Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leaving Iraq



Anna’s Physician Seems Just As Idiotic As Anna

The nautanki continues.

K.M. Sancheti examined the 74-year-old Hazare here this afternoon after the social activist was diagnosed with high blood pressure Friday.

"I have advised him to reconsider his decision of continuing with the vow of silence (maun-vrat). He is also losing weight and suffering from back pains," Sancheti told media persons …

However, Sancheti explained that although Hazare does not speak, he keeps thinking. This results in stress, leading to increase in blood pressure, he added.


And reconsidering his decision of continuing with the vow of silence is supposed to help bring down his blood pressure and give relief to the body pain?? Err.. How?!!

Just the other day Anna said on his blog that keeping his mouth shut would help him heal his body and get rid of the swelling in his feet. That seemed just as ridiculous (if not more) and now we have his physician’s idiotic comments highlighted above.

Seems like the Anna Hazare camp is filled with idiots.

BlackBerry Porsche P’9981


Specs have this running BlackBerry 7 OS comes with custom Porsche fonts and redesigned icons, touchscreen display and a full QWERTY keyboard, brushed stainless steel case with a leather backing, 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, NFC.


Ford Reintroduces The 1965 Mustang

Ford Motor Co. will soon sell brand-new 1965 Ford Mustangs for just $15,000 each. The only hitch: There's some assembly required.

As part of its Ford Reproduction business, Ford revealed today it had approved a new stamping of the steel bodies for first-generation Mustang that buyers could then build into their own 1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang, using whatever engine, axles, interior and other parts they can find on their own.

The first-generation Mustangs rank as America's most-restored vehicle, and the cottage industry of reproduction parts has grown to where it's possible to build a Mustang just as it would have appeared on the showroom floor in the mid-1960s, down to the pushbutton AM/FM radio.

Ford says the new body shell built by California-based Dynacorn has been improved only slightly with modern welding techniques and rust proofing, and comes out of the crate nearly ready for paint and assembly. The company already offers metal bodies for Mustangs from 1967 through 1970, and has been in talks with Ford to remake the original body of the Ford Bronco. There's still life in those old horses yet.


As much fun as this sounds, I am sure they would be able to sell a lot more if they offered a fully assembled version as well.

Some of us are just too lazy.

Of course, there might be some legal nonsense associated to it – Safety standards etc (Air bags, Shoulder Seat Belt, Side impact – bla bla bla). Perhaps that could be the reason why they don’t offer a fully assembled model. Selling just the shell probably makes Ford less liable in case of a lawsuit (not sure - just thinking).

But still! I mean, there could be a work around. Re-design the steering wheel or the dash to include those Air bags or something along those lines.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goodbye Again – Vertical Horizon

I am on the outside, looking in
What do I see?
So much of this left to begin
Where would I be?
I am on the outside, looking in
Cover me through this night

Guess I don't know what’s left to say - but hear me out
All of the dreams of yesterday - keep breaking me down
What’s on the outside, can you say
Or am I getting carried away

It's in your mind
It's in your eyes
So it's goodbye again

It's way past time
For one last try
So it's goodbye again
Goodbye... again

I am getting on, what's the use
You know how I get
I can't decide which is the truth
At least not yet
I got the feeling, it's you
What can be said, alone in this room

It's in your mind
It's in your eyes
So it's goodbye again

It's way past time
For one last try

Who wants you now?
Maybe somebody else
I'll wait around
Maybe you'll forget you were ever here
Maybe forget you were ever, never here

I am on the outside, looking down
What do I see?
So much of this cold, in the ground
Where would i be?
On the outside, looking down
Cover me before you go

It's in your mind
It's in your eyes
So it's goodbye again

It's way past time
For one last try
So it's goodbye again

Your falling out,
I am falling in
So it's goodbye again

It's way past time
For one last try
So it's goodbye... again

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maun Vrat To Continue – Anna “Says” On His Blog – CHEATER!

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,


My health still doesn't permit me to give up my 'maun vrat'. There is still some swelling on my feet and the knee troubles me a lot. 'Maun vrat' helps me heal my body from within and outside.

