Thursday, August 27, 2015

San Andreas

Crap! Horrible screenplay. Most of the lines are pathetic. "He left you?!" and then leaving a message on Riddick's voicemail… Seriously?! The timing and the delivery of that sequence couldn't have been worse.

The reporter stating that the University team did 'predict' this disaster but no one listened, is just… [don't have the right word for this chutiyapa]. It was only at the START of the disastrous day that Lawrence was able to conclusively confirm that his laptop and a bunch of sensors were PREDICTING (whatever bullshit it was expected to predict).

Paul Giamatti and Archie Panjabi are reasonably talented actors and they have been wasted in this film.

Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario - NOT good looking. Tits bouncing or not. Bikini / hot pants - nothing works.

Waste of time. Bullshit film.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Avengers - Age Of Ultron

Watchable. Should've been better, though.

James Spader - Couldn't have been a better choice for Ultron. Excellent!

Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) - Bad acting. Really bad.

Captain America - Waste as always. This guy is boring.

Nick Fury, War Machine, Maria Hill - Waste

Bruce Banner - Pretty ok, but in the sequence where Bruce and Stark chit chat about Ultron (the first time), Bruce looks lame. Seems like they are tying too hard.

Black Widow - Pretty ok, but the lullaby shit looks ridiculous onscreen.

Hawkeye - Character is relatively better when compared to the earlier film, but his limited moves with the bow just seems too videogame-ish.

Club Life

The plot was interesting. Had some potential. The acting was horrible.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015



With tobacco linked to up to 900,000 deaths a year in the country, the government wants to raise the minimum smoking age to 21 from 18, and ban the sale of single cigarettes, which make up 70 per cent of overall sales.

Before taking its proposals to Parliament, the government in January asked for public suggestions.

The result was unprecedented: 45,000 e-mails and more than 100,000 letters delivered by mail, in white and brown sacks stacked up in the health ministry, beside the desks of officials working on computers.

Analysing and collating public responses is crucial for the legislative process to move forward. The sheer volume has left officials stumped, with some fearing that it could take as much as five months to sift through the letters.


Legislative process taking public response into account?!?

This sure is impressive. Hats off. A rather bold position to take. This will be a challenge.

BUT HOLD ON - I don't recall the government taking any public suggestions when it was coming up with the land-bill? Or when they decided to block 800 odd websites? Or when they decided to… well you get the point.

I am in favour of smoking and staunchly support every delay, anywhere in the world, on a ban on Tobacco sale/marketing. Obviously I do not have a problem with the delay in the tobacco-control legislation in India. But I do have a problem with the explanations being offered. Chutiya samjh rakha hai kya?

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao… apni akal ladaao.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Err… is that a warning?

Look at the number of re-tweets and favourites!