Monday, November 30, 2009

Coconut Handbags!




Firstly, let me say – WTF is this!!

I saw the pics and was pretty sure this nonsense would be in Kerala. But to my surprise it’s some island off the coast of Kenya. 

Off the coast of Kenya or not, I am pretty sure this is a mallu idea. Sigh… bloody mallus, messed up Africa as well. Perhaps the malayalees got tired of pouring into the gulf (or gggElfff – as THEY would say it) . Now they will go to UK/Australia via Africa. Guess the only continent they hadn’t tapped.

BlackBerry App World For 9700 (Onyx) OTA



Also See:

BlackBerry App World For OS 5

iPhone 3GS Supreme


iPhone 3GS Supreme — Officially the world's most expensive mobile phone

This extraordinary handset was commissioned by an anonymous Australian businessman from the gold mining industry. Designed by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, England, it was 10 months in the making.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din

Shaily Shailendra …

Jaane kahaan gaye woh din
kahte the teri raah mein, nazaron ko hum bichhayenge
chaahe kahin bhi tum raho, chaahenge tum ko umar bhar
tum ko naa bhool paayenge

mere kadam jahaan pade, sajde kiye the yaar ne
mujh ko rulaa rulaa diyaa, jaati hui bahaar ne
Jaane kahaan gaye woh din

apni nazar mein aaj kal, din bhi andheri raat hai
saayaa hi apne saath thaa, saayaa hi apne saath hai
Jaane kahaan gaye woh din

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bold 9700


Using it now. Not bad.

Was in a bad mood. Did the usual - Went out and bought something I didn’t really need. Had my laptop with me as well, so switching devices really didn’t take that long.

Went over to the beach after that. Spent some time enjoying the breeze, then fiddling with the Bold. Then more time enjoying the breeze. Drove back home.

Still in a crappy mood though.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Picture 1 Beyond-Reasonable-Doubt_sm

Amber Tamblyn is good to look at (at least for me). Given that I have already watched the 1956 version, I was just curious to see how this one would compare. Well, it’s watchable, I was expecting more.

The performances seemed a bit forced. Would definitely make a good mini series for the tele.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President Patil To Make 'History' - India


She's the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and now Pratibha Patil is making history by becoming the first woman president to fly in a Sukhoi.


Sigh... like it wasn't bad enough that the 'Supreme Commander' of our Armed Forces has absolutely no military experience what so ever!

Now the media harps on about the fact that we are making history by making her a PASSENGER in a Sukhoi. It's not like she will be flying the damn thing. She will be flying IN it!! You think this is worth mentioning in the history books? Guess making 'History' isn't really THAT difficult.

No offence, but does anyone recall the name of the chimp that was first sent up in a space shuttle?? I believe THAT CHIMP got more recognition than Patil 'FLYING' the Sukhoi.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao. Faaltu ki 'History' mat banaao!

That's One Way To Quit : Innovative



"He believed he was in a temp-to-hire position, and after three months of extra hours and butt-kissing, turns out it's just a temp position. He was a good worker too. I'd have recommended him. Too bad he burned his bridges... Obviously he had contemplated quitting long enough to make this thing, but still refused to speak to anyone about his feelings. Ironically, he complained about the 'divas' at his last job."


Mobile Use Is Hazardous - Not Just While Driving



Yet another research (Seriously, WTF!!).

The studies, in which participants crossed a virtual street while talking on the phone or listening to music, found that the music-listeners were able to navigate traffic as well as the average unencumbered pedestrian. Users of hands-free cell phones, however, took longer to cross the same street under the same conditions and were more likely to get run over.


Well there goes Idea's Walk and Talk idea.

I really want to know who keeps paying for all these bullshit studies / research. I mean, don't we all know that if you are not paying attention while crossing the road, you are 'more likely to get run over'. Did we really need a 'study' to tell us this??

Psst - JFTR, it's not just talking on the mobile.

You could be checking out a chick on the other side of the road while trying to cross the street and that too would imply that you are 'more likely to get run over'. I don't need a simulated experiment to tell me that!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Smallville – Season 9: Zod


Callum Blue makes a really lame Zod. Terrible miscast.

Milti Hai Khuu-E-Yaar Se Naar Iltihaab Mein

Mirza Ghalib ...