Verbal Communication with people is an exertion for me leaving me very weak. Hence keeping my physical condition in mind I have taken the decision to go on with 'maun vrat'. Jai Hind!

KB Hazare (Anna)


Swelling on the feet and knee troubling a lot - and somehow keeping his mouth shut is going to HEAL his body!? This guy is more fucked in the head than I had previously imagined.

Verbal communication is an exertion but typing out, isn't!? Sitting and thinking up more crack pot stunts is NOT an exertion that will leave him weak?

When I said I was glad the idiot would shut up for a while - I was assuming complete silence. It wasn’t as if I didn’t like his voice or his accent made me grind my teeth. It was his pathetic draamebaazi that was a problem and I was hoping - with him taking ‘Maun Vrat’ – some of us could be spared for a while.

But if he continues sharing his crap through print / electronic media… it beats the purpose. This is cheating!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao… apni akal ladaao.

Flexible OLED Display Concept From Nokia


Interesting concept. Although I don’t see how bending / twisting the phone is easier than say … swiping or tapping.

One thing is for sure – it would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) for this concept to support single hand operation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011




Some dumb fuck walks into a college dressed like a retard (walks and talks like one too).

Gets offended because he gets ragged. Takes 15 years to plot his revenge??! Don’t get me started on the rest of the characters in this waste of reel.

I can’t live without you, but clearly you can and also want to. I will not bother you. I will not disturb you. Be happy

Ten emails later

I messed up. It’s not your fault. I have no right to live. I will leave you alone. Don’t feel guilty about what happens to me. It’s not your fault at all.

Another ten emails and Google Talk messages later

I don’t know what to do. I want you back. But you don’t. Don’t worry about me. Don’t think about me. I will manage. I will not bother you again. You be happy.

Yet another ten emails, Google Talk messages and What’sApp messages later

Why don’t you reply to my messages. Oh you must be busy. Obviously you don’t feel the need to reply to me. I get the point. I won’t bother you anymore. You be happy.

Fucking parasite.

Stop SAYING it and get on to DOING IT!

Friday, October 21, 2011



I had read what the film was about. Figured it just may be worth a watch. A few minutes after I hit Play, the film was being deleted from the Recycle Bin.

The President of Pakistan is sitting in his office and his PA is helping him get rid of the tremendous work load (a few files). One meeting is scheduled and the President signs his approval.

The next file pertains to a clemency appeal. The President enquires what this is about and the PA says ‘Bla bla sentenced to death has appealed for clemency’. President uncle doesn’t ask for the files or for the case details (!!).

This is how the President gives the appeal his careful consideration – Idiot uncle taps the appeal with his pen a few times and then writes the word Rejected on it.

Wow! Given that he didn’t even read the application, asking for the case files / details is obviously out of the question. Busy man.

The next matter of business to attend to is – The person sentenced to death has also submitted a request which is to be presented in the event that her appeal for clemency is rejected. The request is to allow the media to film her story telling session hours prior to her scheduled execution.

President uncle now says this request may be granted and also asks the PA to make sure to get a copy of the video recording.

Can’t be bothered to read the case details, but watching a recording of her story (after her execution) would be sensible use of the president’s time. Makes complete sense.

President uncle then goes ahead and signs his approval on this request. He doesn’t write Approved. The word he pens onto the application is Alright !?!

That was enough for me. Stop – Move Folder To Trash – Empty Trash.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Call And Book Railway Tickets – Coming Soon

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is all set to launch a new inquiry number (138) that will facilitate rail travellers to book tickets by calling on it using cash cards bought from IRCTC counters. The facility will start shortly since IRCTC has received the department of telecommunication's nod. Calls on the new number, which aims to provide faster services to the passengers, can be made from all telecom operators.


