Monday, August 31, 2009

US Healthcare Nonsense

healthcare-bipartisanship Seeing-Eye-Blue-Dog


Manmohan-Singh322 manmohan_singh6 Manmohan-Singh107

Earlier, no one was even willing to admit that there was a problem.

Indian economy withstands meltdown of '08

It is the collectivism of RBI and the government that possibly helped the government avoid the blues of the global financial crisis on the domestic economy at a time when the world economies are falling prey to recession one by one.


I was wondering if these people lived in the same world and were watching the same numbers as I was. That is a very strong headline, and it wasn't true at all!

Later on (April 2009), at least they did admit that they WERE hit, just not as bad.

India not hit badly by economic crisis: PM

"The global economy is in deep trouble and all of us are affected by it but because of the measures we have taken the impact on our country is much less than on other countries," Singh said.


From avoiding, at least they started admitting that there was an impact (albeit.. 'much less').

And now, finally (drum roll):

It's interesting. First they deny that there is a problem, and then there is a problem but not as bad, and finally, we are recovering!!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mashq-E-Sitam Faramaate Rahiye

Saeed Shahidi ...

Mashq-e-sitam faramaate rahiye
yoon hi mujhe tadapaate rahiye

pyaason ko tarasaate rahiye
jaam yoon hi chhalakaate rahiye

qadamon mein aa jaayegaa saahil
tuufaan se takaraate rahiye

nazmen jahaan ulajhe to ulajhe
zulfon ko sulajhaate rahiye

fasl-e-bahaaraan ruuth naa jaaye
sahan-e-chaman mein aate rahiye

Friday, August 28, 2009

State Of Play

Picture 2 Picture 1

Hmmm. At some point in 2003, a well made British mini-series – titled State Of Play – was aired. It was long (6 episodes) but it was worth it. It takes time to deal with a plot like this. That was definitely worth watching.

The American effort, on the other hand, seems rather lacking. Especially to those who did bother with the British mini-series. This simply wasn’t good enough. Russell Crowe seemed more like a confused preacher as opposed to a reporter. The movie does have it’s moments. Sadly not enough of them.

I do enjoy a rip-off as long as it’s good. This one just wasn’t up to the mark. Actually not even close.


XBox 360 Price Drop, Confirmed


Microsoft's priciest version of the Xbox 360 is getting a $100 price drop this Friday, the publisher told Kotaku, and its top selling model of the console is being phased out.

The 120GB Xbox 360 Elite will sell for $299.99, while the popular 60GB Xbox 360 Pro will be cut to $249.99. Despite being Microsoft's current top selling model, production of the the Xbox 360 Pro has already stopped, Aaron Greenberg, director of product management for the Xbox 360, said.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This 17 Year Old Was Seriously Pissed Off!

a 17-year-old former Hillsdale student who police say was also armed with a chain saw in a violin case and a sword with a 2-foot blade.


nursed a grudge against some teachers and students from his time at Hillsdale, and had planned to detonate the 10 pipe bombs before attacking survivors with the chain saw and sword.


That's one pissed off kid!

A sword, a chainsaw and 10 pipe bombs - Kind of curious, how he managed to carry all of that into the school? I am sure it can be done. Just want to know how this kid managed it.

Pipe bombs in the pocket.. 10 of them?!? Chainsaw was in the violin case (ok, that's fine, I guess), and where did he hide the sword??

I would really like to hear the kids side of the story. Just curious. It would be interesting, for sure.

Wonder what he was planning.. blow up the bombs in the classroom(s) and after the explosion, run in lashing away with the chainsaw and the sword in each hand??

Healthcare - US


Monday, August 24, 2009

"New" Google Skype Phone - India

Would really appreciate it if someone would go and define the word NEW to the guys at TOI.


If your rising international phone calls’ bill has been giving you sleepless nights, try Belkin’s new Google Skype phone. All you need is a wireless router (which comes for just Rs 1,500) installed in your home or office. Detecting a Wi-Fi environment, the phone automatically logs into your Skype account.