Milti hai khuu-e-yaar se naar iltihaab mein
kaafir hoonn - gar na milti ho raahat azaab mein

Kab se hoon kya bataauun jahaan-e-kharaab mein
shab haaye hijr ko bhi rakhoon gar hisaab mein

Taa phir na intazaar mein neend aaye umr bhar
aane ka ahad kar gaye aaye jo khwaab mein

Qaasid ke aate aate khat ik aur likh rakhoon
main jaanta hoon jo vo likhenge jawaab mein

Mujh tak kab unki bazm mein aataa thaa daur-e-jaam
saaqi ne kuch milaa na diya ho sharaab mein

Jo munkir-e-vafaa ho fareb uss pe kya chale
kyun badgumaan hoon dost se dushman ke baab mein

Main muztarib hoon vasl mein khauf-e-raqiib se
daalaa hai tum ko vahm ne kiss pech-o-taab mein

Mai aur hizz-e-vasl, khudaa-saaz baat hai
jaan nazr deni bhuul gayaa iztiraab mein

Hai tevari chadi hui andar naqaab ke
hai ik shikan padi hui tarf-e-naqaab mein

Laakhon lagaav, ik churaanaa nigaah ka
laakhon banaav, ik bigadanaa itaab mein

Vo naalaa dil mein khas ke baraabar jagah na paaye
jiss naale se shigaaf pade aaftaab mein

Vo sehr muddaa talbi mein na kaam aaye
jiss sehr se safinaa ravaan ho saraab mein

'Ghalib' chutii sharaab, par ab bhi kabhi kabhi
peetaa hoon roz-e-abr-o-shab-e-maahataab mein

Taking Chances



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Internet Not Working On BlackBerry


I had this problem a while back. The phone is working. BBm's are working too, but when you access something like AppWorld or the likes - one gets a message that you are not connected or contact your service provider or something along those lines.

What you need to do is, send the Service Books again. Can be done through the BlackBerry itself (that didn't work for me, for whatever reason):

  • BlackBerry Key
  • Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table
  • BlackBerry Key > Register Now

You can also send the Service Books from your computer (this DID work for me).

  • Go to your service provider's BlackBerry site. In my case, that was
  • Log in > Help
  • Send Service Books

In case that doesn't work either, you can also try (on the site):

  • Click on Change Device
  • Enter PIN and IMEI
  • Save

For PIN and IMEI - on your BlackBerry - Alt+Shit+H

Caller ID's Not Showing On BlackBerry

Someone was having that problem. Just thought I would put up the solution here as well:

Barring the obvious (i.e. Make sure you have the number in your contacts. Make sure you have single entry for this number):

  • Hit the green button then hit the BlackBerry key
  • Options > Smart Dialling
  • Make sure you have set the correct Country Code (e.g. +965 for Kuwait)

If that's already set, and it still doesn't work - try :

  • Blackberry key > Options > Security Options > General Settings
  • Content Protection: Disabled

I don't know how the last one matters, but it's been known to work in some cases. I have no clue what it has to do with the issue.

Fortune Cookie For Obama


Smoking Is Bad For Your Mac - ?!?


According to the Apple store - by smoking, the warranty on your apple product is rendered void. Some of the interesting explanations from Apple:

  • Apple employees refuse to work on a machine due to "Health risks of second-hand smoke"!?
  • A smoker's Mac is referred to as "Contaminated Environment" / "Bio-Hazard".
  • The system is beyond economical repair due to tar from cigarette smoke.

Stop making excuses and get to work, you idiots!

I don't care how many examples people have about them finding tar inside a computer. If it's under warranty, you fix the damn thing! Or include this nonsense in the Terms of Use and make sure you inform the user when he is making the purchase. How about putting a No Smoking sign on all the Macs!

You don't make someone buy extended warranty and then say "err.. sorry, it's void because you smoke. Guess I forgot to mention that part"

Below are two incidents that have been reported in The Consumerist.

I took my mid 2007 apple macbook (black) into the Jordan Creek Apple Store in West Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, April 25th, because I had been experiencing some issues with it overheating, and figured the fan was bad. After some initial testing, they took the computer in for work under my Applecare plan, which has over a year remaining on it.

Today, April, 28, 2008, the Apple store called and informed me that due to the computer having been used in a house where there was smoking, that has voided the warranty and they refuse to work on the machine, due to "health risks of second hand smoke".

Not only is this faulty science, attributing non smoking residue to second hand smoke, on Chad's part, no where in your applecare terms of service can I find anything mentioning being used in a smoking environment as voiding the warranty.

Another one:

I bought an iMac for my son (for school) along with the extended Applecare warranty. A month ago, it quit working. My son took it to the authorized Mac service center. The "tech" informed him it would be ready in 48-72 hours. Five days go by and he's heard nothing, so I called. They informed me that his computer can't be worked on because it's contaminated.

