Thursday, May 28, 2009

And I Thought 'Taser' Was A Cool Name

From Laser Energetics Press Release.


Mercerville, NJ – May 27, 2009 – Laser Energetics, Inc. (Pink Sheets: LNGT - News) announced today that the Company has began rolling out the all new Dazer Laser™ Light Fighting Technologies – Non – Lethal Laser Weapon......

Robert D. Battis, Founder and CEO of Laser Energetics, stated, “This was the most appropriate place to begin our role out of the “Ultimate Non-Lethal Weapon” the “Dazer Laser™” Light Fighting Technologies. This life saving non-lethal weapon will help all branches of the military, law enforcement, correctional facilities, security, border patrol, piracy control, homeland security, airport security and much more.

The two models being introduced are the Dazer Laser™ DEFENDER and the Dazer Laser™ GUARDIAN. These non-lethal weapons have the ability to control the threat at ranges of 1 meter to 2400 meters (model dependent).

The Dazer Laser™ - Light Fighting Technologies - emit a green “eye safe” laser beam, which when focused on the threat's eyes, the threat's vision is temporarily impaired, their balance is effected, and they become affected by nausea. This controls the threat making it difficult for them to maneuver. The Ultimate Non – Lethal Weapon. Saving Lives – One DAZE at a Time™!

“This weapon is humanitarian and will save the lives of both the enforcer and the threat at longer ranges. No longer will the enforcer have to risk their lives to bring the threat in closer to them in order to engage them, which puts the enforcers life at risk”, says Battis. Because this weapon can be fired continuously, if the enforcer misses they can continue to aim the beam at the threats face until they hit the target, unlike other non-lethal weapons that have to be reloaded and only work at close range endangering the enforcer.

Laser Energetics

How Bad Is It Going To Get Before It Starts Getting Better!?

Some more bad news. Found out yesterday that my cousin's husband has had kidney failure. Both the kidneys. On dialysis now. Kidney transplant will be done as soon as he is in shape for a surgery (and once they have found a match for him).


I have run out of cuss words for life. Hang on.. here is a thought. Hence forth, if I want to abuse someone, instead of relying on conventional curses, I will just call him/her 'LIFE'.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Wednesday


Amazing movie. Watch it.

Only problem I had was with the Hacker’s character (Parth). A bit lame. I would edit out that entire part. Err, come to think of it, one more problem – the terrorists when accompanied by the commandos (the first time i.e. before they are handed over to Jay and Aref) – barring one – none of the others were in handcuffs.

Anyways, nice movie. I enjoyed it. Naseer sahib – as always – too good. Jimmy Shergill – not bad.   

I am resilient by force….. NOT BY CHOICE.

logon mein gussa bahut hai, unhen aazmaana band karen!!!

The stupid common man (A Wednesday)


I don’t want anyone to feel the pain I feel. No one except for ONE!

Life sucks…….


I have (until recently) underestimated the human species. An extremely pathetic lot. More pathetic than I could have ever imagined. Capable of inconceivable horrors (does that make any sense... well hope you get the point).

Not all of us understand the concept of self respect, let alone having any regard for other's feelings.

Fucking sad.

Eagerly awaiting total annihilation (God... are you listening?).

Jeete rehne ki sazaa de, zindagi e zindagi
ab to marne ki dua de, zindagi e zindagi

ya mujhe ehsaas ki iss qaid se karde rihaa
warnaa diwaana banaa de, zindagi e zindagi


Been in a really fucked up mood. Doubt I will be feeling better any time soon. Not like it matters though. As soon as I begin to feel better, something tells me (past experience) that there will be even more problems coming my way. I sense a great disturbance in the force.

Gham e hasti ka assad kiss se ho juz-marg ilaaj
shamma har rang mein jalti hai, sahar hone tak

E71 - Diamond Encrusted


There is a market for everything.

I saw this pic and the first thing that popped in my head was 'WHY??'. Oh well, to each his own.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paths of Glory - Jeffrey Archer

eng path of glory

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,
and all that beauty, all that wealth ever gave,
awaits alike the inevitable hour
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

Amazing novel. Really enjoyed reading this. Been a while since I had my hands on a page turner like this one. It’s difficult to put this one down.

