

ae Ada aur sunaaye bhi to kya haal apna
umr ka lambaa safar tay kiya tanhaa hum ne.

Bush the uniter

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aamir Khan bought agricultural land !! - SO??

Now.. if tomorrow you or me or anyone else decides to become a farmer, is there a law that stops us from that?

I am NOT defending Aamir, I am just stating my views.

I would join the screaming crowd and say he shouldn't be allowed to acquire the land, IF there was a govt program to distribute the land to current farmers, or there was someone willing to pay for the land and use it for farming immediately, or if Aamir had thrown out the original farmers and grabbed the land.

The land has been around for ages, not being put to ANY use. Nobody seemed to care. It could remain that way for years to come and still no one would've bothered, but if someone decides to buy it.. everyone is up and screaming..

If Aamir bhaiya decides to use the land for ANY OTHER PURPOSE other than agricultural, then make noise. I'll join in as well. But as long as he isn't doing that.. you can't penalise him.

If there is a loop hole in the system that can be exploited, IT WILL BE and it IS BEING EXPLOITED EVERY DAY. It might not be ETHICAL, but it's DEFINITELY NOT ILLEGAL.

Let the land be as it is.. no one has an issue.
but if someone wants to buy it - everyone is screaming- even more if it's a celeb.

This is devoid of all plausible logic.

If there is someone else interested in the land, let them enter into the bidding war.

As long as Aamir doesn't use it for anything other than Agricultural purpose, it's my view that penalising the man would be most improper (not to mention STUPID).

As long as he hasn't done anything ILLEGAL, you can't hold him legally accountable under the assumption that IN FUTURE he will commit an illegal act.

One can start legal proceedings WHEN he commits an illegal act. Till then this remains a NON ISSUE.

Just my views on the subject.

Paris Hilton's Mug shot..

I am not a fan.. I in fact think she looks ugly and could definitely look a bit better with some flesh around her bones.
but I MUST say.. for a Mug shot.. it's a pretty neat pic.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Carrefour Staff

Well yesterday I had gone to Carrefours again, and I must say I am really impressed by how helpful the staff is.

I needed a recovery disc for my laptop - (explained later, as to WHY I needed it)

I could have ordered it from HP by paying some amount. That was one option. or go to the supplier (somewhere in Farwaniya - got this information from the Customer Service at Carrefours).

I decided to try at Carrefours first (that's where I bought my laptop from.. well on a Friday afternoon, you don't have much of a choice, so you go to places like Carrefours or Sultan centre or the Airport mall to do your shopping).

I asked the sales rep if I could use one of their display models to create a recovery disc for my laptop. They were more than happy to oblige. He just insisted that I pay for the blank Dvds before I try to create the recovery disc.

It took me about an hour to get the Recovery Disc done and for that time - the Sales rep infact stood close by and if anyone came to see that particular display unit - the sales rep would politely inform them that this particular display model is being used at the moment and they can fiddle around with the others.

It's not THAT big a deal actually, but at least I haven't come across SUCH HELPFUL Sales Staff.

NOW.. as to WHY I needed the recovery disc.

A bit of a background, earlier I had mentioned how ticked off I was with Vista OS on my Laptop. I had formatted the damn thing to an earlier OS and was pretty much ok with it. everything I needed worked fine. A few things like finger print recognition etc didn't work, but I can live without that.

But after I had installed the new operating system, I remembered that HP laptops no longer come with a Recovery Disc (I think that's a crappy practice), instead, they have a recovery partition using which, one can create a recovery disc.

SINCE I hadn't thought of this before I formatted my laptop, the recovery partition was now gone.

It's not that I am going to miss Vista, but just in case, in future when other manufacturers release updated drivers to work with Vista, I just MIGHT want to give it a shot again.

An example - the UGA-101 - USB ADSL MODEM doesn't get installed on Vista.. it's not compatible. As of yesterday, NONE of the compatible ones are available with my ISP. They suggested I go wireless if I wanted to continue with Vista.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Windows Vista Sucks

Just got myself a new laptop (my desktop just couldn't take any further abuse and gave up on me). The new Laptop has windows (crap) Vista (sucks) OS on it (which won't be the case for long because I am going to be formatting it soon).

The problem was that all the laptops available were running Vista.. so I didn't have a choice.

I was pretty stubborn that I WILL BUY IT on THAT DAY itself.. and well you know - when you want to buy something at 2:00 pm on Friday - you don't really have much options, ESPECIALLY when you are in a bad mood and just want to get it over with.

User Account Control - TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY - a VERYYY CRAPPY FEATURE.. annoyed me within the first 30 minutes of operation, no matter what I do.. the damn thing pops up with a dialogue box.. 'do you want to allow this.. do you want to allow that'.

Look, I understand security against viruses and trojans and spywares and all that, but for the love of god - do you have to make this SOO ANNOYING?? Bit difender manages to do it rather effectively without being so irritating (BD is irritating at times, but NOT THIS irritating).

About half of the programs I was using previously are NOT compatible with Vista. I was expecting that SOME won't work.. but here MOST OF THEM DON'T!!!

Unless you have a dual core.. the damn thing is a drag.

There might be people who disagree with my views on Vista.. if you are happy with Vista.. then congratulations, I am really happy for you. Perhaps I just don't know how to use a bloody computer. Perhaps I just expect a little too much.

I don't mind if a OS is not AS flashy, as long as it's stable and runs everything I require without bothering me.

Guess will have to wait a little longer for the other manufacturers to come up with driver updates for Vista.. and once they do, I might install Vista again.. but today evening.. I am formatting my Laptop and going for an older version which runs all my programs without giving me a headache.

Haadase kya kya tumhaari berukhi se hogaye..

Saagar Nizami...

Haadase kya kya tumhaari berukhi se ho gaye
saari duniyaa ke liye hum ajnabi se ho gaye

gardish-e-dauraan, zamaane ki nazar, aankhon ki niind
kitne dushman ek rasm-e-dosti se ho gaye

kuch tumhaari gesuuon ki barahami ne kar diya
kuch andhere mere ghar mein roshni se ho gaye

yuun to hum aagah the saiyaad ki tadbeer se
hum aseer-e-daam-e-gul apni khudi se ho gaye

har qadam 'saqar' nazar aane lagi hain manzilen
marhale tay meri kuch aavargi se ho gaye