When I asked for an explanation, she said he's a smoker and it's contaminated with cigarette smoke which they consider a bio-hazard! I checked my Applecare warranty and it says nothing about not honoring warranties if the owner is a smoker. The Applecare representative said they defer to the technician and my son's computer cannot be fixed at any Apple Service Center due to being listed a bio-hazard.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leverage – Season 2


Not all of it is bad. Loved Episode 9. But I think it had more to do with Jeri Ryan - than anything else. I have always liked her.

Again, it’s definitely watchable. There ARE certain parts in some episodes, which are just plain stupid. Of course, there are also some episodes that are completely stupid:

Episode 8 - The Ice Man Job

The guys switch the diamond and the diamond merchant doesn’t notice. Explanation - “he isn’t looking at the diamond” – absolutely pathetic.

Would make more sense if he sent one of his henchmen to do it for him. The henchmen not being able to tell the difference between the diamonds would be believable. A diamond merchant not being able to tell – that’s just bad writing.

Episode 7 – The Two Live Crew Job

Err, seriously!

Horrible episode. Major goof up – One of Sophie’s alias – Katherine, is buried. Funeral held, bla bla bla. But towards the end of the episode, the tombstone reads ‘Sophie Devereaux’!!

That’s not all. Chaos(wow, what an original nickname for a computer geek) bomb-planting doesn’t really add up. The bomb he planted for Stark was set at a timer and not on ignition! Horrible plan if you want to blow up someone. He should have read Double-Crossing for Dummies.

Episode 5 – The Three Days Of The Hunter Job

Not worth my time even talking about this one.

Episode 3 – The Order-23 Job

Hated it.

Pretty sure I wont be bothering with this one any more. Throwing it out of my Mac as I put up this post. Too much stupidity for me to put up with, and I doubt there will be enough of Jeri Ryan to keep me interested.

Nope, Gina Bellman doesn’t do it for me. Never has. Even in Coupling - my favourite was Sarah Alexander.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Hangover

  New Picture

It's definitely a clich├ęd plot, but somehow it didn't bore me. It was fun.

Really glad that there wasn't much of Rachael Harris's character. Doubt I would have watched the entire thing if annoying Melissa got any more footage.

Na Jaane Aaj Ye Kis Ka Khayaal Aayaa Hai

Ahmad Hamdani ...

Na jaane aaj ye kis ka khayaal aayaa hai
Khushi ka rang liye har malaal aayaa hai

Vo ek shakhs ki haasil na tha jo khud ko bhi
Mitaa kissi pe to kaisa bahaal aayaa hai

Zubaan pe harf-e-talab bhi nahin koi phir bhi
Nigaah-e-dost mein rang-e-jalaal aayaa hai

Kiya na zikr bhi jiss ka tamaam umr kabhi
Humaare kaam bahut vo malaal aayaa hai

Nahin hai tum se koi dosti bhi ab to magar
Qadam qadam pe ye kaisaa vabaal aayaa hai

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leverage - Season 1


It definitely was interesting. Thankfully none of the permanent characters are irritating. I did have some issues with some of the episodes though.


Episode 8 – The Mile High Job

  • The main villain has put up a potential witness on a plane to the Cayman Islands.
  • The main villain has also put up a bad guy on the plane to kill this potential witness before the plane lands.
  • The main villain has also put a bomb on the plane to blow up the bad guy (along with all the other passengers) after the bad guy has killed off the potential witness.

Well, if you are going to be putting a bomb on the plane, I don’t see why you need to hire an assassin as well. Kind of stupid.

It would definitely be a hell lot easier to get the potential witness killed in some place less crowded. A plane!! out of all the places?! come on!

Episode 3 – The Two-Horse Job

Hard to believe someone interested in the horse business and capable of insurance fraud is so easily duped. It seemed like the character just woke up one morning and decided to get into the business.

Episode 2 – The Homecoming Job

The commandos did seem a bit too stupid, don’t you think?

Anyway, it was watchable.

Have the first 8 episodes of Season 2 downloaded as well. Next week, will see what’s that about.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Digital Tattoo Interface




Interesting concept.

The gadget is implanted under the skin and is powered by your blood (freaky/creepy - take your pick). Converts the glucose and oxygen, in the blood - into electricity (I have no clue how that is done).

Free WiFi




Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are serving free WiFi.

  • Yahoo will be providing free WiFi for a year in Times Square. Link
  • Microsoft and JiWire will be providing free WiFi at participating hotspots, provided the user executes one search on Bing. Link
  • Google will be providing free WiFi across 47 airports for the holiday season. Link

Wash Away All Sins - Soap Dispenser


If you really think this would help in washing away your sins, well - how about getting some psychiatric help before shelling out money for the fancy soap dispenser.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Murdoch Wants To Block Google Search


Rupert Murdoch has said he will try to block Google from using news content from his companies.
The billionaire told Sky News Australia he will explore ways to remove stories from Google's search indexes, including Google News.