Some men boast of their conquests. The truth is I have had but one
As I loved you from the moment I first saw you
You are my waking morning, you are my setting sun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weeds – Season 3


Almost done watching Season 3. It’s still cool. I really liked Season 1 and 2 a lot more. But this wasn’t too bad. Still watchable, funny and it managed to maintain my interest when I was in a horrible mood. Season 4 is downloaded and ready. Will probably sit through it sometime next week. 

U-turn (Page Kennedy) – extremely annoying. Was delighted when the character died off. Would love to see a few more characters dying off. Those would be Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) and Heylia (Tonye Patano). Pathetic.

My favourite character remains Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk) with Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) coming a close second. Shane Botwin (Alexander Gould) is cool. Mary-Kate Olsen – not a bad addition at all. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I Would Really Like To See

Bombay Int'l Airport:

  • Meet and Assist services at the airport (arrival and departures).
  • Metal detectors at the entrance and removal of security idiots verifying your ticket print outs.
  • Counter(s) for buying a cell phone and wireless internet connection on arrival.

Govt. Offices:

  • Valet Parking.
  • Staff with a reasonable level of common sense and basic courtesy. They might be called public SERVANTS, but the concept of SERVING is seriously lacking.


Something similar to meet and assist / Concierge service -

  • Staff that gets the paper work / appointments / sick leaves etc sorted out for you.
  • Arrange and take care of transport / admission / discharge procedures.
  • Well.. you get the idea.

It's not like it's impossible to do it yourself. Just that - going from one floor to another, one counter to another bla bla bla can be extremely irritating. Especially when you have a patient with you - or worse - if you yourself are the patient.

Would be nice if there was one GO TO place where you can go and have them take care of everything. After you are done with your doctor's appointment - you come back to the same place and hand over the doctor's reports etc. so they can make arrangements for your next visit / appointment or whatever.

Medical Tourism concept provides similar service, but all of that is pre-arranged from the beginning. In some cases, the patient feels the need for all this AFTER his first visit to the hospital.

To the best of my knowledge - none of the above are presently available. If they are, well I don't know about it. If anyone does - please share the details.

There are people who wouldn't mind paying a reasonable amount for a bit of convenience.



Opens gates, overhead doors and parking barriers with your Bluetooth® enabled cell phone. BlueGuard™ recognizes Bluetooth® enabled cell phones when they move into range and a vehicle is present. It verifies the phone’s unique ID and then activates the access control system.

Product Page

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now That You’re Gone


I sit here, broken – thinking about everything I thought I knew
Still doubting your words, still wondering - was it really you

Now that you’re gone – I wonder

Whatever happened to the promises – the ones you couldn’t keep
Thinking about our dreams - your claims of love so deep

Now that you’re gone – I wonder

How do I move on without you, how do I get to be fine
tell me - how do I fix, this shattered heart of mine.

Now that you’re gone.





I miss you

Alarm Clock - This One Is Polite



I need to get myself one of these. Not that I get much sleep anyways, but this would definitely make a good addition to my bed side table.

Some of the wake up messages one would hear are:

  • "Excuse me sir, I'm so sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be morning... Very inconvenient, I agree... I believe it is the rotation of the Earth that is to blame, sir,"
  • "Shall I inform the news agencies that you are about to rise, sir?"

Cool, right?

Product Page

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prison Break – The End




Sure there were times when it seemed like the show was dragging on. But it always managed to keep you coming back. This was fun. It’s sensible to end a good show – when the audience still enjoys it, rather than drag it on and turn it into an intolerably boring, pointless, torturing reel(s) of film that make the audience wonder why and how they started watching this crap.

Nice to see that at least some producers remember that all good things should come to an end, before they stop being good. 

My Phone Beta

New Picture


Microsoft's new over-the-air backup system for Windows Mobile phones, is available for free in a public beta


Monday, May 18, 2009


Had gone over with papa to the HRD Dept. of his bank and then off to KCCC. I had sworn I would never go back there, but then - one can't help the way things turn out.

