Friday, August 29, 2008

No Life-Vests On The Plane - Air Canada - Jazz


Hmm, now that's interesting. The airline has concluded that by lowering the weight in the airplane, fuel consumption can be reduced.

In an effort to meet with the rising fuel prices,Air Canada came up with this solution - NO MORE LIFE-VESTS.

The passengers will - in all likelihood - have to use the inflatable pillows (which, as per boing boing - have to be bought in the Economy Class) - and use those as a floatation device, in the event of a water crash.

If things continue this way, I am sure Air Canada will manage to reduce fuel costs significantly. They really won't have much weight to carry, given that passengers would definitely start to opt for a more sensible airline.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daastaan Gham-E-Dil - Unko Sunaai Na Gayi

Jigar Moradabadi...

daastaan gham-e-dil - unko sunaai na gayi
baat bigadi thi kuch aisi ki banaai na gayi

sab ko hum bhuul gaye josh-e-junoon mein lekin
ek teri yaad thi aisi ki bhulaai na gayi

ishq par kuch na chalaa didaa-e-tar ka jaaduu
ussne jo aag lagaa di vo bujhaai na gayi

kya uthaayegi sabaa khaak meri uss dar se
ye qayaamat to khud un se bhi uthaai na gayi

Blog Followers


New feature on blogger (will be available in a few weeks). Find out who is following your blog, check out their blogs and check out what other blogs they read.

You can also put up a widget to show the followers of your blog.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Peek - Email Only Device


Looks like a smartphone, but nothing smart or phone about it.

Well, I thought people were looking for one device that can handle multiple tasks (Calls, Calendar, Multimedia, Email etc). Turns out, there is a market even for devices that do just one specific task. I think it's stupid, but what do I know.

According to Laptopmag - The box for the Peek says 'Not For Hardcore Techies'

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond - SMS Smiley

Honestly, I don't know what the big deal is about the smiley thing. But many people seem to be complaining. If you happen to be one of them, well here is a CAB file, you can run on your Diamond - to make it show the Smiley's in your SMS's (not in TF3D though). I tried it, to see if it would work. It does. Since I don't really need it, I uninstalled it after testing.

Install the CAB File, Restart the device.

You can access the settings by going to Start - Settings - System. There you should see SMS Smiley, where you can change the settings (I suggest to uncheck the options for SMS Bubble Notification. In my case, it stopped audio alert on receiving texts).




Done with Season 2. Not bad at all. Don't think there are anymore seasons though :(

If there was anything I didn't like about the show, it was Sophina Brown. I am not sure if I disliked her more for her - irritating annoying holier than thou - character, or for her hair.

PS 3 Wireless Keypad - Available For Preorder




Come On !! Give It A Rest

Ok, so 'Brangelina' was kind of interesting for a while. Then there was 'Abhiash' and I thought it was sad (not just the joint name but also the couple) and now.. 'Saifeena'


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sigh... McCain



Daag Duniya Ne Diye

Kaif Bhopali...

Daag duniya ne diye - zakhm zamaane se mile
hum ko ye tohafe tumhenn dost banaane se mile

hum taraste hi taraste hi taraste hi rahe
vo falaane se falaane se falaane se mile

khud se mil jaate to chaahat kaa bharam rah jaataa
kya mile aap jo logon ke milaane se mile

kaise maane ke unhen bhuul gayaa tu ai 'kaif'
un ke khat aaj humen tere sarhaane se mile

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In-Flight WiFi


One of the country's last Internet-free zones was plugged in Wednesday as a fleet of American Airlines jets became flying Wi-Fi spots, offering passengers full, in-flight Web access - except for phone calls.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow

Hellboy II - The Golden Army


Did you enjoy the first part? If not, don't bother at all.

My type of movie. I like the idea of a superhero with character flaws and attitude. Great visuals. cool action sequences (there should have been more). The jokes should have been better. The romantic angle(s).. well, we could have done with a little less of that.  

It's watchable. But could have and should have been better.

First International Shipment Of The Surface



Yesterday, we (Amnesia) took delivery of Australia’s first two Microsoft Surface tables. We believe they were the first units to ship outside the US. Not often you get your hands on something no one else has seen, so we thought we’d share the grand opening of the boxes


Monday, August 18, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond - Phone Skin

There are some people who were having trouble with the call being answered or rejected due to accidentally hitting the Answer or Ignore onscreen buttons. One possible solution is to disable the phone skin.

  • HKLM - Security - Phone - Skin - Enabled
  • Change to 0
  • Restart the phone

Frees up some memory as well. But you do lose some functionality, like Flip to Mute, Vibrate on Connect, Start Notes when the Stylus is pulled out during a call.

