Monday, June 29, 2015

Just Saying…


Addressing audience at a book launch in Ahmedabad, BJP chief Amit Shah on Sunday said that "Hindu religion has solutions for all problems in the world".

"I am not saying this because I am born Hindu," Mr Shah said while unveiling former President A P J Abdul Kalam's book 'Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji' at the Gujarat University convention.


It would seem that Amit Shah and gang should have the solution for the Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhra Raje issue? Sigh… perhaps they don't consider THAT issue as a 'problem'.

  • Terrorism?
  • Corruption?
  • Poverty?
  • Public Security?
  • Greek Debt Crisis?
  • What about the Kashmir issue?
  • Current Account deficit?
  • Amit Shah's excess weight?
  • Baldness?

Surely some of those can be termed as 'problem'(s). So… what's the solution Mr. Shah? Haven't looked it up yet? Haven't the solutions poured down from the heavens along with the Monsoon rains?

It seems that the only time this chutiya or the likes / Just about EVERY politician, manages to conjure a 'solution' for 'anything/everything' is during the elections (General or Assembly). That seems to be the only time when every politician knows EXACTLY what needs to be done to FIX everything!

Mr. Shah - Bakwaas band karo na yaar. Bahut hogaya.

Wait… Is that a figure of speech that I may have taken out of context?? Really?!

You idiots ARE aware of this phenomena! The relevance of context?! Shocking. Wish you pricks were capable of making these assessments without bias in all cases. That's something that could ACTUALLY help make some things a tad bit better.

The Blacklist




Hope it gets better this time around.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Go To Pak'

A few dogs/bitches in India seem to have made 'Go To Pak' their magic mantra.

  • VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi on Tuesday kicked up another controversy with her remarks that those who are opposed to yoga should go to Pakistan and that they have "no right" to stay in the country [Link].
  • Senior BJP leader and former minister in the Nitish Kumar cabinet, Giriraj Singh kicked up a huge row when he said all those opposed to Narendra Modi should go to Pakistan as they have no place in India [Link].
  • "Those who are dying without eating beef, can go to Pakistan or Arab countries or any other part of world where it is available," he said [Link].

The same remark for everything? Surely these dogs/bitches can be a bit more imaginative… don't you think?

Left to these cunts, ones country of residence and/or citizenship would be granted/awarded/decided, based on - What you eat. Who you vote for. Whether you attend a PR Yoga session or not.

The sad part about all this is - THESE are the cunts in power with absolute majority.

I don't blame these MP's/MLA's (I just call them names). I don't blame Modi or his THINK TANK for tolerating/encouraging these MP's… Or even in some cases… REWARDING their idiotic behaviour by promoting them to ministers. I don't even blame the people who voted these cunts into power (Either swayed by the Modi-Wave OR disappointed with the UPA).

The only ones I blame are the blind bhakts and bastards who defend such remarks. The pricks who support such remarks.

Maadar chodon… kabhi tou dimaag say kaam lo!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Court Fines Woman For Misusing Law


NEW DELHI: A court here has dismissed a woman's complaint of domestic violence against her husband and in-laws, noting that she misused legal provisions as a tool to extort unjustified money from him for unjustified personal gain, and imposed a cost of Rs 1 lakh on her.

Metropolitan magistrate Shivani Chauhan dismissed the complaint of the woman, a south Delhi resident, saying that she had falsified and concocted various allegations and suppressed important facts in order to harass her in-laws.



In addition to the INR 100,000, the court should have also imposed imprisonment / detention (even if it was just for a few days). Nice to see some positive change. Well done!



Fifty Shades Of Bullshit has Fans?! When the… What the… ?!?

Woman In Gold


Well made. Brilliant performances put in by everyone. Do watch.


It's a Sunny Deol type of film that has Akshay Kumar playing the lead role while sporting a Sunny Deol look.

This could have been better. A lot in this film SHOULD have been edited out.