Apparently there were a few earlier medical leaves which weren't properly stamped or some nonsense. The HR Officer said "if you can get it, then it will help". Papa turns into superman and says "yes I will get it done now".

Arguing with him about this is not going to help at all. So just called up my office and told them that something's come up and it will be some time before I can make it back to the office.

As soon as we walked in to KCCC - ran into this mallu female. She had a white coat on hence we figured she works there. So, instead of walking around - thought it would be better just to ask someone how to go about with the paper work. Was even more pleasantly surprised when she spoke proper English without the heavy mallu accent.

Turns out she works in the lab at the Psychiatric Hospital and was at KCCC to get her tests done. The woman explained that she just put on the coat to make things easier for herself. Her own words "This white coat helps a lot. Otherwise these people won't even listen to what you have to say".

She admitted that she doesn't know much about the KCCC but with her coat on - she can get things done, and would be happy to help us out. AND SHE DID!

She accompanied us from one office to another, did all the talking herself and got the entire thing done for us. All she asked in the end was a lift till the Psychiatric Hospital.

Sometimes - I am really amazed by people. I mean this was totally unexpected. Very thankful. Good to know that there is some good left in the world, even now.

The other times - I have a quote (recently adopted) which I have started using often - The only thing people are good for - is disappointment.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Luck Chuck


Watched it because of Jessica Alba. Really not my type of movie. Over the top nonsense. I do like comedies, but like I said – Just not my type.

Get A Mac – The Vista Blues

Role Models


Nothing new. Seen the same plot a million times. It’s funny. Nothing memorable though. Not like the film makers were trying to make something memorable (and that’s not a bad thing). It’s watchable.

Besides, I like Elizabeth Banks.

What You Feel – Chris Levy

Time and space, there’s a lonely place
there is no sound, just a heart that pounds
life is unknown - where is the way back home
in my mind is a silent cry

what you feel, what you know
you are not in control
If you just let it go – there’s a piece you’ll know

Got to be something bigger than me
how to find just a piece of mind?
When in sight - part of you gives light
in my mind the same tape rewinds

what you feel, what you know
you are not in control
If you just let it go - there is a piece you’ll know

Got An E66


So this is what happened:

I wasn't getting any sleep, decided to fix up the calendar and day events on the E71. Routine clean up etc. Now while I was doing that, I thought it would be easier to fix them all up on my Mac and then sync it to my phone. I must have forgotten to paste the contact details or may be I hit the wrong shortcuts. What I ended up doing was - erasing everything from my mac and my E71!

Now that was bad. But not too bad. I did have a back up of the contacts etc, one which I had made in October 2008. So I did have most of my contact information. Plus, I had synced papa's phone as well a few weeks back and now that he was coming down on the 16th, I wasn't worried. I could simply copy everything from his phone and then see what I needed and get it back into the E71.

While doing this - I noticed that there was a firmware update for my E71. Since I didn't have much to do, I figured - why not.

I did the firmware update. Everything went fine. EXCEPT - the Lock Code was not reverted to the default nokia 12345, but remained to what I had changed - just for kicks (ages ago) which I had obviously forgotten by now (I have no idea why this happened).

After banging my head for about an hour and half, I decided to see if the guys at the airport could do something to fix this. Why the airport - well err.. I usually end up in such situations on Fridays. :D (same FRIDAY thing happened when I ended up with my HP tablet as well).

Went up to the airport - the guy said it would take 4 days to sort it out. I decided to give it to FCC workshop, in the evening, myself. Now I didn't have a phone, and none of the stores at the airport had an E71 (yes I would have bought another one if they had it).

Didn't want to get the E75, I think it's sad. SE Xperia is a disappointment. Could have gone back home and picked a phone out of my cupboard, but then - just didn't feel like picking out an old phone from the house. So ended up buying the E66.