Zain e-GO - Promotional Offer


Promotional Offer: e-GO@35

Get the ego now for just 35KD as a limited period offer & enjoy Zain's fast mobile internet experience

Additional information:

Available by contacting 107 or visiting any of the Zain branches.


Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's hard to build your happiness upon the unhappiness of others.

Some people could...

Can't remember where I heard those lines.. but.. it's true... SOME PEOPLE COULD.

Friday, August 15, 2008

He Is One To Talk




Pretty much as expected.

Time pass, not bad, watchable - even kind of funny enough without being stupid (huge plus - considering the crap that's being released these days).

The first half of the movie is the better half. Just the way I would have liked the movie.

Charlize Theron is hot, so no surprises there.

The part about Hancock being with his other half and turning human bla bla bla.. err.. not really needed but, ok. The girl dies and then Hancock becomes immortal again and then he jumps around and flies around and the girl comes back to life... hmmm confused.

Anyways, not like any of that matters.

Watchable, fun movie.

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Not Easy To Be Me - Five For Fighting

I can't stand to fly – I am not that naive
I am just out to find - the better part of me

I am more than a bird.- I am more than a plane
more than some pretty face beside a train
it's not easy to be me

I wish that I could cry - fall upon my knees
find a way to lie - about a home I'll never see

it may sound absurd, but don't be naive
even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed, but won't you concede
even heroes have the right to dream
it's not easy to be me

up, up and away - away from me
it's all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I am not crazy or anything

I can't stand to fly - I am not that naive
men weren't meant to ride - with clouds between their knees

I am only a man in a silly red sheet
digging for kryptonite on this one way street
only a man in a funny red sheet
looking for special things inside of me

I am only a man in a funny red sheet
I am only a man – looking for a dream
I am only a man in a funny red sheet
and it's not easy to be me.
It’s not easy to be me

Chehra Mera Thaa - Nigaahen Uss Ki

Parveen Shakir...

Chehra mera thaa - nigaahen uss ki
khamoshi mein bhi vo baaten uss ki

mere chehre pe ghazal likhti gayeen
sher kahti hui aankhen uss ki

shokh lamhon ka pataa dene lageen
tez hoti hui saansen uss ki

aise mausam bhi guzaare humne
subahen jab apni theen - shaamein uss ki

dhyaan mein us ke ye aalam thaa kabhi
aankh mahtaab ki - yaaden uss ki

faisla mauj-e-havaa ne likha
aandhiyaan meri - bahaaren uss ki

neend is soch se tuuti aksar
kiss tarah kat ti hain raaten uss ki

duur rah kar bhi sadaa rahti hai
mujh ko thaame hue baahen uss ki

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update On The War-On-Terror


McCain Responds To Paris Hilton



Soul On Fire - Spiritualised

You were born on a black day
shot through with starlight
and all the angels singing
just about got it right

cut through the silver
and goodness did heaven know
I don’t know where we’re going
but darling bless your soul

baby, set my soul on fire.
I have got two little arms to hold on tight and I want to take you higher.
baby, never should say never.
I have got a hurricane inside my veins and I want to stay forever.

sweetheart, may not be easy
but we’re trying hard to hold on
trying to make it better
sweetheart, got so much freedom
but freedom is just another word
when you’ve no-one left to hurt.
and I said

baby, set my soul on fire.
I have got two little arms to hold on tight and I want to take you higher.
baby, never should say never.
I have got a hurricane inside my veins and I want to stay forever.

baby, set my soul on fire.
I have got two little arms to hold on tight and I want to take you higher.
baby, never should say never.
I have got a hurricane inside my veins and I want to stay forever.

I have got two little arms to hold on tight and I want to stay forever.

I have got a hurricane inside my veins and I want to stay forever.



The special effects are GREAT!

The movie starts of great. Cool bullets, extremely cool shots to the head(s), blood spilling, cars flipping, colliding bullets, curving bullets ('bend it like Beckham' style). NICE! Plot - well.. lets not go there.

Like I said, the movie does start of well. Just gets inching closer and closer to stupidity - with each passing scene. Morgan Freeman disappoints, but hey - he didn't come up with the script (assuming there was one), so hardly his fault.

Movies like this.. well WATCH THEM.. don't think. Just watch. Try not to think about it later either. If you do - you will most likely end up with asking - so.. err.. What the fuck have YOU done lately

Which really wouldn't be so bad, considering most of us ask ourselves that question anyways. But what makes it bad NOW, is the more I think about it, the more lame I find the movie and what it's trying to say.

Are the makers suggesting - if you are not happy with your life, and feel like a loser, being a killer/assassin could be your best shot at redeeming/reclaiming your pathetic life?

