Friday, April 30, 2010

DD News Typos

There was a news item about an Emirates plane hitting an air pocket or something. Here are pics of what was appearing on DD News:



‘E’ Phone



E Phone with a ‘Stylish’ watch.

News Channels had become a joke. Now the newspapers too provide sufficient humour. If it’s not the ‘News’ articles, then it’s the ads.

BlackCHERRY B’L’ 7000 – ??!!




Saw this in one of the newspapers. Once you are done rolling your eyes over just how stupid this product is, do notice the tag line.

Your Action Define You Name.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Koi Ye Kaise Bataaye Ke Wo Tanha Kyun Hai

Kaifi Azmi …

Koi  ye kaise bataaye ke wo tanha kyun hai

Wo jo apna tha wohi aur kissi ka kyun hai
Yahi duniya hai to aisi ye duniya kyun hai
yahi hota hai to aakhir yahi hota kyun hai

Ik zara haath bada de to pakad le daaman
unke seene main samaa jaaye humari dhadkan
itni kurbat hai to fir faasla itna kyun hai

Dil-e-barbaad se nikla nahin ab tak koi
Ik luute ghar pe diya karta hai dastak koi
aas jo toot gayi hai firse bandhaata kyun hai

Tum massarrat ka kaho yaa isse gham ka rishta
kehte hain pyar ka rishta hai janam ka rishta
Hai janam ka jo ye rishta to badaltaa kyun hai

Koi ye kaise bataaye ke wo tanha kyun hai

Twitter App For BlackBerry


I was using UberTwitter until recently. Read about the Twitter App and decided to give it a try. Much better.


Things not going so well. Some problems. Hope things get sorted out soon.

Gham e hasti ka ‘assad’ kiss se ho juz-marg ilaaj
shamma har rang mein jalti hai sehar hone tak

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dil ki chotton ne kabhi chain se rehne na diya
jab chali sard hawaa, humne tujhe yaad kiya

iss ka rona nahin kyon tumne kiya dil barbaad
iss ka gham hai ke bahut dair se barbaad kiya …

Nested Labels And Message Sneak Peek

Picture 1

If you think this might be useful to you, go to the Gmail Labs tab under Settings, look for "Nested Labels," enable it and click "Save." You'll then need to name your label with slashes (/) to make it the child of another. For example, let's say you wanted to create a simple hierarchy with a "Home" label, and inside it a "Family" and a "Vacation" label. Just create three labels with the following names:

  • Home
  • Home/Family
  • Home/Vacation

"Message Sneak Peek" - After you turn it on, right-clicking on a line in your inbox shows a preview pane with the message in it.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ohm’s LOW!!?


Saw this in a Text Book, today. Hmm. Feeling a little bad for the students. 






Monday, April 5, 2010



Ladka raazi, Ladki raazi. In this case, even the family is raazi. To bhai, baaki sab ko kya pareshaani hai? Baigaane ki shaadi mein abdullah diwaana.

Apparently it’s not Sania’s decision who she spends the rest of her life with. India TV and Star News will decide who she should marry. Rakhi Ka Swayamvar then Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega and now Sania Ki Shaadi.

Padhe likhe jaahil log. Koi aur kaam nahin hai kya?

Chuck the media. Pointless talking about those morons, but the people! Hell, guys I have known for years, my good friends – even THEY are expressing their disappointment! Ha!

One of them can’t decide which car he should buy for himself. Another one isn’t too sure which mobile is good for him. Yet another one can’t decide which Rum he likes better - BUT when it comes to Sania and Shoaib – boy do these guys know stuff!

They all feel it’s their obligation to tell Sania how to live her life. Somehow they have concluded that she is national property and these guys being Indians have all the right to tell her what she should or should not do.

Would actually be of some use if they could have the same conviction at least when it comes to making the most trivial decisions pertaining to their own lives. Would save me a lot of effort and time.   

If she is not happy with her marriage to Shoaib, she will get a divorce or walk out or whatever - like thousands of other individuals do, when they don’t want to carry on with a relationship. If and when that happens, that too will be Sania and Shoaib’s personal matter. Don’t really see why it has to be made into an issue.  

She is Hindi, He is Paki.. hmm. Hope a kind hearted government head of some country comes up and gives Sania an option to acquire the citizenship of his country. I really do.

This is Shoaib’s first marriage or twentieth - how is this your concern? Wo jaane aure Sania jaane. It’s her problem not India’s problem. If Sania doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, then why should anyone else? If she does have a problem with it, she is the one who has to deal with it. There is absolutely no need for you to fly to Hyderabad and sort it out for her. As hard as you may find this to believe, people are capable of making their own decisions.

Where will she live after marriage – Kyon bhai? Aap ne uss ke ghar ka rent bharna hai?

Will she play tennis for India or Pakistan? I don’t think she ever did play that well for people to be so worried about it. You won’t let her decide who she wants to marry, obviously you won’t let her decide which country she should play for. Pointless to suggest if you would even let her decide if she wants to play anymore or not.

Sania marrying Shoaib is a disgrace / shame for India ?!!!? NO IT’s NOT. Idiots who hold such views are a disgrace to human beings. Not just India. Let people live their own lives. If she is happy, good for her. If she isn’t – it’s HER PROBLEM. Not anyone else’s.

Jahaalat ki bhi hadh hoti hai.


WhatsApp For BlackBerry



On your BlackBerry go to


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rocky Road To Dublin

While in the merry month of May from me home I started,
Left the girls of Tuam so sad and broken hearted,
Saluted father dear, kissed me darling mother,
Drank a pint of beer, me grief and tears to smother,
Then off to reap the corn, leave where I was born,
Cut a stout black thorn to banish ghosts and goblins;
Bought a pair of brogues rattling o'er the bogs
And fright'ning all the dogs on the rocky road to Dublin.

One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
all the way to Dublin, Whack follol de rah !

In Mullingar that night I rested limbs so weary,
Started by daylight next morning blithe and early,
Took a drop of pure to keep me heart from sinking;
That’s a Paddy's cure whenever he's on drinking.
See the lassies smile, laughing all the while
At me curious style, 'twould set your heart a bubblin'
Asked me was I hired, wages I required,
I was almost tired of the rocky road to Dublin.

One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
all the way to Dublin, Whack follol de rah !

In Dublin next arrived, I thought it such a pity
To be soon deprived a view of that fine city.
So then I took a stroll, all among the quality;
Me bundle it was stole, all in a neat locality.
Something crossed me mind, when I looked behind,
No bundle could I find upon me stick a wobblin'
Enquiring for the rogue, they said me Connaught brogue
Wasn't much in vogue on the rocky road to Dublin.

One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
all the way to Dublin, Whack follol de rah !

From there I got away, me spirits never falling,
Landed on the quay, just as the ship was sailing.
The Captain at me roared, said that no room had he;
When I jumped aboard, a cabin found for Paddy.
Down among the pigs, played some hearty rigs,
Danced some hearty jigs, the water round me bubbling;
When off Holyhead I wished meself was dead,
Or better for instead on the rocky road to Dublin.

One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road
all the way to Dublin, Whack follol de rah !

Well the boys of Liverpool, when we safely landed,
Called meself a fool, I could no longer stand it.
Blood began to boil, temper I was losing;
Poor old Erin's Isle they began abusing.
"Hurrah me soul" says I, me Shillelagh I let fly.
Some Galway boys were nigh and saw I was a hobble in,
With a load "hurray !" joined in the affray.
We quickly cleared the way for the rocky road to Dublin.

One, two, three four, five,
Hunt the Hare and turn her down
the rocky road and all the way to Dublin,
Whack follol de rah !

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