Most of Constable Sadhuram's interactions with his superiors - Waste of reel-time. We got the point [that his superiors are not willing to take him seriously] in the first instance. There is no need to make the same point three times.

There was no need for Shruti Hassan or Kareena Kapoor. The film would have been better paced if these two characters were removed from the plot line.

Chitrangda Singh's Item number - Unnecessary.. and it wasn't even good enough to serve as eye-candy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Game Of Thrones - Season 5

Loved the finale. Almost every frame was a treat! Excellent.

On the whole, the season was watchable. Some moments were wonderful.

Dragon Babe continues to disappoint.

Impossible To Feel Bad About Some Things

Here is one such incident:


AGRA: A diehard fan of SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav in Nagla Paramsukh village, 60 km from Agra, died of shock as rumours spread on WhatsApp that his leader had died while under treatment at AIIMS in New Delhi. Harcharan Singh Yadav, 60, was at a bank on Saturday to withdraw compensation money he had received for his failed crop when someone shared the "news". He was disbelieving at first, but collapsed to the ground and died.


Seriously… how does one react to something ridiculous like that?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sushma Swaraj And Lalit Modi Issue

Firstly, let me point out that I am NOT a supporter of either Sushma Swaraj OR Lalit Modi. In fact, I strongly disapprove of their views and methods (Not like it matters. I do not approve of a lot of issues, views and individuals).

That said, I honestly can't figure out what all the noise is about? Aisa kya ho gayaa bhai? A well connected man called in a few favours. Pulled a few strings. Is that really surprising?

It's not as if Lalit Modi is accused of war crimes or genocide (interestingly enough, as I type this out - it's being reported that President Bashir just flew out of SA). It's not as if Lalit Modi is a wanted terrorist.

I would even go as far as saying - For a change, it was nice to see the government machinery of two countries actually managing to accomplish something that made a difference at least to one family. At least (on the face of it) this SEEMS like a selfless act on the part of the MPs.

Of course, it would be even better if the government was just as much sympathetic and accessible to those of us who aren't as well off or well connected. But that is obviously asking for too much.

I am sure if the opposing Indian politicians were to just glance at the state of affairs in the country, they will be able to identify a lot more serious issues for which they SHOULD demand an answer or explanation from the present government and its ministers. Issues that are actually relevant.

Lalit Modi and his IPL stunt OR his travel to Portugal OR his emails to the Swaraj family do not really qualify as relevant issues. At best, it will allow the opposition to score some cheap debating points.

Sigh… For once… just once… can we have a responsible opposition in the parliament?!

Child Labour And Poverty


Dear Nobel winner,

If you would take a few minutes to open up your 'intellectual' mind and consider the things happening around you (and not just focus on your activism bullshit), you would become aware of the reality.

We are not talking about aspirations here. No one is saying that X or Y can not aspire to be an Engineer or Doctor. We are not talking about theories or bestselling books or a Nobel prize winner's speech. We are asking you to look at the ground reality.

The real time PRIORITY for a homeless person living on the road is NOT signing his / her own name. Shocking as it may seem to you, the real time priority is not to become a doctor / engineer / mba or acquire a PHD. The real time priority is to be able to eat at least SOMETHING once a day. The next priority after feeding oneself is to be able to get some shelter from the sun / rain. Basically, to get off the bloody footpath and survive another day.

It is in pursuit of THESE real time priorities that children AND adults are picking up ANY activity that assures them some cash. They don't engage in rag-picking because it's their hobby or because they enjoy it. They are willing to do just about any work (construction site, rag pickers, hawkers, domestic chores, waiters), with the aim of survival and hopefully some day move away from that footpath, even if it is a make shift shack with a tin roof.

This isn't rocket science or an unnecessarily complicated economic theory. This isn't abstract algebra or calculus. It's the reality which would be visible to just about anyone with basic common sense. The unfortunate children who haven't had the advantage of a formal education - the children who you are fighting for - are able to understand this without the benefit of schooling. Evidently, EDUCATION isn't dependent on schooling. YOU, on the other hand are a specimen that confirms the observation that SCHOOLING can not guarantee an education.

