Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More Pointless Research

Chimps Would Cook if Given the Chance, Research Says

I would put up bits of the article and cite parts of the study… but the ENTIRE 'study' by these 'scientists' (Associate Professors at Harvard) is pretty idiotic and I would end up citing the entire article / references to the 'study'.

Basically, these 'scientists' spent close to 15 years to tell us that chimps (in their study group) preferred cooked food. I don't see the relevance of this 'discovery'. The 'scientists' of course wish to draw parallels with human behaviour.

I don't see how this information is relevant to anyone or anything and WHY would there even be a need to study / investigate this? The only thing of value from this research could be that instead of a dancing dog winning Britain's Got Talent, in the coming years, we could see a chimp nibbling on cooked potatoes being announced as the winner (That's not saying much, now is it? Factor in that it took 15 years to come up with this shit).

Meet up with some dog owners and they will tell you that their dog(s) prefer sitting in the air-conditioned room. Do you wish to draw parallels with humans based on this behaviour as well? I am sure there will someone willing to give a grant for this too.

People have way too much time on their hands and a serious lack of common sense.

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