Will have to wait for the service’s eventual launch before I can point out the problems with it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Phir Iss Duniyaa Se Ummeed-E-Vafaa Hai

Naresh Kumar Shad…

Phir iss duniya se ummeed-e-vafaa hai 
tujhe ai zindagi kya ho gayaa hai

Badi zaalim nihaayat bevafaa hai 
ye duniya phir bhi kitni khush-numaa hai

Har ik apne hi gham mein mubtilaa hai 
kissi ke dard se kaun aashnaa hai

Mere naqqaad meri shaayari to 
mere tuute huye dil ki sadaa hai

Kahaan hoon "shad" main to shaad saa hoon 
vo shaad-e-khush-navaa to mar chukaa hai

Anna’s ‘Indefinite’ Vow Of Silence Becomes Only ‘Week-Long’ (This Sucks)


New Picture

New Picture (1)

Garbege Station !?


Palin Rationale


Five-Day Old Baby Dies, As Striking Doctors Refuse To Treat Him

Wardha, Maharashtra:  Asha Wankhede waited for doctors silently praying for her five-day old baby. But tragically her prayers went in vain. Three hours later her baby's heart stopped beating.

Jagdish Wankhede, the heartbroken baby's father, relates his tale of woe. ''They told us to go to a private hospital because the doctors were on strike and that he wouldn't get treated here...We got the money from the bank and took him to hospital. But the doctor said he was dead.''

The doctors who are on strike demanding higher salaries, fixed duty hours, and promotions every four years, say they are not to blame. The hospital administration, they say, is responsible for the baby's death. Dr Aaryan Ginavat, one of the striking doctors says, "The baby was declared dead on arrival... we are not responsible...The government is responsible.''


Dr. Aaryan ‘maadar chod’ Ginavat says – The baby was declared dead on arrival. Abbey duffer – it was after you and your idiotic colleagues refused to treat him that the baby had to be taken to another hospital and THERE he was declared dead on arrival!

We are not responsible. The government is responsible. You and your asshole colleagues refused to provide treatment because you were on strike. Is it the government’s fault that you are a heartless senseless bastard??

India loses a bloody cricket match and Mohammed Kaif’s house gets attacked [Link]. On the other hand, we have idiots like Aaryan Ginavat and his colleagues causing death of an infant and talking shit in print – and there is no action from anyone? People in that part of the world sure have different priorities. 

Saale phatte condom ki padaaish – tu kabhi mil gayaa to teri woh haalat karenge, your parents will wish that you were a stillborn.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bye Bye Buzz

In a few weeks we’ll shut down Google Buzz and the Buzz API, and focus instead on Google+. While people obviously won't be able to create new posts after that, they will be able to view their existing content on their Google Profile, and download it using Google Takeout.


Monolith Battery Pack – Case – Projector !




Yes – it’s the Japs – AGAIN (and again, and again).

So what does it do - A not too bright (12 lumens) projection upto 60 cms (in 16:9 format), in 640×360 resolution. In addition to that there is also a 1900 mAh Battery. And, it’s also a case (obviously). Err.. hmmm.. I mean – COME ON – a projector? Just don’t get it. I really don’t.

Now people are going to use their iToys to give presentations (don’t see it happening, seriously)? OR is this supposed to be the new party gimmick (guess Tom the Talking Cat got old)

Wondering why they left out a Bluetooth keyboard or a USB fan or an electric shaver or a portable juicer or a printer or a lighter or a ….

FAA Investigates Sky Diving Sex Stunt

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will look into a videotaped skydiving sex stunt to determine if the pilot might have been distracted during the incident over Kern County.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor says any activity that could distract the pilot while he's flying could be a violation of federal regulations.

Skydive Taft owner David Chrouch says he fired part-time skydiving instructor and porn star Alex Torres and hasn't decided whether to fire the company's receptionist, Torres' partner in the video.

The video shows the two having sex in a plane before jumping out in tandem and continuing the act midair.

Authorities say Torres had posted the video on his blog but removed it on Monday.


Yet another ridiculous “investigation”. I am sure if they would use their brains, they could come up with some real issues that need to be investigated. Prudes.

Feel bad for the instructor being fired. Maybe it’s company policy or something that employees are not supposed to engage in sexual activities during working hours or whatever. But FAA launching an investigation? WTF?!

Two adults, of legal age – having consensual sex. What’s wrong with that? Had the pilot complained about being distracted – perhaps it would make sense. But that’s not the case here.