If your aim is to put every child in a school, then it would help (immensely) if you stop focussing on the issue in isolation. You can NOT solve this problem by compartmentalising it. You need to address the situation in its entirety. These aren't mutually exclusive events. Once you (or your NGO or the government or a divine being or a benefactor or hard work or dumb luck) guarantees the BASIC food and shelter requirements, THEN and ONLY THEN will you be able to IMPOSE your schooling arguments.

Do you understand that or is that too high funda for your intellectual Nobel prize winning brain?

How is this for a POLICY decision / suggestion / proposal? Pay the kids (or the family) a comparable daily wage for every child attending school? That's ONE way of working things out.

Socho tou kehne ko bahut kuchch hai. Samjho tou … kehne ko kuchch bhi nahin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Waste Of Judicial Resources


A Chinese actress is being sued after a man claims she "stared at him too intensely" through his TV set. The lawsuit was filed by a man in Shanghai after he watched Zhao Wei in a series called Tiger Mom, which debuted last month.

… The Legal Daily newspaper said the man was alleging that Zhao's stare caused him "spiritual damage".


The article says that court officials have refused to confirm whether the case has been accepted [by the courts] or not.

My question - Since the new regulations make it easier to file cases, then why doesn't someone (perhaps a court official) file a case against this 'man in Shanghai' for wasting/attempting to waste, judicial resources?!

That should have SOME sobering effect.

The Black Swan - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Took me a while to read this one.

The concept is compelling. The build up is impressive. More so in my case, because I was able to relate to the thought pattern and identify with the philosophy.

My problem with the book - It's repetitive. A significant chunk of the book is nothing but repetition. It does get annoying for someone who moves to the next page only after understanding the current page. It's annoying because… well I GOT THE IDEA. I KNOW THE CONCEPT. MOVE ON!!

It drags for some time. After all the redundancy in the middle part of the book, the conclusion seems refreshing (and a bit of a relief).

Convert Your Waitlisted Train Ticket Into an Airline Ticket


… the scheme applies to tickets booked at least three days prior to the date of the journey. The flight tickets would be made available only for the day of the train journey or a day after that …

… Passengers booking train tickets right from sleeper class to AC classes can avail the facility, Mr Dutta said. "For such passengers, the airline ticket would be competitively priced and cheaper by as much as 30-40 per cent," he said. …

… The airlines would be placing their unsold tickets with IRCTC, a move that not only promises a boon for the domestic carriers but an added option for the passengers in reaching their destination without having to abort their trip. With an average seat factor of about 70 to 75 per cent, most of the domestic airlines fly with about 20 per cent seats empty in their plane and IRCTC plans to make the best use of it.


Some good news from India… for a change.

THAT is smart. Whoever came up with this, deserves some praise and mention - at the least! (Mr. Dutta is the spokesperson for IRCTC. The article does not mention Who / Which team came up with this scheme).

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AAP's Selective 'AAM AADMI - NO VIP' Philosophy


Jitender Singh Tomar has been arrested on the allegation that he had faked his law degree. (He hasn't been convicted, yet and in all likelihood, won't be convicted any time in the foreseeable future. Although, I hope I am wrong about this. No justification for that… I am just biased).

Perhaps Sanjay Singh needs to be shown footage of the various AAP leaders / spokespersons harping on (relentlessly) how they believe EVERYONE should be treated equal and no one merits VIP treatment (a philosophy that I strongly oppose).

This being the foundation of their party and it's election campaigns - How can Sanjay Singh (or any other AAP member) give a quote that 'They arrested the law minister of Delhi like a common criminal'. Isn't that contradictory to their own [well advertised] belief?!

Humne tou pehle hi kahaa tha - Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Sunday, June 7, 2015



Just watchable.