It's ok. I am not very fond of sliders. No QWERTY - sucks. I would have bought the E75, if the damn thing didn't have the dual keyboard, which makes the whole thing rather pointless, if you ask me. Not to mention - bulky.

Now I am using the E66 - not too happy about it, but it will do - for now. The E71 is at FCC. I also asked them to change the body - ended up scratching it a bit while I was in Bombay, so decided to get that done as well. 


E71 is back. Synced. All done. Now, if only this damn thing had a touch screen as well. I admit that this is great by Nokia standards, but SE's P series has really spoilt me. Waiting for the N97 now. Although it's a slider, seems like worth trying out. Expected somewhere in June.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am A Mac

Nice. True, Simple, to the point and smug.

Just the way I like it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodnight, Travel Well – The Killers

The unknown distance to the great beyond
stares back at my grieving frame
to cast my shadow by the holy sun
my spirit moans with a sacred pain
and it's quiet now
the universe is standing still

There's nothing I can say, there's nothing we can do now
There's nothing I can say, there's nothing we can do now

And all that stands between the souls release
this temporary flesh and bone
we know that it's over now
I feel my faded mind begin to roam

Every time you fall, and every time you try
every foolish dream, and every compromise
every word you spoke, and everything you said
everything you left me, rambles in my head

There's nothing I can say, there's nothing we can do now
There's nothing I can say, there's nothing we can do now

Up above the world so high

And everything you loved, and every time you try
everybody's watching, everybody cry

Stay, don't leave me
the stars can wait for your sign
Don't signal now

And there's nothing I can say
There's nothing I can do now

Pot Bill



Imagine walking into a coffee shop, corner market or any grocery store with a state-approved cannabis license and buying a joint or an ounce of pot, plus tax.

Or imagine growing marijuana in a fenced backyard without fear of arrest.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's surprise call last week to debate legalizing adult use of marijuana in California has drawn international attention, shifting the prospect of such a change from the fringe to the forefront.

Advocates of legalization, including state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, whose legislation caught the governor's attention, have created a concept for a system of regulation and taxation that would make the state's marijuana laws among the most liberal in the world.


If this passes.. Arnie for PREZ - GO VOTE!

Car Computer To Control Speed



A sophisticated in-car computer could soon make it impossible for motorists to speed.The system detects the speed limit and automatically slows the car if it is being driven too quickly.


Err.. too quickly. hmm. I think you meant - 'slows the car if it's exceeding the speed limit.' Anyways, moving on..

What I do like about the idea (well, as long as I don't see it working, that's all it is to me - an idea) - is a voluntary and advisory mode and an over ride switch (nice!).


In advisory mode the screen displays the speed limit and a face that smiles if the driver sticks to the limit and frowns if they go too fast.

Well that's kind of cute (and a little gay). Imagine the speedometer of your Mustang frowning. And just in case if it's a smiley you are getting - well you don't deserve to drive a mustang.


It is the voluntary mode, however, that safety campaigners hope will one day become mandatory. When vehicles reach the speed limit the accelerator is prevented from speeding up the car, no matter how far it is depressed

Kill joy!

Heroes - Season 3



Got done till episode 25.

Conversations between Hiro and Ando - well I have decided to fast forward through those.

Parkman - oh Parkman. He was out to avenge the death of the 'love of his life' - Daphne (yawn). And a few episodes later, he wants to get back with his ex-wife! Interesting. He didn't think of his ex-wife all this time and now! Anyways, chuck it. Guess love doesn't mean what it used to. Can't say I am surprised. It doesn't mean much in real life (for some), no reason why it should mean anything in reel life.

There is something even worse about the show than Parkman and Hiro. No, it's not claire (this time). I simply ignore her in the show now. The worst character (in my view) now is Angela Petrelli. Always found her pathetic.

Over the top. Absolutely no sense or logic behind the character's actions. Err.. none that can be termed as logical or sensible - anyways. Leaving her sis behind in the concentration camp because some black dude says the sister will slow them down.. err.. am I the only one who finds that half baked?

And slow them down for what? For sitting in a restaurant and have fries! Oh please. At least ACT worried. Just a bit! At least look like you do give a shit.


