Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sachchi Baat Kahi Thi Maine

Sachchi baat kahi thi maine
Logon ne suli pe chadhaaya
Mujhko zehar ka jaam pilaaya
Phir bhi unko chain na aaya

Leke jahaan bhi vaqt gayaa hai
Zulm mila hai zulm sahaa hai
Sachch ka ye inaam mila hai

Sab se behtar kabhi na ban naa
Jag ke rehbar kabhi na ban naa
Peer payambar kabhi na ban naa

Chup rehkar hi vaqt guzaaro
Sachch kehne pe jaan mat vaaro
Kuchch to seekho mujh se yaaro

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

10% Surcharge On The Rich


"When I need to raise resources, who can I go to except those who are well placed in society. Only 42,800 persons in the whole country who admitted to a taxable income of exceeding Rs one crore per year.

"I propose to impose a surcharge of 10% on persons whose taxable income exceeds Rs 1 crore per year," he said while unveiling Budget proposals for 2013-14.

Emphasis added


Only 42,800 admitted to a taxable income over INR 10 Million. After the Finance Minister's PROPOSAL, this number is likely to reduce. If you want charity from them to run the country, then ask them for the charity (and do try to run the country. In case you haven't noticed, there is a difference between run and ruin). Don't make proposals that DEMAND a payment of a surcharge. Bhikaari bheekh maangte hain… demand nahin karte.


I have to ask:

WHY penalise the rich for being successful? Why penalise them for doing better than the others? Is the aim to ensure that no one does better? That everyone should stop working hard once they reach a mediocre level?

Is it WRONG to be better than the others? To outperform others? To rise above the average? If not, then WHY impose a penalty on the ones who DO manage to rise above the average?

They should be required to pay taxes to the same %age as everyone else. Why should they have to pay more?! What is wrong with a uniform Tax Structure? Giving the poor a break is understandable but why propose to penalise the rich? Tere baap ka khaate hain kya??

You come up with crap like this and then wonder why people don't disclose their income and why they run towards Tax Avoidance schemes?? What are they supposed to do? What would you expect them to do? Apni gaand mein vaseline lagaa kar jhuk jaayen government ke saamne?? "Jahaanpanaa tussi great ho… toufa kabool karo" ??!!!!

And to the fuckers who are cheering THIS crap move - FUCK OFF… Chotte log, Neech zaat, Dharti pe bojh, Khairaati kutte, Social disease. Apne dum pe to kuch kar nahin sakte. Jo kar raha ho, usse dekhkar jalte kyon ho!?!


1,000 Crore For Nirbhaya Fund - No Structure, No Scope, No Application! Waaah



"I announce the setting up of the Nirbhaya Fund of Rs. 1,000 crore. I request the ministry of women and child development to plan the structure, scope and application of this fund," the Mr Chidambaram said.


Throwing money at a problem doesn't necessarily mean that you are trying to solve it. Here the Finance Minister just threw INR 10 Billion into a fund that has no structure, no scope and no application as of now and will be decided later (sure… whatever helps you sleep at night).

Given that he doesn't know the structure, scope or application of this fund, how did he determine the amount that should be allocated (It is a valid question. This was SUPPOSED to be a Budget presentation after all. NOT a party political broadcast)?

This amount MAY be acceptable if the aim is to provide the women with glocks /assault rifles or the likes. If it is for providing pepper sprays - Definitely an overkill (in my view). However, if it is to set up EVEN MORE Women's Cell / NGO type of institutions then it is definitely a waste. It wouldn't be completely senseless to conclude that here is yet another opportunity for embezzlement and misappropriation of public money. Especially when one could come up with several sensible ways to utilise the amount.

How about expanding the police budget so they can recruit better trained personnel, offer them better pay and ensure more police presence in public places to serve as a deterrent.

  • Might NOT be the most optimum use - Agreed.
  • Might NOT be a complete solution - Agreed.

But one has to agree that it is definitely better than putting up money some place where (at present) there is no structure, no scope and no application.

Those cheering this nonsense… Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Budget Highlights - As Reported On TOI



  • India faces challenge of getting back to its potential growth rate of 8 pct.
  • India must unhesitatingly embrace growth as highest goal.
  • Food inflation is worrying, will take all steps to augment supply side.

