Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beyond The Harvey Weinstein Story

By now, not only has everyone heard about the story, but they have even made their respective judgements. This post is NOT about Harvey Weinstein. This post is about the discussions and debates that have arisen as a result of the Harvey Weinstein news story.

It would be safe to say that MOST (if not all) news channels / debate panels / social media influencers, have made this out to be a gender issue with the central theme - Women being exploited by men. I do not agree with this view. It is NOT about men exploiting women. This story (and a lot of similar stories) is about Abuse of power and position.

At least SOME news channels / social media influencers SHOULD touch on this point. It is sad that the primary issue is being completely ignored while celebrities and reporters harp on about the lack of women in senior positions.

The number of women holding a position of power / influence is an issue but the Harvey Weinstein story is NOT about gender bias. It is not a Men vs. Women issue.

This story is about abuse of power. If anyone is truly serious about addressing the issue, then it is important to first identify the problem correctly. One can NOT expect to solve a problem by ignoring the core issue and simply hijacking the story to drive a completely different agenda because it happens to be the flavour of the season.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

IWC Portofino

Got myself an IWC.

Same story - Was hoping to find the BLNR (this time in Dubai). Wasn’t available, so ended up looking at other watches in the store. Liked this, so got one.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Conspiracy Of The Rich – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Some parts were informative and made sense.

However, most of the book was devoted to shameless self-promotion (which gets annoying after a while) and repetition (which is even more irritating than the annoying self-promotion).

The unnecessary inclusion of diagrams / figures / tables and two graphs doesn’t add much value if all you do is keep repeating the same nonsense for a few hundred pages.

And then, there were typos!



Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Done with Season 1. Have no interest in Season 2 (If the series does get renewed).

The first few episodes were interesting, but then it just got really pointless.

Blonde Bitch Lauren Fitch (Kim Raver) seemed to be the only interesting character that could bring in SOME sense to this show. Sadly, she features only 3 times in Season 1.

Billionaire Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk) is tolerable (at best).

Officer Nicholas Brandt (Taylor Handley) keeps yapping about his military tours. Shut up, already!

Detective Theresa Murphy (Natalie Martinez) is annoying with her Holier-Than-Thou / Know-it-all / Street-Smart shit. Sequences between Detective Murphy and her family (mom/son/ex-husband) are torture!

Rest of the cast – Supporting or otherwise – is Rubbish.

Ahh. I have finally figured it out!

It is my mistake; to expect the device / OS to work/operate/behave in a sensible/logical manner. I mean, these people can’t even spell! Expecting them to understand the core purpose of a device is OBVIOUSLY too much to expect!