I saw the news item on Q8NRI site. Obviously I wanted to know the source. It's TOI (screen shot later). I did leave my comments on the site. Don't see why I can't put them up on my blog as well.

NEW. How the hell can this shit be NEW!

Might be New for BJP's SHINING INDIA or LIGHTNING FAST INDIA (as the BSNL ad suggests), but for the rest of the world, this is pretty much old news.

Date first available at July 20, 2007

OR how about this one:

Date first available at December 19, 2005


New Picture

Dilkhaawon pe mat jaao... apni akal ladaao.

Sons Of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer



I guess the only thing missing with this one was, it didn't say Starring Salman / Shahrukh / Sunny.

  • Twin brothers. Separated at birth. Years later - Up against each other (elections).
  • One gets accused of murder, the other defends him (but naturally).
  • Months later, the other gets in a car accident. Obviously he just HAS TO HAVE a rare blood group and his long lost (not identical) twin will be more than happy to give the blood to save his life.
  • The doctor now will dig up all the files and do all the tests.

Bas .. phir kya: " Bhaiyaaaaaaa"

The part(s) I have put up above is towards the last chapters of the book. So till then, you don't really have much of a problem. The book is readable. Some parts are even interesting. Some of the quotes are rather witty and I did enjoy them. But there is way too many things happening, for it to be considered coincidental.

The book has characters named Jimmy and Tom. Every time anyone of them came up (which happens often), I just felt like the author is talking about his pet dog/cat (it's just the names).

It's readable, but this does not qualify to be put in my shelf. I definitely won't be re-reading this one.

Amazon Link:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

GI Joe : Rise Of The Cobra


Heavy Duty: Yo Joe!
Me: No NO!!!

I wouldn’t have hated this movie if it wasn’t called GI Joe. I would have had a problem with the climax and some bad acting but that would pretty much be it, with me concluding that the action sequences weren’t too bad.

But sadly, this movie IS called GI Joe, and the makers have killed it. If you know the show or bothered with the comics, you will most definitely hate this movie.

Let’s start off with the characters. The makers have obviously no clue about what the characters are or mean to the fans. Seriously, it’s like they don’t even care.

  • Duke is super lame. Nothing more to say.
  • Storm Shadow is killed. Yes, I am not kidding. I would say there will be a sequel and this character survived, but I have absolutely no intentions of watching the sequel.
  • Scarlett is in love with … nope - it’s NOT Snake Eyes, and it’s not Duke. It’s (drum roll please) RIP CORD!
  • Cobra is (until the last few minutes of the flick) a Darth Vader impersonator (and not a good one).
  • General Hawk is easy to ignore through out the movie.
  • Cobra uncle along with Destro are captured and the Baroness is being treated to remove the nanomites from her system.

Did you just say WTF! My thoughts, exactly.

Cheesy crappy movie. No punch in the dialogues.

I would have preferred if Marlon Wayans (Rip cord) was more like Snake Eyes – as in – not talking at all.

Sienna miller – not happening as a blonde. Like her better with the dark hair. In fact I was looking forward to her being in the frame. Perhaps the best part of the movie for me. Hated her towards the end when she started getting those flashbacks. Very lame.

Rachel Nichols – horrible dialogue delivery. Or perhaps I just hated the red hair.

Dennis Quaid – Irrelevant.

Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow Fight Sequence – Seriously lacking. They just didn’t show it enough. I don’t really know. May be I wanted to see more fights, or may be I would have been happy if they filmed at least one fight properly. Definitely a let down.

The love angle(s) in the story scream out ‘LAME’. Apparently nobody noticed that on the editing table. Or just didn’t care. I would go with the second option given the fact that they didn’t care about a lot of other things either.

Watchable, if you have no clue what the hell GI Joe was all about. Extremely pissing off if you do know what the show was about.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weeds - Season 5


Just watched episodes 9, 10, 11. It’s getting back. It did start becoming pathetic, but the last 3 episodes weren’t as crappy. Still wish they would get rid of Celia though.