It was interesting and fun for a while, but Kate Abbot (Milla Jovovich) just comes across as an extremely LUCKY character as opposed to a smart character. Dylan McDermott plays Sam Parker. Dylan is (and in all likelihood always be) a pain to watch. It's not just the character, but the actor as well. No imagination.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

'Sneaky'?? Err… Not Really

Came across this headline:

The sneaky way credit card companies trick you into paying up to 36% interest


According to a study released Wednesday by, 98 of the 100 cards examined charged a cash advance fee — typically 5% of the total amount or $10, whichever was greater — plus hefty interest rates that started immediately (no 30-day grace period, like you get with traditional purchases) after the purchase.

… The fine print of your credit card agreement often states that certain kinds of purchases like those related to legal gambling and bail bonds, as well as wire transfers and money orders, are often treated as cash advances when paid for by the credit card, explains Schulz. What’s more, those “convenience checks” that you may have received in the mail from your credit card company are also often treated as cash advances.

If you have a credit card and you don't know about Cash-Advance fee, then you SHOULDN'T have a credit card. Simple.

YOU being ignorant about the way a credit card works doesn't imply that the credit card company or the bank is being 'sneaky'. Seriously… WHY would you be such an idiot to assume that a bank or a credit card company would be offering you a cash-advance (loan… short-term or long-term) for free?! Baraat mein aaye ho kya?

That's just YOU being an idiot and not taking responsibility for your own actions. So much easier to just pass on the blame to someone else, isn't it? Here is another example:

Just recently I read a review of someone testing out the 2015 Cadillac. He puts up that the Volume Controls on the panel were a pain to use because he had to tap multiple times to adjust the volume of the car stereo.

I agree. That would be annoying. But as far as the 2015 Cadillac's CUE system goes - that observation is just incorrect. The reviewer found it to be a pain because HE did NOT know how it works. The way the Volume Control on the 2015 Cadillac's console works is - Slide/Swipe. Swipe right to increase the volume and swipe left to decrease. The tap on the two indicators is for increasing / decreasing in increments of one unit. Because this particular reviewer didn't bother to understand how it worked, he ends up concluding that Cadillac didn't get it right.

Blame someone. Blame anyone. Just about everyone else can be at fault but you. Pretty much the same 'logic' is applied by most people. Surely, there are a lot of things that are wrong. There are a lot of things that should be improved / changed / discontinued / amended. I agree. It would be foolish not to. It would be just like the time Steve Jobs opted to deny the reception issue on the iPhone by stating - You don't know how to hold it. Which was also idiotic.

But here is the thing - not EVERYTHING is someone else's fault. AND THAT applies to this credit card thing (and also to the individual who reviewed the 2015 Cadillac).

More Pointless Research

Chimps Would Cook if Given the Chance, Research Says

I would put up bits of the article and cite parts of the study… but the ENTIRE 'study' by these 'scientists' (Associate Professors at Harvard) is pretty idiotic and I would end up citing the entire article / references to the 'study'.

Basically, these 'scientists' spent close to 15 years to tell us that chimps (in their study group) preferred cooked food. I don't see the relevance of this 'discovery'. The 'scientists' of course wish to draw parallels with human behaviour.

I don't see how this information is relevant to anyone or anything and WHY would there even be a need to study / investigate this? The only thing of value from this research could be that instead of a dancing dog winning Britain's Got Talent, in the coming years, we could see a chimp nibbling on cooked potatoes being announced as the winner (That's not saying much, now is it? Factor in that it took 15 years to come up with this shit).

Meet up with some dog owners and they will tell you that their dog(s) prefer sitting in the air-conditioned room. Do you wish to draw parallels with humans based on this behaviour as well? I am sure there will someone willing to give a grant for this too.

People have way too much time on their hands and a serious lack of common sense.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Err…Not nearly as thrilling or entertaining.

Will Smith looks drunk/drowsy. Not polished/sophisticated/sinister. The plot-line a bit too basic, which isn't too bad a thing, just that the final product doesn't come together as nicely as it could've.