The two of them kept at it after jumping off the plane. Who would have been offended by this?? The fucking birds!? I seriously doubt anyone else could have seen them in the act, as they dived towards the earth.

If anything at all – they simply added some more thrill to their sky diving experience. In the process - perhaps making it a bit more risky than usual. I see nothing wrong in that. Are we now going to launch investigations into skateboarders wearing baggy jeans that MAY make it more difficult to perform their jumps on those ramps?!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vivek Oberoi Is A Star – ??

Bollywood Star Turns Producer To Show 'True India'

BUSAN, South Korea, Oct 13, 2011 (AFP) -Award-winning Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi says he is now producing movies because he wants to make films the major Indian studios won’t touch.

"I am using my success in Bollywood to do what Bolly won’t do," said Oberoi. "These are different stories from those people are used to seeing, a different way of seeing things, and it is not all about making money."


Vivek Oberoi is a star? When the fuck did that happen?

My success in bollywood – oye! What success?!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Iced Out MacBook Pro




The Mentally The Sick, My Bouay

Couldn’t think of a title.

MUMBAI: Falling in love outside one's community does not figure anywhere in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Yet, a growing number of parents are sending their children-both adults and adolescents-to psychiatrists in a bid to "cure" them of this "affliction".


Actually, this is a huge improvement. Earlier these idiots parents would be sending their children to Witch Doctors or the likes – convinced that the love / infatuation / affair is the result of a spell and / or black-magic. Now they seem to have gotten a bit sensible - at least they are avoiding the Witch Doctors.

No point in saying much about these morons looking for a cure (except that I wish they would all just die and thereby help in significantly raising the average IQ of the population).

There are idiots in this world (I know a few) who believe that homosexuality as well is a mental disorder or a genetic anomaly that can be treated (*rolls eyes and curses).

Jaahilon ki kammi nahin hai. The worst type being - padhe likhe jaahil.

Transformers – Dark Of The Moon



Half way through Transformers 3. Crap. It should be a punishable offence to cast Shia LaBeouf in any film.

  • Film switched off.
  • File deleted.
  • Recycle Bin emptied.

Just keeps getting worse.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Delhi Belly


Thank you Pride.

Thank you Fakhry.

Amazing film. Too good.

Kicking myself for not watching it earlier. Going to watch it again now.

Eye Slack Haruka


It’s the Japs… AGAIN!

Just three minutes a day with the Eye Slack Haruka and you should see improvements in the excess or sagging skin around your eyes. Safe and easy to operate, just put the included pads onto the Haruka and then lay it under your eyes. The battery-powered vibrations and gentle heat will then start to improve the condition of your skin, seemingly taking years off you while lessening those tell-tell weary signs of age.


Heat for Eye Bags? Ok, this is new for me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Green Lantern


Time pass.

Blake Lively - Good to look at. Actually, pretty good to look at. 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S

Would put up a picture, but they say it looks exactly the same, so why bother eh?

My views (based on info from

HSDPA, 14.4 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.8 Mbps - It's good that the handset CAN support a higher speed. Now.. will the mobile networks shell out a better speed? This is dependent on the network and NOT on the device.

You get this and use it over a shitty network - you won't really notice any difference now would you? Just saying.

Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP - Not really sure what 4.0 has different from 2.1 (Yes, there are a lot of things I don't know about).

8 MP Camera with Face Detection - So a better camera is a strong point for getting the NEW phone? Seriously, if anyone thinks that the camera is such an important factor in determining the choice of handset - they should be buying themselves a digital camera.

CPU seems better - 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, Apple A5 chipset

The OS is upgraded - Hopefully should help with the (pathetic) battery life. But.. with a better processor - not convinced that the difference will be much.

Siri natural language commands and dictation - They want to call it a PERSONAL ASSISTANT. It basically recognises voice commands (over simplifying, I guess). Speech to Text stuff etc. Couldn't they just make an APP for THAT?

Battery - Same Battery. As per GSM Arena - the same performance. So if there were any improvements in the performance (as a result of iOS 5) it's been negated by the better processor and the battery performance remains the same (as I had deduced earlier in this post).

Micro USB Adapter For The iPhone – Finally!