Andy is getting back to being cool Andy again. I missed him. Don’t think I am going to like Doug Wilson for a while though. Stopped liking him when he turned into an idiot over that mexican chick. Perhaps given some time and some more episodes with Dean Hodes (Andy Milder), and I might start liking him again. Doug alone just doesn’t work for me. I like it better when it’s Doug and Dean.

Adelita (Seychelles Gabriel) seems to be an interesting addition.

New York


Does anyone remember the flick Khuda Ke Liye? Ahh so now you know where they got the basics for the movie (not too sure if that was an original idea either, but whatever).

Of course, there is a huge difference in the production quality. This is a Yash Raj production, so obviously you will see a difference in the production quality. In terms of this movie being different – well it’s not. The industry has been overdosed with the theme and it’s high time it stopped.

Other than that, almost every other scene in the movie has been ripped off from some American movie. It’s disappointing. The one that bothered me the most was them ripping off the scene from Crash, where the officer frisks the female.

The scene where Katrina and John express their loving feelings for each other – LAME!!

If there is anyone who thought that the actors performed well in this movie, well s/he has been watching trash all this time and has no idea what a good performance is.

I could easily say that Irfaan Khan did a great job, but I am tired of watching him play the same character over and over again.

Neil Nithin Mukesh – Wonder how desperate the makers would be to cast someone who can’t act. I can understand when it comes to casting female leads who can’t act. I can understand when they caste SRK who also can’t act (he can only RE-act). Neil Nithin Mukesh is definitely NOT eye candy and not a ‘star’ to guarantee a good opening. Then why would you cast this non-acting actor?

Katrina KaifTotaa! I think she looks good. I like her. Her accent – I like that too. Reminds me of someone. Acting – we all know she can’t act if her life depended on it. But thankfully for her (and many others), Indian cinema rarely requires a female lead to actually put in a performance.

In the first half of the movie – Katrina with the red streaks/hair highlights – WTF was that about! I hated it. Thankfully in the second half, the streaks were gone and I didn’t have a problem looking at her.

John Abraham – hmmm interesting. He really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting him to be. Or perhaps, the crap put up by everyone else was so pathetic, that his job looked passable. BTW, John as a college student – wasn’t believable for me. Just didn’t look the part.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baskin Robbins - Home Delivery!



I for one had no clue they provided home delivery (!) until I saw this blog post and can't wait to try it out.

1 822 833

Gmail Account Import - For All

New Picture

Well, initially it was available only for the new accounts that were being created. Now, it's available for all Gmail accounts.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sony cuts price of PS3 consoles


Sony Entertainment has announced it is reducing the price of its PlayStation 3 games consoles.

In Europe the price has been lowered to 299 euros, in the US to $299 and in the UK to £249.99.

Sony made the announcement at a press conference ahead of the 2009 games convention - Games Com - in Cologne.

It also announced it was ending production of its current PlayStation 3 console in favour of a new lighter, slimmer model with a 120GB hard drive.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What A Day !


Pic is from


Yesterday was an interesting day.

Honestly, I have never really bothered with my birthday. I just don't see what's the big deal? If anyone should be congratulated, it should be my parents. I seriously doubt that I had absolutely anything to do with my birth.

Was a bit upset because this was the first time that papa wasn't around for the 17th Aug. Just gotten into the habit of spending the evening surrounded by relatives I don't like. When papa is around, he makes sure that happens (will be out with friends today evening... that's what happens every year. 17th with family and a special someone - if I have one, and 18th with friends). 

Besides, I do miss papa.

Other than that, got some awesome news that usually sends me to the moon. I was happy when I heard about it.. but then as the day went on, it just didn't seem like that big a deal.

The icing on the cake, came at the end of the day - when someone I care about a lot - made sure that I feel like crap for the entire night. Actually I still feel like crap. Don't know if it's that conversation or the hangover.

Might not have been intentional but... ah well, shit happens. I don't know why I care so much. I really shouldn't.

