Thursday, April 24, 2014


23-04-14 - I am a fakir, will run campaign on your money, Kejriwal says in Varanasi
24-04-14 - Arvind Kejriwal, wife declare assets worth over Rs 2 crore

The article gives out the details of the affidavit that 'Fakir' Kejriwal filed:

Fixed Assets:

  • Kejru's flat in Ghaziabad - INR 5.5 Million.
  • Kejru's flat in Haryana - INR 3.7 Million.
  • Mrs. Kejru's flat in Gurgaon - INR 10 Million.

Movable Assets:

  • Kejru - INR 425 Thousand.
  • Mrs. Kejru - INR 1.7 Million.

Cash In Hand:

  • Kejru - INR 10 Thousand.
  • Mrs. Kejru - INR 15 Thousand.

Net worth of INR 21 Million (give or take).

In all fairness, for individuals who have been gainfully employed (in relatively respectable positions) for a while now - that isn't TOO impressive a number. It is good but nothing GREAT (as per my humble opinion). And we all know about Real Estate valuations. So nothing much to brag about here… BUT, it is definitely WAY TOO impressive for a 'Fakir' who claims that all he has is INR 500 and an old jeep.

Kejriwal may be labelled a Kraantikaari, or an annoying idiotic cunt (more believable, if you ask me) but he is definitely no fakir.

If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

Mario Andretti

Kiran Mazumdar's 'Apology'… Hmm.


Firstly… it is Bangalore NOT Bnaglore (*rolls eyes)!

Now let's see this 'news' / 'apology' for what it really is - which is nothing more than a PR exercise for Rohan Murty.

If one were to read Kiran's Saturday tweet, there is absolutely nothing in it that can be termed as inside/confidential information. All it says is that Rohan gave a good presentation.

Corporate governance 'experts' slamming Kiran for disclosing 'board meeting proceedings' - Technically, they do have a point. But … err… it isn't exactly disclosing anything of any relevance, now is it? If one were to think about it - Someone stating that they had Evian water during a board meeting can also be 'technically' termed as disclosing the proceedings.

If the tweet in fact contained any relevant information about the board meeting, then the corporate governance 'experts' would be slamming the media as well for publishing the said tweet in the news articles. Common sense, right?

What this 'slamming' and 'apology' really is about - Is to try to pep up Rohan's name/image after Narayana Murty was strongly criticised for appointing him as Executive Assistant. That's all. Kiran tweets… PR team thinks of this as a great opportunity and decides to orchestrate a 'scandal' of sorts so that the tweet is sure to make it in the evening news. Simple enough.

Now a few more people (not just the Twitter Followers of Kiran Mazumdar) know that Rohan gave a brilliant and impressive presentation and is not the Executive Assistant to the Chairman just because daddy wanted to help sonny boy make something of his life.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zindagi Tujh Ko Manaane Nikle

Ameer Kazalbash…

Zindagi tujh ko manaane nikle
Hum bhi kis darjaa divaane nikle

Kuchch tou dushman the mukhaalif-saf mein
Kuchch mere dost puraane nikle

Nazar-andaaz kiya hai uss ne
Khud se milne ke bahaane nikle

Be-basaarat hai ye basti yaaro
Aainaa kis ko dikhaane nikle

In andheron mein jiyoge kab tak
Koi to shamaa jalaane nikle

Even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day

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