Monday, June 29, 2015

Just Saying…


Addressing audience at a book launch in Ahmedabad, BJP chief Amit Shah on Sunday said that "Hindu religion has solutions for all problems in the world".

"I am not saying this because I am born Hindu," Mr Shah said while unveiling former President A P J Abdul Kalam's book 'Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji' at the Gujarat University convention.


It would seem that Amit Shah and gang should have the solution for the Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhra Raje issue? Sigh… perhaps they don't consider THAT issue as a 'problem'.

  • Terrorism?
  • Corruption?
  • Poverty?
  • Public Security?
  • Greek Debt Crisis?
  • What about the Kashmir issue?
  • Current Account deficit?
  • Amit Shah's excess weight?
  • Baldness?

Surely some of those can be termed as 'problem'(s). So… what's the solution Mr. Shah? Haven't looked it up yet? Haven't the solutions poured down from the heavens along with the Monsoon rains?

It seems that the only time this chutiya or the likes / Just about EVERY politician, manages to conjure a 'solution' for 'anything/everything' is during the elections (General or Assembly). That seems to be the only time when every politician knows EXACTLY what needs to be done to FIX everything!

Mr. Shah - Bakwaas band karo na yaar. Bahut hogaya.

Wait… Is that a figure of speech that I may have taken out of context?? Really?!

You idiots ARE aware of this phenomena! The relevance of context?! Shocking. Wish you pricks were capable of making these assessments without bias in all cases. That's something that could ACTUALLY help make some things a tad bit better.

The Blacklist




Hope it gets better this time around.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Go To Pak'

A few dogs/bitches in India seem to have made 'Go To Pak' their magic mantra.

  • VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi on Tuesday kicked up another controversy with her remarks that those who are opposed to yoga should go to Pakistan and that they have "no right" to stay in the country [Link].
  • Senior BJP leader and former minister in the Nitish Kumar cabinet, Giriraj Singh kicked up a huge row when he said all those opposed to Narendra Modi should go to Pakistan as they have no place in India [Link].
  • "Those who are dying without eating beef, can go to Pakistan or Arab countries or any other part of world where it is available," he said [Link].

The same remark for everything? Surely these dogs/bitches can be a bit more imaginative… don't you think?

Left to these cunts, ones country of residence and/or citizenship would be granted/awarded/decided, based on - What you eat. Who you vote for. Whether you attend a PR Yoga session or not.

The sad part about all this is - THESE are the cunts in power with absolute majority.

I don't blame these MP's/MLA's (I just call them names). I don't blame Modi or his THINK TANK for tolerating/encouraging these MP's… Or even in some cases… REWARDING their idiotic behaviour by promoting them to ministers. I don't even blame the people who voted these cunts into power (Either swayed by the Modi-Wave OR disappointed with the UPA).

The only ones I blame are the blind bhakts and bastards who defend such remarks. The pricks who support such remarks.

Maadar chodon… kabhi tou dimaag say kaam lo!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Court Fines Woman For Misusing Law


NEW DELHI: A court here has dismissed a woman's complaint of domestic violence against her husband and in-laws, noting that she misused legal provisions as a tool to extort unjustified money from him for unjustified personal gain, and imposed a cost of Rs 1 lakh on her.

Metropolitan magistrate Shivani Chauhan dismissed the complaint of the woman, a south Delhi resident, saying that she had falsified and concocted various allegations and suppressed important facts in order to harass her in-laws.



In addition to the INR 100,000, the court should have also imposed imprisonment / detention (even if it was just for a few days). Nice to see some positive change. Well done!