Damn I have a bad headache. Was hoping I would never have to get up again. Now there's a happy thought, FINALLY!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't Text While Driving - Video

Gwent Police hope a shocking film about the consequences of texting while driving will help prevent crashes.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now About The Female At The Kuwait Airport

My problem with the incident was basically the grovelling at the reception desk. Arrey, you know you don't have a business class ticket. Yet you walked in. And now you don't want to pay for the extra guest?

She was with her (whipped) boyfriend (I am assuming) who was towing two trolley bags and she was walking ahead yapping on her mobile phone waiting for everyone to just fall on their knees for her.

It's the look. ' I am pretty.. serve me '. Personally, I hate the type. But that's just me.

Who knows, it might have even worked if there was a guy manning the reception desk.

She did have a diners club card, which allows access to the pearl lounge for one person. Now what should the whipped boyfriend do? Wait for her highness downstairs?

Guess even she thought - that would be too much. She could have paid for the guest, but she chose to grovel instead. We won't be here for long. Can't you make an exception!


Me, being me - just can't stand such things, so I pulled out my card (that allows access to the lounge as well, but I rarely have to use it for myself). I asked the receptionist if it was ok to charge her guest on my card. It was fine with everyone.

The grovelling queen says thanks. I roll my eyes, mutter you are welcome (well, no reason why one can't be civil) walk away after collecting my card and signing.

A while later, she walks into the smokers room and asks for a lighter. Whipped bf obviously doesn't smoke (or not in her presence at least). I did hand over the lighter and was glad that she at least had her own pack of smokes.

I did remark - ' Apni aukaat bhool kar shauk nahin paalne chahiyen '. English translation is something like - don't make it a habit to indulge if you can't afford it. Sounds really rude in Hindi though, surprisingly, she found it amusing and smiled at the comment and proceeded to say something (ohh, I didn't mention that she was Indian.. hmm, well now I have mentioned it).

I obviously found her reaction revolting and made it rather vocal that I wasn't interested in listening to anything she had to say.

People disgust me. Some more than the others.

Spirit Of Bombay Makes Bombay 'Swine Flu' Proof


Pic if from

The media earlier reported that Bombay would be pretty much shut down (Schools etc). Partly because of independence day, and also because of the swine flu cases popping up all over Maharashtra.

The reports went on to say that the Janamashtami celebrations in Bombay would not be conducted in the usual manner (that's the Govinda aala re.. thing.. matki phodna etc).

So, what really did happen?

I was walking down Turner Road, Bandra - and human pyramids were in formation. I reached the apartment and switched on the tele (bad habit). There were reports that the celebrations are going on only in two places - Ghatkopar and one other place (I can't recall the name, but it wasn't Bandra).

By the time I was done chuckling at that, there was live footage of Raju Srivastav saying that Swine Flu can't effect him or any one in Bombay. That's a strong statement, especially since the organizer/conductor for the show was standing behind Raju with a mask covering his mouth and nose.

And then, there was yet another news update and now the report suggested that dahin-handi, matki phodna bla bla was going on in only 4 areas in Bombay.

The Spirit of Bombay can 'tackle' more than cross border terrorism. Evidently epidemics too are no match (that's what they believe anyway).

Does anyone else get ticked off with the Spirit of Bombay phrase.. or is it just me?

Swine Flu Screening - Bombay


There is an update to the screening method at Bombay airport.

I had put up about the 'screening' procedure earlier. Well, I did travel to Bombay over the weekend and there is a change.

Now, the 'doctors' don't even look at your face. They are just stamping away. Have half a mind of getting a rubber stamp made myself for my future trips to Bombay. I think I will be more protected if I don't stand in those queues to get a clearance/screened which has absolutely 0 value in real terms.

