Thursday, March 5, 2015

River God - Wilbur Smith

Thanks Surya…

A good read. Enjoyable. Didn't come across any character that I would HATE, but I do feel the book would've been so much better if Taita was a little less biased towards the Queen. At least in his account of her knowledge about state matters, skill, tact etc. In my opinion, Taita gave her way too much credit and praise (for her skills and tact) but the recorded events don't reflect the same.

The last few chapters were a bit too… well… suffice to say there was too much emotion.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thanks Pride…

If you love someone, let them go. If you hate someone, let them go. Basically - Let everyone go. People are stupid.

Kab Thehrega Dard E Dil, Kab Raat Basar Hogi


Kab thehrega dard-e-dil, kab raat basar hogi
Sunte the woh aayenge, sunte the sehar hogi

Kab jaan lahu hogi, kab ashq guhar hoga
Kis din teri sunvai ae deeda-e-tar hogi

Vaizz hai na zahid hai, naaseh hai na qaatil hai
Ab shehar mein yaaron ki kis traha basar hogi

Kab mehakegi fasl-e-gul, kab behakega maikhana
Kab subh-e-sukhan hogi, kab sham-e- nazar hogi

Kab tak abhi raah dekhen ai qaamat-e-janaana
Kab hashr muayyan hai tujhko tou khabar hogi

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Woolet - Bluetooth Wallet


  • Left your wallet behind? Someone trying to steal it? With Woolet, you’ll immediately know. Your phone will ring the moment you are separated from Woolet. You can specify any distance between 20-85 feet (6-25m) to get automatic alerts.
  • Misplaced Woolet somewhere nearby? Use the built-in distance tracker. You’ll know how far away your Woolet is and if you’re getting closer. Accurate to within 0.4m. There’s no hiding your Woolet from you.
  • Lost your wallet under the car seat? Maybe behind the couch? Get it to ring with the tap of a finger. Finding your Woolet is always super simple.
  • Don’t remember the last place you had your wallet? Woolet does. Your phone automatically records the last location it saw your Woolet. That means you already know the best place to start looking.
  • If your Woolet is ever lost, you can activate the Woolet crowd detection network. With a simple press on your phone, every other Woolet user will start scanning for your lost Woolet. When they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone
  • Left your phone behind but have Woolet? Woolet itself will ring to let you know. Woolet has a built-in ringer so protection goes both ways when you step beyond the tether distance you set. No more leaving behind your smartphone.


Impressive features. BUT… it does get me thinking:

  • Have we become so irresponsible / lazy / idiotic - that we feel the need for such gizmos? OR
  • Are such gizmos responsible for making us so irresponsible / lazy / idiotic?

Custom PINs - BBM



BBM has an update and one of the highlighted 'feature' is Custom PIN.

Cool and sense of exclusivity is fine, but it is rather pointless. The PIN isn't something that one would use every now and then (anyone putting up their BB PIN / KIK ID / Twitter Handle on a business card is just being ridiculous and perhaps thinks just way too much of him/herself). It does have a very limited use.

I would STILL be willing to consider it simply for the exclusivity bit IF it was just a one time purchase. A monthly subscription to have a custom PIN just doesn't work for me.