Monday, April 27, 2015

Desert god - Wilbur Smith

An enjoyable read… for most part.

It was entertaining. Taita returns to his brilliant, conniving, witty self in this one (for most parts, anyway). Just that, there is that idiotic bit about Inana - which would have been tolerable if it was limited to just one vision / dream. Unfortunately it isn't limited to that. Disappointing AND annoying but just barely tolerable.

The worst part was the entire Minoan adventure. Once the characters landed in Minoa, I lost all interest. The characters became intolerable. ALL OF THEM.

What had started off as an enjoyable read became an annoying chore towards the end of the book.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

Himmat-E-Iltijaa Nahin Baaqi


Himmat-e-iltijaa nahin baaqi
Zabt ka hausla nahin baaqi

Ik teri diid chhin gai mujh se
Varnaa duniya mein kya nahin baaqi

Apni mashq-e-sitam se haath na khnch
Main nahin yaa vafaa nahin baaqi

Teri chashm-e-alamnavaaz ki khair
Dil mein koi gilaa nahin baaqi

Ho chukaa khatm ahad-e-hijr-o-visaal
Zindagi mein mazaa nahin baaqi


In terms of Bollywood standards, this was a pretty good film.

Decent performances over all. Hardly any unnecessary clutter / footage. That said, the execution could've been better.


Two things that define you - Your patience when you have nothing AND your attitude when you have everything.