Some Tweets

Just sharing some stuff that I had hit my twitter account with, while waiting for my flight at Kuwait Airport:

At the lounge: (just might put up a post on this later on)


lordraj In the lounge now. Ran into some female who wanted to get into the lounge on an economy class ticket. Always happy to help. :)6:41 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj How did I help. Well gulf bank credit card. :) 6:42 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj Its sad that people walk into a lounge and ask at the counter if the person can make an exception. 'Won't stay long'. Pathetic argument6:58 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj Wow! And now she wants a lighter!! 7:26 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj Well atleast she has her own pack of smokes 7:30 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter


After boarding the plane:


lordraj Flight attendants should wear thongs or g strings underneath as a rule. The pantyline view is a bit ... Well you know.9:31 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter


Have put up a twitter widget on the blog as well. At the bottom, just above Archives.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Number Portability - Kuwait

header_logo hd_logo_en_old logo

We will be able to use this in about six months, if the newspaper reports are to be believed.

Number Portability simply means - Suppose you have a Wataniya/Zain sim card and Viva has come out with a better offer/package which you want to try out.

You will now be able to simply switch over to the Viva package while keeping your same mobile number. No need to cancel the old sim and then get a new number and then send texts to all your contacts informing them of your new mobile number.

Subscribers will have the privilege of keeping their own mobile numbers when switching from one company to another without having to change their lines. "The only change is that bills and other transactions will have to be coordinated with the company they switch to," the sources said.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just One Of Those Days

Something from the forum I visit these days.

The talk started about swine flu screening, and I started yapping. Just couldn't seem to stop myself.

Here are my posts. Thought of sharing them.

and you have to see the ' CONTROL ' mechanism they have place at Bombay Airport. Saala aisa ghatiya set up. Someone might get infected while waiting in line for the ' DOCTOR ' to look at his face and stamp that bloody flimsy paper.

It's not just the airport authority that should be blamed. Somehow, once the passengers have landed at Bombay Airport, they seem to transform into a herd of cattle (most of them).

Every trip is a bigger disappointment than the previous one.

The concept followed by some pathetic policy makers (around the world, not just restricted to India) seems to be - Something needs to be done - This is something, let's do it.

Not the best approach, I am sure you will agree.

Maadar beepon mein akal hoti to baat hi kya thi. Duniya mein duffaron ki kammi nahin hai.

The numbers are in fact so high, it's obvious that koi na koi duffer will end up occupying a seat/position of reasonable significance/authority and make matters even worse than they already are.


But I applaud the Kuwaiti swine-flu check with their computer monitors.

The camera reads the temp of the person passing in front of it....n immediately displays a 'colored' image...depending on the body the person watching the monitor. Anyone having a body temp of more than 37 degrees is immediately taken to the clinic....for further verification.
In fact...I had taken a video of the whole equipment and how it works....during my last trip....thanx to the courteous Arab chap manning the heat sensing equipment.

I don't know how the damn thing works, but I have to say, it's relatively a much better solution.

Definitely less inconvenient and even if it does take JUST the temperature, still more effective than the crap they do at Bombay airport, which is - look at your face and stamp the bloody paper.

Just before someone says : ' if you disapprove or hate the place so much, why do you go there ? '

Well, here is the answer - I have been avoiding it for years and if I could help it, I would continue avoiding it. I go there only when I have to. Only when I have NO CHOICE.

It's got nothing to do with patriotism. Everyone wants to avoid inconvenience if they can. I am no exception.

Probably the only exception is, I don't mind admitting the facts.

Like I said - it's not just the authorities I have a problem with. It's so obvious, you have to be dead to ignore it. As soon as the plane lands in Bombay, (most of) the passengers just ... just transform into this bunch of crazy senseless brutes. It's like - all the drinking on the flight and the flight attendants figure has turned them into a stray dog or something.

I don't like people

There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I want to earn enough money that I can get away from everyone. ~ There Will Be Blood.

love the quote.. rings so true


You mean u want to relocate to the moon?

I would definitely consider that (and try to make that much money) provided it was guaranteed that there won't be any more moon missions from Mother Earth.

Moonwrecker : Houston.. we have a problem
Houston : Go ahead Moonwrecker
Moonwrecker : There err.. seems to be an intelligent life form here who insists that "he will kick us so hard that our balls will pop out of our mouth" - if we don't leave.
Advise further course of action.