Thank you for that blinding glimpse of the obvious (Crtsy: Barbarians At The Gate)

Chidambaram Makes News Even When He Reaches Parliament



Instead of telling us that he was carrying his briefcase and reached the Parliament, why not WAIT till he has presented the budget and THEN put up the news with some relevant information?? That would actually qualify as NEWS!

A similar article wouldn't be idiotic if it was posted say a day or two before the date of the Budget. Something like 'Chidambaram to present the Budget tomorrow' would have been just fine. But posting an article 30 minutes before the budget is due and stating - red-brown Budget briefcase in hand, has reached Parliament - is rather pointless.

TOI's "Pop Up" Ads Are So Fucking Annoying!




Annoying, irritating, frustrating… gets me so worked up!

As if the social networking side bar nonsense wasn't annoying enough, now we have irrelevant random ads popping up all over the news page whenever you mouse-over the text. They aren't even related to the 'keywords' that have been highlighted. The old ugly woman's face popped up when the mouse pointer was at the fortunes of Asia's!!

Wonder who comes up with these crappy ideas.

Shitty Assignment In Urdu Question Paper


The 80-mark paper's nine mandatory questions included a strange assignment of 4 marks — "Write a letter to your younger brother condoling the sudden death of your father".


Seriously… WTF!?!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The great question - which I have not been able to answer: "What does a woman want?"

- Sigmund Freud

Fifty Shades Of … Book 2

After Book 1, I was wondering - Could it possibly get any worse?

Having completed Book 2, the answer is YES. It could and does get worse. Anastasia is perhaps the crappiest character I have read till date! There were very brief moments that offered a small window for developing a real story, but turns out those were included to set up yet another porn sequence.

Yes… I WILL read Book 3. Now I am curious to see how bad it gets.

State Of Disunion

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Game Of Thrones – Season 3

They Really Don't Make Films The Way They Used To

Films used to be so much more meaningful… so much better. Guess people used to be better too. Sigh… Shit happens. Hota hai, Chalta Hai… (bahut hi ghatiya) Duniya hai.

Why Can't A Woman Be More Like A Man

Why can't a woman be more like a man?
Men are so honest, so thoroughly square;
Eternally noble, historically fair.
Who, when you win, will always give your back a pat.
Why can't a woman be like that?
Why does every one do what the others do?
Can't a woman learn to use her head?
Why do they do everything their mothers do?
Why don't they grow up, well, like their father instead?

Why can't a woman take after a man?
Men are so pleasant, so easy to please.
Whenever you're with them, you're always at ease.

Would you be slighted if I didn't speak for hours?

Of course not.

Would you be livid if I had a drink or two?


Would you be wounded if I never sent you flowers?


Well, why can't a woman be like you?

One man in a million may shout a bit.
Now and then, there's one with slight defects.
One perhaps whose truthfulness you doubt a bit,
But by and large we are a marvelous sex!

Why can't a woman take after a man?
'Cause men are so friendly, good-natured and kind.
A better companion you never will find.

If I were hours late for dinner would you bellow?

Of course not.

If I forgot your silly birthday, would you fuss?


Would you complain if I took out another fellow?


Why can't a woman be like us?

Why can't a woman be more like a man?
Men are so decent, such regular chaps;
Ready to help you through any mishaps;
Ready to buck you up whenever you're glum.
Why can't a woman be a chum?

Why is thinking something women never do?
And why is logic never even tried?
Straightening up their hair is all they ever do.
Why don't they straighten up the mess that's inside?

Why can't a woman behave like a man?
If I was a woman who'd been to a ball,
Been hailed as a princess by one and by all;
Would I start weeping like a bathtub overflowing,
Or carry on as if my home were in a tree?
Would I run off and never tell me where I'm going?
Why can't a woman be like me?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Kasab Was Very Weak When Hanged" … So?


And somebody somewhere gives a shit about this because… ??

Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.

- Ambrose Bierce

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"You Are Very Beautiful" – This Is Enough To Make A Headline (?!!)


Bhopal: Janata Dal (United) President Sharad Yadav today stunned many at a press conference in Bhopal when he called a woman reporter "beautiful."

The journalist asked him whether he prefers Madhya Pradesh or Bihar - he has represented both in Parliament.

The chief of the Janata Dal (United) dodged a bullet by saying, "The whole country is beautiful."

Then came the unexpected remark- "Even you are very beautiful," he said.


They make it sound as if he abused the journalist! If this story is aired on Star News or India TV, it will probably have the title "MP Molests Media" Or "Shameless Sharad".

