Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blackberry App World

For those of you who are outside the US, UK and Canada and want the Blackberry App World, well you can get it by going to these links directly from your Blackberry. (use the relevant link, depending upon your OS version, 4.5, 4.6 or 4.7)

http://content.rim.com.edgesuite.net/content/appworld/4.5.0/net_rim_bb_appworld.jad http://content.rim.com.edgesuite.net/content/appworld/4.6.0/net_rim_bb_appworld.jad http://content.rim.com.edgesuite.net/content/appworld/4.7.0/net_rim_bb_appworld.jad

In case anyone is feeling lazy to type all that on the Blackberry, well Copy the links, paste them into your email editor and email it to your blackberry.

Someone had left a rather fitting comment on one of the blogs. He mentioned, that given the geographical restriction, the software should be called Blackberry App [for some of the] World


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Abir said...

hi! do u have any links for the 5.0 operating system on the bold 9700 to be able to download blackberry app world?

L o r d R a j said...

Here you go, Abir


L o r d R a j said...

Same link here as well:


Abir said...

lord raj....I love u!!!!

L o r d R a j said...


Happy to help.

Abir said...

Hi again. I dont know if you can help me with this but I was trying to download an application from the app world called Whatsapp and it gives me the following message when i do:
this application is not available on your device for your carrier

I have the bold 9700

thanks for ur help

L o r d R a j said...

Hi Abir,

Well, I don't use Whatsapp. Never tried it.
There was a link that I saw a while ago on some blogs, but the link has been removed now. :(

However there are some other links available, if you wish to try them out.

Do go through the comments. From what I understand, it's working for some people, and not working for some.


In the meantime, I will keep a look out and IF I find something, I will be sure to put a post about it.

Abir said...

thanks again Lord Raj, i went to the site and read through comments and found a link. The app downloads OTA but it wont install. The person who posted it said that maybe the creaters blocked it or something and that they're working on finding another way to do it. The strange thing is that u can download it to an iphone for free anywhere in the world, but not with blackberry :S

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Abir,

If I do come across a work around, will put an update to it.

L o r d R a j said...


Whats App for BlackBerry is on.



Abir said...

hi again. i have a problem and a solution :)
first for the whatsapp i got the link, actually they are offering it ota and not via blackberry app world with a different payment mode so that everyone all over the world can use it.

Now for my problem.
Well I am having a problem with the bold 9700.

If I want to compose an sms, I open the "SMS And MMS" Icon, this opens all sms messages in one dialog style (IM style) window.

Then a choose "Compose SMS" and I select the contact. and press ok!!!

Here's the weird part... once I press ok, it opens the last available chat SMS dialog and sends the SMS to that recipient!!! And not to the contact that I have chosen.
Help please!

L o r d R a j said...


Just 30 minutes before your comment I put up a post for the Whatsapp :D

About your problem with the SMS. It is rather weird.

Just want to confirm something. Are you receiving a SINGLE thread for SMS's from different Contacts or separate threads?

If it's a single thread for all the sms's you are receiving from different contacts, then I believe an OS upgrade is required.

My friends did have a similar problem with their CURVE 8900 When they got an OS 5 upgrade. But it was sorted out with the next upgrade.

Yours is the first case (I have encountered) where this problem has happened in a 9700.


Try to type the name of the Contact on the home screen. You should see the Contact option. Click the BlackBerry key and select SMS (contact name). Try to send the message now.

Hopefully that should work.

IF THIS DOES WORK - This is a work around. But not a solution to your problem.

As I mentioned earlier, Similar problem with the Curve 8900 was sorted out with the 2nd upgrade to OS 5.

The OS version on my 9700 is

Abir said...

Hey again. I hadnt seen the link you posted before i replied :) thanks for it anyways :) :)
You're right Im getting them in a single thread and the option you gave me didn't work :(
So I guess I have to upgrade the OS, the one I have now is
where do i go to upgrade?
thanks for ur help.

L o r d R a j said...


You can download the new OS onto your desktop from here:


You will need to have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on your desktop as well. You can get that from www.BlackBerry.com

Furthermore: It's advisable to take a backup of your device before you do this.

Here is a tutorial - step by step on how to upgrade the OS


IF it seems too complicated, I would suggest going to any of the Cell phone shops in Sharq, and they would do the upgrade for you for a price. (It shouldn't take more than an hour, tops. But they MIGHT ask you to leave the phone with them)

I COULD do it for you, but then I would need your device. Given that you don't know me, I doubt you would opt for that option.

Besides, even if I were to do it for you, I would need you to leave the device with me as well at least for an hour or so.

You could very well do it yourself on your own system. It's not difficult.

Hobba said...

Can anyone help me pls.
I got a curve 8520 living in Egypt & I've been trying to have app world on my curve.
My OS version is (Platform and everytime I download app world then reboot thenb try to run the application I get "You must upgrade your client in order to continue"
When I click download it take me to a link to Download app world with a message saying your device is not supported.
What should I do. Please help.
Thanks a million in advance :)

Hobba said...

This is what I get when I try to download the update.

Pls help.

L o r d R a j said...


What you need to do is:


All the best.

Hobba said...

Thanks lordraj for ur instant reply.. But is there anyway I can download it through OTA. As I'm on a train and I won't have access to any computer till tonight.
If I had access to a computer. Do I have to have blackberry desktop manager on that laptop ??
Thanks Lordraj

L o r d R a j said...


I am not aware of an OTA for the 8520. :(.

Having BBDM installed shouldn't be a problem. You can get it from www.BlackBerry.com

Given that this is run on Command Prompt, I don't think the BBDM should be a requirement. BUT since it involves having your BlackBerry connected to the system, I think it would be advisable to have BBDM installed. Just to ensure that there is no problem.


Wish I could help more.

Take care.

Hobba said...

Thanks a lot Lordjar it worked fine even without BBDM :)

L o r d R a j said...

Happy to help