Tuesday, March 7, 2017

“Stopped To Paani Puri…” Err…

Seriously guys! PROOF the content before publishing it.

With that out of the way, let’s examine the case itself:

  • The CA in question forgot the keys in the ignition.
  • Someone noticed the keys and tried his luck with the glove box.
  • All this happened on a day when he had INR 500,000 in the glove box.
  • Investigators suspect an organised gang and suggest that somebody with prior knowledge about the cash was following the CA and capitalised when the opportunity presented itself.

While all of the above events seem plausible, the likelihood of all of the events occurring simultaneously is... well... let’s just say it is possible, just not highly probable (and extremely unfortunate).

Point 1 – Let us rubbish the suggestions of the investigators. Organised gangs do NOT wait for the mark to ‘STOP TO PAANI PURI’. Hit-Snatch-Run would be a more likely approach. Especially if they had information that the individual was carrying cash.

Point 2 - Any individual (with criminal intent / leanings) who encounters keys in the ignition is more likely to ride away with the scooter, as opposed to attempt to unlock the glove box and expect to get lucky. UNLESS the individual had prior information, in which case… refer to Point 1.

Point 3 – A more plausible, probable and simple explanation exists. The CA in question has orchestrated the incident. Even if CCTV footage is found of another individual opening the glove box, reasonable doubt still exists about collusion.

I am not an investigator. My conclusions may be far from the actual account of events (I am just bored). That said, the above conclusion is the only logical deduction (based on the information provided in the article) that actually fits.

Everything else… although plausible and possible; is highly improbable.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Obviously there is a lot more that’s wrong with that country; it’s not just the President or the Electoral College methodology…

It’s one thing to criticise the policies and / or insensitive/nonsensical remarks of an elected official. Perhaps we could even go ahead and criticise the general appearance and / or shabby/inappropriate sense of dressing. But criticising how s/he likes to eat her/his steak … seriously?!

Trump is criticised for his idiotic remarks, his tweets, his behaviour, his handshakes, several (if not all) of his policy decisions. He is criticised not only for his gaffes but also those of his spokespersons’. Which is all fine and understandable. However… making an issue of how he likes to have his meat?! This is just as idiotic as making an issue about Bill de Blasio having his pizza with a fork [Link]!

Evidently, when it comes to Freedom of Choice, there is a huge problem in the ‘land of the free’. Not just limited to policy makers wanting to ignore it, but even the general public simply having a tough time respecting the choices of an adult for something as simple as how one prefers to have her/his meal.

Monday, February 27, 2017

“Brilliant In Technology” – Err… Not Really

How does one react, when an individual claims to be BRILLIANT in technology (with reference to IT) but:

  • Asks what is OTP (with reference to online banking) and needs a tutorial on how to use it?
  • Is not aware of the Keyboard Shortcuts for Cut-Copy-Paste?
  • Clicks on any link on any website that offers Free System Scan and then wonders how she ended up with a ton of extensions and toolbars on her browsers?
  • Expresses shock when contacts deleted from her phone (not syncing with email) are actually deleted from the phone and not sent to a recycle bin?

I could go on with the ranting but it’s rather pointless. Just venting.

BlackBerry Mercury

They want to call it the KEYone (The device and the name does remind me of the Sony Ericsson P1). I don’t get the capitalisation and I honestly feel that ‘Mercury’ was a much better choice, but… anyways…

Expected - April 2017.

Priced at USD 549. Some people are of the opinion that the specs of the Mercury do not justify the pricing, as there are phones with higher specs available for cheaper. Go ahead and get those. This device isn’t intended for you.

This device is primarily aimed at people who REQUIRE a physical keyboard in the candy-bar form-factor and a battery that lasts. Given that there aren’t many options available, these guys could price the device even higher and it wouldn’t be a problem.

Looks good (to me), at least in the pictures and videos. Single-hand operation should be possible. Putting up with the Android nonsense/eccentricities seems to be inevitable (for now, at least).

Thursday, February 9, 2017


If you thought Bush had a problem forming sentences (that made sense), well…

And what’s with the swaying?