Sunday, November 22, 2009

Internet Not Working On BlackBerry


I had this problem a while back. The phone is working. BBm's are working too, but when you access something like AppWorld or the likes - one gets a message that you are not connected or contact your service provider or something along those lines.

What you need to do is, send the Service Books again. Can be done through the BlackBerry itself (that didn't work for me, for whatever reason):

  • BlackBerry Key
  • Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table
  • BlackBerry Key > Register Now

You can also send the Service Books from your computer (this DID work for me).

  • Go to your service provider's BlackBerry site. In my case, that was
  • Log in > Help
  • Send Service Books

In case that doesn't work either, you can also try (on the site):

  • Click on Change Device
  • Enter PIN and IMEI
  • Save

For PIN and IMEI - on your BlackBerry - Alt+Shit+H

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