Sunday, October 29, 2017

No Exclusive Immigration Queue For First / Business Class At T3

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Fuck You!

The Bureau of Immigration and/or the Home Ministry ‘does not see the need for such a facility’? Well, I am pretty sure there are a lot of us who don’t see the need for an idiotic Home Ministry or Bureau of Immigration either. What will it take to replace these idiots with someone sensible and competent?

If your intentions are to give equal treatment to ALL (obviously with the exception of diplomats / top officials / crew members), then that should NOT translate into making EVERYONE suffer equally. Instead why don’t you focus on making things easier for everyone?

Instead of shutting down the exclusive counters for First / Business Class, why not open up additional counters for the Economy Class passengers? There is no need to make the First / Business Class passengers suffer.

Alternatively, you could actually charge a fee for using priority immigration / security clearance and get some revenue. Never thought of that, eh?

Also, airlines could even come up with a sort of partnership or arrangement with the airports to extend a priority service to their passengers in exchange for a certain payment (made by the airline directly to the airport in question). The airline could net-off this expense by simply passing on the cost to the passengers buying the tickets.

See, there CAN BE a sensible solution if one were to just sit and think about the issue OR if one was genuinely interested in resolving the issue. This action taken by the Bureau of immigration clearly highlights that they have no real desire to actually resolve the issue. Their priority is to simply appear to be doing ‘something’ about the issue. It doesn’t matter to them if the suggested measures are counter-productive. The philosophy is – “Here is a problem. Something must be done. This is something, let’s do it”.

What next?

  • The Ministers / Officials will look at people travelling by trains and conclude that the officials don’t see the need for airports when there are people spending more time in a train commute?
  • The Ministers / Officials will look at people dying in remote areas due to the lack of hospitals and conclude that the officials don’t see the need for private or public speciality hospitals when there are people dying because of the inaccessibility of medical facilities?
  • The Ministers / Officials will look at the homeless and conclude that the officials don’t see the need for people to have flats or mansions when there are people living on the footpaths?
  • The Ministers / Officials will look at people dying due to starvation and conclude that the officials don’t see the need for restaurants when there are people living (dying) below poverty line and cannot afford food?

Fuck you!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beyond The Harvey Weinstein Story

By now, not only has everyone heard about the story, but they have even made their respective judgements. This post is NOT about Harvey Weinstein. This post is about the discussions and debates that have arisen as a result of the Harvey Weinstein news story.

It would be safe to say that MOST (if not all) news channels / debate panels / social media influencers, have made this out to be a gender issue with the central theme - Women being exploited by men. I do not agree with this view. It is NOT about men exploiting women. This story (and a lot of similar stories) is about Abuse of power and position.

At least SOME news channels / social media influencers SHOULD touch on this point. It is sad that the primary issue is being completely ignored while celebrities and reporters harp on about the lack of women in senior positions.

The number of women holding a position of power / influence is an issue but the Harvey Weinstein story is NOT about gender bias. It is not a Men vs. Women issue.

This story is about abuse of power. If anyone is truly serious about addressing the issue, then it is important to first identify the problem correctly. One can NOT expect to solve a problem by ignoring the core issue and simply hijacking the story to drive a completely different agenda because it happens to be the flavour of the season.