Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Agent X

Watched a few episodes of the show.

Sharon Stone looks amazing. Olga Fonda looks even better.

However, the plots are way too lame for my taste. Not bothering with this.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Jab Tum Chaaho

I found this song to be the best in the album. Palak Muchhal's voice is… well it's nice to listen to.

(Sonam Kapoor… err… yaar koi aur nahin milli)

Jumla Babu… At It Again


ANTALYA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today termed the BRICS as 'Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions', which will be the theme of the 5-nation group when India assumes its presidency next year.


Ab bas bhi kar na. Seriously, bahut hogaya.

Maraasiyan de ghar ik vaar munda jamm gayaa…. Chum-chum ke maar suttyaa


Tou?… Naachoon?

Imagine if the two planes were actually parked NEXT to each other? They would have probably interrupted a report on the Paris attacks to bring us this BREAKING NEWS!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Indian Politicians' Obsession With Dog Analogies

- "See, the thing is, never associate local incidents with the central government (sarkar). There is an inquiry going on. There was a dispute between families. The dispute - how did it turn out - where did the administration fail, after these it come to the Centre. For if somebody throws a stone at a dog, then the government is is not like that," - VK Singh on the burning of a Dalit family in Haryana

- "Even If I am in the back seat of a car and a puppy (kutte ka bachcha) comes under the wheels, isn't it painful? It is. Whether I am a chief minister or not, I am a human being - I will be sad if something bad happens anywhere." - Narendra Modi to Reuters when asked about Godhra 2002

- "A dog runs after a car and thinks that car is moving because of him." - Kailash Vijayvargiya on Shatrughan Sinha

Thoda zyaada hogaya… nahin?

Of course BETTER (and possibly less offensive) analogies can be made. At least give the impression of being civil. It can't be that difficult.


The flash back bit of the film/screenplay is fine (excluding the item song, of course). Entertaining even. However… Prior to that point - it's idiotic!

Rohini as Sanga is a rather stupid character with hardly any sensible lines.

Shivudu falling in love with a mask?! Bas kya…

Kattappa's proficiency in combat could surely be highlighted in a much better way as opposed to an impromptu/unnecessary duel with an arms dealer.

Tamannah Bhatia as Avanthika is HORRIBLE. Can't walk. Can't run. Can't act! Laughable 'performance'. Her idea of a serious warrior stance / walk is hilarious!

The floating Avanthika in white was ridiculous and I thought it was put in for some comic relief.

Coming to the (much talked about) CGI bit - OVERKILL on the slicing or splicing or whatever that is called. It makes the frames look amateurish. For example, one blue butterfly is fine. A bunch of blue butterflies covering Avanthika's back looks like it's a children's animation flick.

Unnecessary aerial shots / drone footage (and too many of them), makes it boring. ONE is enough!

The CGI bits of Prabhas's leaps/jumps - BAD! Not only was it bad CGI but the idiotic sound effects that were added just made it worse!

The Kalakeya clan's language - Surely a less comical one could have been opted for.


I wasn't expecting much from this, but this film was a good watch.

Pretty decent performances, overall. The background music score was absolutely brilliant! The 'item' song - Unnecessary. Ill timed. No entertainment value. Kareena looked absolutely horrid.

The climax did seem a bit dragged. Further, I do feel that there was a bit too much happening on the sob story part of the film.

ONE SOB STORY would be just fine. Pick one - Father-Son issues. Siblings having issues. Daughter having medical issues. Seriously, this was overkill.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Drishyam (Hindi)

Not bad. Definitely worth a watch… BUT the Mohanlal one was much better!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear Mr. Arun Jaitley,

There is no INTOLERANCE in India? Err… Let's see:

Even with all of these were to be ignored or rubbished as 'aberrations', your own party members keep speaking of the INTOLERANCE in India. Latest example of this would be Prahlad Joshi's statement:


Asked if Channabasappa's statement ran counter to Union minister Arun Jaitley's statement that there was no intolerance in the country, Prahlad Joshi said, "If that's the case, the CM's statement, too, reeks of intolerance. When he knows beef is an emotive issue for Hindus, making a provocative statement from a public forum is also a sign of intolerance."

Link (scroll towards the end of the article to see the above statement)

One way or the other, INTOLERANCE tou hai. Kyon? Sir ji… humaari na sahi, apne party ke logon ki bakwaas hi sun lete tou aisi baitukki statement na dete.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao… apni akal ladaao.

Emoji Keyboard


You've been hunting emoji on your screen for years but now they're right on your keyboard. Spend less time playing "find the emoji" and more time being awesome.



Monday, November 2, 2015


Da Vinci's Demons - Season 3


Blake Ritson - Count Riario - Brilliant! Steals the show.

Hera Hilmar - Vanessa - Boring.

Laura Haddock - Lucrezia Donati - Wish there was more of her.

Paul Rhys - Vlad - Cool character. Fun to watch.

I still had an issue with the 'visions' and the blabberings about the Book of Leaves, but thankfully it wasn't overdone and seemed tolerable.