I had a dream. I saw this in my dream. My dreams are open to interpretation. It's not exact.

How much do you sleep! Want to slap her across the face and yell at the old woman to stop sleeping so much. Get up and make yourself useful.

Nathan in Sylar's body! or rather, Nathan's memories in Sylar's body. That's really taking it a bit too far. I know it's fiction, but COME ON!

Ali Larter will be back in the next season. And I thought this show was getting better! Anyways, it's not as bad as it was in the previous seasons. Just for the record - Not as bad doesn't mean that it's great now.

Lost - Season 5 - Completely Lost


What lies in the shadow of the statue?

Honestly mate, I don't know and I don't care! Seriously doubt if anyone does.

Watched upto Episode 15. Total crap. The show and the characters are running around in circles and nothing else. My people, your people, their people. uff! Dharma initiative, the hostiles and then a bunch of idiotic time travellers who have no clue what to do, where to go. Anyone can make them do just about anything, by simply saying - 'it's your destiny'

Kate is LOST as ever. Confused state of disturbed mind. Can't you just shut up and let things be! Sawyer broke Kate's heart! WTF, when the hell did THAT happen. Wasn't she the one hopping from Jack's bed to Sawyer's bed and then back and forth!? What bull shit.


He is just a kid, we have to save him.
We can't change anything.
Why won't you save Ben.
Ben will be all right.

Please woman, just shut it. Seriously.

Like there aren't enough problems already. Don't tell me she means well, but is misunderstood. The character is completely confused and there is not one sensible thing she has ever done/said or come up with.

Jack has sobered down a bit, but that's probably because he isn't getting as much footage as he did in the previous seasons. Sun Kwon is just pathetic. Really wish John Locke would speak out whatever is running in that cuckoo head of his. Don't even want to get started on Benjamin Linus. The most annoying of them all (even more than Kate) is Eloise Hawking.

I do like Nestor Carbonelle (Richard Alpert) though. Hurley is fun to watch at times. The rest of the characters are just sad/stupid.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Secret


Thanks Jen

Read the book, finally. Have had it for a while, just never got around to it.

I must admit, when I started it off, I was like - 'It's one of THOSE books'. A few pages later, just seemed to make sense. Read it through, and it wasn't a bad read.

Application of the principles - in my case, is not going to happen across the board. I will definitely be a bit selective. I mean looking at bills and imagining them as checks err, just not happening. I seriously doubt I will ever be able to accomplish that.

Another thing I found difficult to swallow was, the Universe is powerful enough to manifest anything I desire, but yet is unable to differentiate between want and don't want!?! I am not trivialising the importance of thinking positive. I just thought that the ABOVE sentence wasn't a reasonable explanation (the universe can't differentiate between want and don't want)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flash Of Genius


Finally a movie worth watching. Really enjoyed this. Great performances by everyone. Brilliant.


Life IS a total mess. Trying to sort out one problem - barely done with it and two more come up. Things start getting better only to get even worse a few hours later. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhh.

Papa's treatment seems to be going the right way and that's most important right now. God has been kind on that front and I am very thankful for that.

You know - the feeling. The - It's All Over - feeling? Guess some of you know about it. Well I am feeling that way now and I have no intentions of finding ways to stop feeling that way. Some decisions are a hell lot easier to take, when you are feeling this way.

Just waiting for papa to recover and get back. That will take some time. Then I will proceed to restore at least some order to some lives. At least I will try. Hopefully things will go as planned.

mujhe phoonkne se pahle, mera dil nikaal lena
ye kissi ki hai amaanat, kahin saath jal na jaaye

Full ghazal is here

Feels like I am not thinking straight, but somehow I know that it's what I should do. Ahh well, why bother. People change their mind about some very important things. Compared to that - this is a rather trivial issue. Might change my mind about this too.

If Manmohan can become PM through back door, why can't I, asks Maya


Waah, kya argument hai.

Well to answer your question - simply because you are a piece of shit.