Mr Murdoch's News Corp had previously said it would start charging online customers across all its websites. He believes that search engines cannot legally use headlines and paragraphs of news stories as search results.

"There's a doctrine called 'fair use', which we believe to be challenged in the courts and would bar it altogether," Mr Murdoch told the TV channel. "But we'll take that slowly."

Mr Murdoch announced earlier this year that the websites of his news organisations would begin charging for access.


For a really smart guy, Rupert Murdoch can sometimes be amazingly stupid.

Murdoch is insisting that the readers should access the content directly. So, if you were searching for something, which happens to be on one of the Murdoch company's site (err.. like Sun, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News/movies/channel) you will NOT get the results on Google!!

Go directly to the site and see what it has to offer!

What Murdoch suggests is, Google will have to pay Murdoch for indexing rights. Google DID pay Twitter, but that was to enable Google to index the tweets. I am not really sure if the same would apply when it comes to news sites.

Friday, November 6, 2009



Started off with this show. American version of Hustle. Well kind of.

Watched the first episode. The rest of season one is downloaded. Seems interesting. Planning to sit in the next weekend and get done with Season 1.

Amazon Link:
Leverage Season 1

Thursday, November 5, 2009



The running time of the movie is about 1 hr 15 mins. Something I had figured out 25 minutes into the movie, is not shown till the 1:02 time marker.

Now that’s just annoying.

Nothing much to talk about, really.



Absolute crap.

Couldn’t be bothered to complete it. Waste of time.

Deflating Hope


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The ‘Vande Mataram’ Controversy – My Views


I have been preoccupied with things that really matter, so I haven’t really had the time to go through the news articles pertaining to this nonsense. But I did catch the headlines and heard what some of my friends had to say about it.

On the forum I visit, I saw some of the board members had discussed the issue as well. Thought of sharing my views. So here is a compilation of my posts from the forum:

In my opinion, the issue is being blown out of proportion, by both sides.

  • A fatwa calling for a ban - senseless.
  • Every one else yelling about the fatwa - also pointless.

Gaana hai to gaayo. Nahin gaana to mat gaayo. Koi kya ukhaad lega!?!

I have run into people who think the composer of Vande Mataram is A.R. Rahman (and I thought I was ignorant)!!

There are others who aren't sure if it was penned by Tagore or Bankim Chandra!!

"I can't seem to recall. I am sure it was one of them"

There. That shows how much people know or care about the "National Song". I don't even want to guess the number of people who actually know the lyrics. OR for that matter, can correctly guess what language it is!!

Then, one fatwaa comes out (as senseless as THAT is) - all of a sudden every one has become super patriotic. Laanat hai.

Jab tak koi controversy nahin thi - people couldn’t care less. And now!! Har koi apne aap ko Bhagat Singh samjh raha hai!

When the Vatican made noise about the Da Vinci Code and said it was hurtful to the Catholics, my views were:

If a work of fiction can shake your faith in god or make you question your belief, then you might as well not have any faith at all!

Similar logic here. I refuse to believe that it's this one song that is the foundation of one's national pride or whatever you choose to call it.

If someone believes that by not singing Vande Mataram, one is not fulfilling his duty towards the country – you need to get some help. Immediately.

It's not like there is any shortage of REAL problems, in the country - to worry about.

If the ban is on Muslims singing the song -

Well don't sing. Shouldn't matter to anyone else. Why should it!? It bothers X, he won't sing it. It doesn't bother Y - he will sing, if he wants to.

If the ban is on playing the song for everyone -

Paagal ho gaye ho kya?!? If you insist on that, the next thing will be the saffron brigade demanding that the loudspeakers from the mosques be removed.

India is most definitely a secular country (at least on paper) BUT there has to be a limit to how much you can get away with, with pissing off the majority. I am sure that will be factored in, before anything this absurd is suggested. Well, it BETTER BE.

It works both ways. Simply put -dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao.

Most importantly, it's not like the common man starts off his day by assembling fellow citizens in a park and singing the song. Stop making an issue out of something that really isn't one.


Product Page

A handheld device exclusively for Twitter.

Hmm.. err… sorry – I don’t see the point. Just like I didn’t see the point for the Email only – Peek device.

‘What were they thinking?!’ – It would be nice if that question was answered. At least every once in a while.