TOI Continues With It’s Pathetic Attempts At Reporting.

Remember Tejas? If you don’t, click here.

Today TOI Reports:

Tejas won’t become fully operational before 2013

This indicates the actual induction of the first 40 Tejas jets will begin only towards end-2013 at the earliest, and the first two squadrons will be up and running at the Sulur airbase (Tamil Nadu) only by 2015 or so.


My problem with this is – well it’s October 2011 and this ‘news’ was already reported by TOI in January 2011!!

Here is a screenshot of the January 11th, 2011 article:

New Picture

Doob ke mar jaao!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kid Just Found Out About Luke’s Father.

Stay-Sober Pill

In tests for the drug, mice given the drug did not even display signs of getting tipsy, despite being fed enough alcohol to make them stumble and fall over.

The research paves the way for a tablet that stops people embarrassing themselves on nights out.


There are people who think this is a bad idea because it may cause one to drink way too much and end up killing himself – given that the individual wouldn’t be feeling the effect and hence wouldn’t know when to stop.

I don’t know how valid an argument that is, but I still think the Stay Sober pill is a horrible idea. Why the hell would I want to drink if I am not going to get drunk!! I mean – what’s the point of drinking if you will remain sober!?

And another reason for putting this up was the typo.

New Picture

Monday, October 3, 2011

Montek Says Rs 32 Controversy Has Been Sorted Out

New Delhi:  Has the controversy over the government's definition of poverty been resolved?  The Planning Commission's deputy chairman, Montek Singh Ahluwalia,  said this morning that he has reached "complete agreement" on the matter with Jairam Ramesh, the minister for Rural Development.  

Mr Ahluwalia's comments came after a lengthy meeting with Mr Ramesh.

Last month, the Planning Commission filed an affidavit in court that stated that anyone who spends more than Rs 32 a day in urban areas cannot be defined as poor, and would therefore be ineligible for state benefits. This would affect who qualifies for subsidized food grains, for example.

Social activists - including those like Aruna Roy who serve on the National Advisory Council that is headed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi - were horrified by this definition of poverty and wrote an open letter to Mr Ahluawalia last week, asking him to survive on Rs 32 a day.

Opposition parties also embraced the controversy to challenge the government on its frequently-stressed commitment to the aam admi or common man.

The Planning Commission's affidavit was given to the Supreme Court. Mr Ahluwalia met the Prime Minister over the weekend amid reports that the figures stated in the affidavit could be revised.


Errr.. How the hell does this mean it’s been RESOLVED / SORTED OUT??

Could be REVISED? I am sure that affidavit itself would have cost more than INR 32 to prepare / print / submit. That affidavit doesn’t need to be revised, it should be thrown out – along with the morons who prepared it.

Tax Cut Altar


Android Offer - Wataniya


New Picture

Saturday, October 1, 2011



Err… Well, you wouldn’t be missing much if you decide not to watch this.

The best thing about the film was Manoj Bajpai. I really liked his performance, but it was a shame that they messed it up so badly towards the end of the film. There was absolutely no need for that.

Prateik Patil – Needs to put in a lot of effort if he wants to be considered as an actor. Not happening.

Iti Mrinalini


Not a bad film. Unfortunately I could get the Hindi (dubbed) version and … Pretty sure it would have been better if I could watch the Bengali one (it does make a difference).

Konkona Sen usually performs really well. In this film too she did a good job.

Aparna Sen What CAN one say about such a brilliant artist?

My problem with the film was – Wasn’t too convinced about Mrinalini deciding not to do any more films after the death of Satyajit Ray. Not convincing enough (my opinion).

The other problem was with Mrinalini agreeing so easily to come back to films. Just a few minutes into a meeting with Imtiaz Chowdhury, she leaves the room and comes back dressed in a black… thing (nighty or whatever you want to call it) with some jewellery dangling from her head and ears all set to play Kunti! (pathetic scene – my view).

The English translation isn’t ready. They don’t even know who will be doing the translation. The lead actor has not been finalised. And the great Mrinalini – who quit films because she was convinced that no one alive could offer her a deserving role – is now all set and ready to play Kunti?!?