Ek Kuttiya ki teen santaan... mulaayam, mayawati, kaanshiram

What Next From Microsoft Windows Team

Hmm, after reading the auto shut down thing, I have been wondering - what will they come up with, next!

Perhaps an auto format. Or on expiration of the trial period - your PC's motherboard will have a small explosion and be rendered useless. May be an assassin will be sent to your location to shoot you for not buying the original software and waiting for a crack to show up on the net.

Windows 7 RC1 - Screen Shot

New Picture

Click on the pic to get a bigger image.

Just wanted to paste a screen shot.

Windows RC1 Is Going To Piss Off Everyone


The RC will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. Windows will notify you two weeks before the bi-hourly shutdowns start. To avoid interruption, you’ll need to install a non-expired version of Windows before March 1, 2010. You’ll also need to install the programs and data that you want to use.



I am pretty sure that by that time, there will be tonns of cracks going around the net, so there really won't be much of an issue, but the guys over at Microsoft seriously have to start thinking about not ticking off users anymore.

Honestly, I really couldn't care less. I am very happy with my Mac and there is nothing that is going to drag me back to the medieval times of Microsoft Windows, but I do have some friends who insist on remaining savages (you should see their face contort, every time Windows throws a fancy incomprehensible error on their screens).

Just for the record, I have worked (for a few minutes) on Windows 7 - and I must admit, it's not bad (For a Windows OS). It seemed like the mistakes with Vista were sorted out (finally), and a windows user could now get a chance to do some work on his netbook before the day ended or the battery conked off.

But stunts like this is what ticks of people the most.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Downloaded the first episode of Dollhouse. Not happening. Well may be it is, just not my type of show. I find Harry Lennix annoying as hell. Eliza Dushku doesn’t do it for me. Don’t know what it is about her, but I just don’t find her eye candy material. Tahmoh Penikett is stupid. Enver Gjokaj is unbearable.

Somehow completed the first episode. I had lined up the other episodes for download. Just deleted all of them, along with the first one. Really don’t need to watch a tele series to help me roll my eyes and get enraged. I manage that (rather well, I must say) feeling that way, on my own. Life is pretty much that way (for me) as it is.


Was at Birkenstock. Bought myself a pair similar to the above. What I can’t understand is why people have such a tough time answering simple questions? I ask a simple question, I expect a simple answer.

Will these get ruined if I wear them out in the rain. What I am expecting is a Yes or a No. What do I get -story time. Anyways, I cut him off in between and told him, just say yes or no. He says yes, I picked another pair. End of story. Now how hard was that?


bb-8900-01 blackberry-bold-10


Thinking of getting a Blackberry. May be the bold or the curve. Usually when I am depressed, buying something I don't really need seems to cheer me up for a while.

Still thinking.

Windows 7 RC1 - Now Available


Download Link

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ya Rabba

na poocho dard-mandon se
hansi kaisi khushi kaisi
musibat sar pe rehati hai
kabhi kaisi kabhi kaisi

Pyaar hai ya sazaa, e mere dil bataa
toot ta kyon nahin - dard ka silsila
iss pyaar mein hon kaise-kaise imtihaan
ye pyaar likhe kaisi-kaisi dastaan

ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar

kaisa hai safar - wafaa ki manzil ka
na hai koi hal, dilon ki mushkil ka
dhadkan-dhadkan bikhri ranjishen
saansen-saansen tooti bandishen

kahin to har lamha honton pe fariyaad hai
kissi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai

koi na sune sisakti aanhon ko
koi na dhare tadapti baahon ko
aadhi-aadhi puri khwaishen
tooti-footi sab farmaaishen

kahin shak hai kahin nafrat ki deewaar hai
kahin jeet mein bhi shamil pal-pal haar hai

ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar

manzilen bhi uss ki thi raasta bhi uss ka tha 
ek main akela tha - qafila bhi uss ka tha

saath, saath chalne ki soch bhi ussi ki thi
phir raasta badalne ka faisla bhi uss ka tha

aaj jo akela hoon, dil sawal karta hai
log tu ussi ke the, kya khuda bhi uss ka tha??