Monday, August 10, 2009

BlackBerry Curve - 8900

logo O2_to_Launch_BlackBerry_Curve_8900_Smartphone


Got myself a BlackBerry. Took the service from Viva.

Don't really need it, but was kind of getting annoyed with everyone thinking I should have one and their head nods when I said I didn't think I needed one.

The most important factor which resulted in me getting this is unfortunately something I can't divulge here. Parda hai. But.. samjhdaar ko ishaara kaafi hai.

Anyways, the customer service rep at Viva - Very cheerful and extremely accommodating. She really did go out of her way to make sure I got the number I wanted (I don't pick numbers from lists, that's for others).

I do get impressed when people put up with my nonsense. If a customer service rep can put up with me, s/he HAS to be good.

For those of you who know me, would know that I am not easily impressed. More importantly, you will be aware that I am definitely not an ideal customer.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It Wasn’t Me. It Was The Cat!


MARTIN COUNTY — Martin County Sheriff’s detectives didn’t buy a 48-year-old Jensen Beach man claim that his cat was downloading child pornography on his computer.

Keith R. Griffin, of the 3600 block of Northeast Jeannette Drive, was charged Wednesday with 10 counts of possession of child pornography after detective found more than 1,000 child pornographic images on his computer, according to a news release issued Thursday.


Not exactly original, but I must say, its a rather interesting innovation to the famous ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse.

Bad kitty!

Be Ashamed .. WTF For?

Indian Athlete turned sex worker freed, gets help

From being lauded on the podium to landing in jail as a call girl in Chhattisgarh, this is a tale of how India treats its non-cricketing sportspersons.


That’s the news story. Sharing a comment put up by a friend of mine:

How humiliating, demeaning, sad and nauseating, can it be? Shame on all of us. Shame on the Sports authorities. Shame….shame….shame.

My views on the matter, as always not the most popular. What can I say, I am not a popular person. Here goes:

The woman in question turns to the oldest profession in the book and we have a media report and people crying for someone to take responsibility. Interesting.

My question: would we be so much interested if the story said that the athlete took up pick-pocketing/running illegal lottery stalls/robbing tourists/stealing shoes from outside the temples?

Sure it would make it into the papers and the media, but I doubt there would be any comments from anyone insisting that the nation or the people of the world should collectively be responsible/ashamed of themselves.

I believe the point I am trying to make is rather obvious.

FORCED into flesh trade - I do agree that the circumstances required her to have a source of income almost immediately. But blaming everyone else for a decision SHE TOOK on her own - I really don’t think that’s fair.

Want to help? Want to set up rehab centres or donate money or contribute to setting up small scale business or whatever - SURE - by all means. I would be more than happy to contribute not just money, but time and ideas as well.

BUT responsibility for one’s actions can’t be transferred so easily. Or at least - IT SHOULDN’T be passed on so easily.

Shame on us.. WTF for?

Every time an authority or the govt. machinery or the people (we happen to share our nationality with - as a result of some cosmic coincidence) mess up - why should we be ashamed??

Arrey! If that was the case we would all have very shameful lives to look forward to. Not all our politicians are characters worth looking up to. Most of the government SERVANTS seem to have forgotten what it means to SERVE (anything other than their own desires). Should we be ashamed of all of them - for everything, even if it’s not in our control? WHAT FOR!! and more importantly, WHY!!

Here we are making noise for someone who refuses to take responsibility for even her own actions and there are people suggesting that we not only should be RESPONSIBLE for other’s actions, but also be ASHAMED.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao…. apni akal ladao.

If India wins a match - I am HAPPY, GLAD - but I don’t see the reason to be PROUD, given that my only contribution was buying a ticket to the match or switching on the tele around the time that match was being played.

The concept of PRIDE and SHAME really needs to be redefined a bit more clearly for most individuals. Common Sense needs to be injected - URGENTLY.

I would seriously urge people (who I know for a fact, are capable of logical thinking) to choose their words a bit more carefully. It might make good copy but when you sit down to think about it - doesn’t really make much sense.