See.. told you - Don't think. Just watch.

Friday, August 8, 2008


New Picture (1)


Too good. Loved it. Started off just a bit slow.

Harold Perrineau - He played Michael in LOST. Well I hated him in that (simply because he is annoying as hell), I was pretty sure that I would hate him in this movie too, and I did. But I really didn't mind this prick being in the movie. Could be because, unlike in lost, here the hatred for the character is intended (I am not so sure that anyone will get what I am trying to say here.. but .. whatever)

Brilliant movie. An hour and thirty nine minutes, well spent.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008


Life moves on... or does it. Perhaps for some, it actually does. Some just find it too hard to forget. Having a good memory isn't that good after all. I seriously wish that selective removal of memories was possible.

To hell with cherish the good times, keep the happy memories and all that crap. Sometimes it's just better to forget. If one could only chose what one wishes to remember, it would be so damn cool and definitely easier to carry on. Perhaps something like they showed in the movie Paycheck.

ab kyon na zindagi pe muhabbat ko vaar den
iss aashiqi mein jaan se jaanaa bahut hua

lo phir tere labon pe ussi bevafaa ka zikr
ahmad 'faraz' tujh se kahaa naa bahut hua

Complete ghazal - Click here


Telephone Tone Musical

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Smallville - Season 8


Well Smallville isn't as cool as it was in the beginning (for me at least), but I can still watch it. Season 7 was a bit of a disappointment in some respects. Hoping that Season 8 will be better.

Season 8 premiers on September 18th 2008.   

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Karnataka's War On Terror



Giving identity cards to citizens, amending the Karnataka Control of Organized Crimes Act (KCOCA) and revamping the Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC) are some of the measures Karnataka government would take to combat terror.

ID cards will help combating terrorism.. hmm ok. Well, it's a start.


The CM admitted that Bangalore had turned into a "shelter for terrorists". The terrorists were using the sea route to arrive in the state and smuggle ammunition, he added. "Who is sheltering and supplying weapons to terrorists? Those who are doing so will be strictly dealt with," he said.

Using the sea route!! and you figured that out ALL BY YOURSELF!? Genius! Err.. so before this, what did you think the terrorists were doing? Sending the bombs by DHL?


If we go to a foreign country, they will throw us out the moment our Visa expires. But, in Karnataka, anybody can stay for any number of days without any problem," rued the CM.

And you think this is restricted just to Karnataka?

Just for the record, don't you think you are missing the point here. The problem to be addressed is NOT how to GET THEM once they are here.. BUT - HOW THE HELL DOES THIS STUFF GET IN!

Get your priorities straightened out. I think that would be a better start than the ID's

Zakhm Jo Aap Ki Iniyaat hai

Sudarshan Faakir...

zakhm jo aap ki inaayat hai - iss nishaani ko naam kya den hum
pyaar divaar ban ke rah gayaa hai - iss kahaani ko naam kya den hum

aap ilzaam dhar gaye hum par - ek ehsaan kar gaye hum par
aap ki ye meharbaani hai - meharbaani ko naam kya den hum

aap ko yuun hi zindagi samjhaa - dhuup ko humne chaandni samjhaa
bhuul hi bhuul jiss ki aadat hai - iss javaani ko naam kya den hum

raat sapna bahaar ka dekha - din hua to gubaar saa dekha
bevafaa vaqt bezubaan nikla - bezubaani ko naam kya den hum

The Bush Monument

Bush monument

Man finds bomb in dustbin, carries it to police station - India


Tuesday, both Kaporia and Prajapati were standing by the roadside, waiting for a sweeper to clean up their shops. After cleaning Kaporia's shop, the sweeper went to a dustbin outside to dispose off the waste and spotted a suspicious object in the dustbin.

He informed Kaporia who realised it was a live bomb. Kaporia picked up the bomb from the bin and, along with Prajapati, carried it to the police chowki. "I found this in my dustbin and thought it best to bring it here,"


Question: There is a suspicious object in a dustbin and on closer examination you figure out that it's a bomb. Now, who would you rather have fiddling with it? A shop-keeper or the cops and the bomb squad (regardless of the generally accepted incompetence of the police force). 

Sahi kahaa hai - duniya mein paaglon ki kammi nahin hai.

How I wish the bomb went off when he was carrying it. I seriously do.

There are way too many idiots in the world. One of them dying wouldn't be that bad. Actually it would be sort of pleasant.


Aap ko yuun hi zindagi samjhaa - dhoop ko humne chaandni samjha
bhuul hi bhuul jiss ki aadat hai - iss jawaani ko naam kya den hum