Prison Break


When they started talking about Michael’s mother, I was rolling my eyes, pretty sure that another series bites the dust. Thankfully, it’s not the case. It’s watchable. Still interesting. Well – that’s my view. Just got done watching episodes 17-19.

Invisible Car


Nice paint job!


A design student made a battered old Skoda "disappear" by painting it to merge with the surrounding car park.


Mask For Biden




Khamoshiyaan ye - seh na sakoon,
Aawaaz deke mujhe tu - de ja sukoon.

Adhoora hoon main ab - tere bina,
Adhoori meri zindagaani reh jaayegi

Har raah mein tu aaye nazar,
Kat ta nahin ab akele tanha safar

Doorie.... sahi jaaye na

Slumdog Millionaire

In my previous post, I did mention that I found the acting average. That refers to Freida Pinto and Dev Patel. The child artists however, were brilliant.

Irfaan Khan, well this role seems rather natural for him. I have seen him so many times doing the same thing, that it didn't really matter. Same goes for Mahesh Manjrekar. Anil Kapoor was ok.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ticket Done

Leaving this Friday, again.

Leaving, on a jet plane. Don’t know if I’ll be back again. Hold me like you’ll never let me go.

Tu Aaja Mere Maahi

Tu hi hai mere dil ki tamanna, teri hi yaaden har lamha
de mujhe - de apna aanchal, dhoop mein jalta main har pal

aa tu mere khwaab sajaa jaa re!!

Aaaaa tu meri pyaas bujha jaa re!!

hai mujhe hai tera armaan, hai tujhe hai mera ban na
har ghadi teri dil mein aahat, tu mile mil jaaye raahat

judd ke bhi tu mujhse judaa sa, mil ke bhi tu kyon hai khafaa sa, aaja meri baahon mein aajaa re!!!

Slumdog Millionaire


May be I am just difficult to please, but the acting was rather average. Wondering what the hype was all about. I honestly don’t see what the hell is so good about the movie. It’s watchable, but nothing memorable. Not being insensitive or anything, but I just didn’t feel anything for any of the characters. I am pretty sure I am not heartless, well at least I wasn’t. Perhaps I lost the damn thing and became this way.  Bet the book would be better (Haven’t read it, yet).

Lower SMS Rates - Wataniya


Get SMS bundles today through W-menu and enjoy lower SMS rates. The SMS bundle gives the customer the opportunity to send more text messages with less charge.


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Zain Roaming on Air Planes



Zain, the leading mobile telecommunications provider in Kuwait, announced today (April 20, 2009) that it has successfully rolled out its in-flight mobile roaming services on board of aircrafts of the National Airways Company in cooperation with OnAir Company.

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RGV’s Cool Reaction To Reactions

Not getting any sleep. my google reader is flooded with posts so going through that.

I am fed up of your lame background scores.
Ans: Stop listening.


Feeling alone, lost, confused, worried.. angry.

Angry at the whole world.

No, that’s not true. Not at the whole world. Just my world.

What am I going to tell papa? Tomorrow he is going to ask me, how is she? She told me, just yesterday to tell him that she has spoken to her parents and papa should know that everything is sorted out. I agreed to everything she wanted. Agreed to everything they wanted. Saturday morning she wanted me to tell papa that she learnt how to make aaloo paranthas. Those are papa’s favourite and he misses those the most while he is in the hospital. What am I going to say when papa says that he wants to talk to her……

He was so happy when she called him ‘papa’ now what do I say? What do I do?

Just want to sleep and never wake up again. Can’t even seem to get sleep even for a few minutes.

Slumdog Millionaire


Tried watching Slumdog Millionaire. I am sure it’s a watchable film, if not great. But, somehow just can’t seem to get interested. Will try again tomorrow.

Was so tired when I landed. Just wanted to get home, take a shower and hit the bed. And now…. it’s 12:12, can’t sleep. Thinking about so many things. Don’t have the answer, even to one. Interestingly enough, not feeling tired at all. Just feel … dead.