Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ghaatis On A Plane

Flew down to Bombay for the weekend. It was a good trip (will put up about that some other time).

First, let’s talk about the inconsiderate/ghaati/neech buddha-buddhi who were seated in front of me on KWI-BOM flight.

Buddha uncle was fine for most parts, except that he couldn’t get his buddhi to shut it. She was loud and yapped away insistently. As annoying as that was, it got worse as the flight progressed.

Reclining her chair all the way back - I am not suggesting that one shouldn’t recline the chair, but do glance back and just ask if the person seated behind you isn’t being inconvenienced. One of the advantages of travelling in business-class is that there is a reasonable amount of leg room. But that is no reason to forget basic courtesy.

A bit later, the stupid bitch knocked off her drink and somehow managed to spill it over my shoe. Now, accidents happen and I am sure this was unintentional, but basic courtesy dictates that the least the ghaati annoying couple could do was acknowledge the error and apologise.

Neither of them did. The bitch gets up (to go to the washroom and clean up) and looks right at me for a good 20 seconds as if debating whether she should apologise or not. The cunt decides that an apology is not necessary and walks away. In the meantime, the buddha uncle attempts to clean up his buddhi’s seat while she is away.

I was fuming and wanted to tell them that my shoes cost more than her air-fare and she should consider spending some time brushing up on basic manners and etiquettes.

I didn’t do any of that and I am still wondering if I should’ve.

When we landed at Bombay, the buddha-buddhi continued to be their idiotic selves, cutting through the immigration line and calmly walking to the front. It was somewhat satisfying when one of the airport personnel told them to get in the line.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rocky Handsome

Boring film. Pathetic ‘acting’ by EVERYONE. Even the item songs lack the sizzle.

Don’t bother.

Gulf Bank’s New Online Interface


Pops up in full screen mode and the font size is GIGANTIC. Was this designed specifically for the visually impaired?! Seriously!

It’s going to take a while to get used to this.