Enlighten me, please - What is wrong with giving a compliment? Is it 'disrespectful' to tell a woman that she is beautiful?? Since when!!

I can't get my head around this. Why is this a big deal? Why is this a headline? Why the fuss? What the fuck!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao… apni akal ladaao.

Unhen daanista mehfil mein jo dekha ho to mujrim
Nazar aakhir nazar hai… beiraada uth gayi hogi

Monday, February 18, 2013


Not bad. I would have changed one sequence towards the end. The entire chitchat session in the restroom, could've been handled differently. That said, I really liked the way this ended. The film is definitely watchable (in my opinion).

Not to mention, I really loved the look. Nose ring with power dressing… nice!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sapil Dynamo

Possibly one of the worst advertisements on the tele, right now.

I don't feel like buying the cologne but I do have this 'unexplained' urge to slap the model.

Mayawati Wants To Be PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 11.18.12 PM Link

Saali chamaar kuttiya Mayawati: Let's worry about that when we get to it. For now, it would be extremely helpful if you would keep your mouth shut. There is enough barking going on as it is. There is absolutely no need for you to add to the noise. What I am trying to say is – Why can't you be a good bitch and just shut up (or die)?

Some Headlines / News Stories … Arrgghh


Why would I want to read Afzal Guru's letter to his wife?

Why SHOULD anyone want to read the letter Afzal wrote to his wife?

Why is this a headline / News Story?!

Really Curious To Know What This Guy Was Actually Looking For

New Picture

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Can This Be Termed As 'News'?


In my view, news websites should have a separate category "Inconsequential crap that we call News"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I know three things will never be believed - the true, the probable, and the logical.

- John Steinbeck

Ye Haqeeqat Hai Ki Hota Hai Asar Baaton Mein

Saeed Rahi…

Ye haqeeqat hai ki hota hai asar baaton mein 
Tum bhi khul jaaoge do-chaar mulaqaaton mein

Tum se sadiyon ki vafaaon ka koi naata na tha 
Tum se milne ki lakiren thi mere haathon mein

Tere vaadon ne humen ghar se nikalne na diya 
Log mausam ka mazaa le gaye barsaaton mein

Ab na suraj na sitaare na shamaan na chaand 
Apne zakhmon ka ujaalaa hai ghani raaton mein

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fifty Shades Of … Book 1

I can understand why Anastasia may be attracted towards a calm, capable, calculating, collected, civilized, confident, cool, cultured  Christian Grey, CEO. Of course, the truckloads of money would further add to the appeal. What I can't understand is why Grey would be so smitten by Anastasia? Especially given his particular sexual preferences / inclinations, one would assume Grey to be a bit more thorough when picking out / scouting for a potential partner. Grey FALLING for Anastasia seems forced.

Oh… Oh my… Oh - Seriously, after a point that DOES get annoying.

Inner Goddess, Subconscious bla bla bla - Extremely annoying. Not after a while, but from the very first instance. Shut up!

Why does Anastasia keep borrowing clothes from Katherine? Once in a while, is understandable. But in the first book, she has done so on more than one occasion and that's just sad. Anastasia's character is rubbish (in one word).

My primary problem with Book 1 - There is no story. At best it's a cheap chick flick laced with one porn scene after another. Nothing is happening. No business takeover, no disaster, no war, no business rivalry, no search for lost treasures, no historical / mythical / scientific event, no political drama, no murder(s). In short - nothing of any significance.

It is just 'Eat, Drink, Fuck' and repeat (rolls eyes). Pretty pointless as far as a story goes.

Just been informed that Book 2 MAY have something to my interest. Will take a break from this twisted girly porn-book and read Book 2 after a while. Need time to flush out Book 1 from my head (specifically, the idiotic Anastasia).

USD 200 To Quit FaceBook For 5 Months


To ensure fulfillment (sic) of the signed agreement, the elder Baier has access to the high schooler's Facebook account and can change the password to avoid reactivation. Given that this was the 14-year-old's idea in the first place, that shouldn't be a problem.


Not a bad idea.

Of course there are several workarounds (creating a new FaceBook Account isn't really THAT difficult), but let us not spoil this.


Alan Arkin was great.

The film wasn't too bad. Evenly paced. I don't mind watching it again. But I do mind the portrayal that this film is based on true events.

The problem for me – In my view 'the mission' was ridiculous, idiotic, over the top [add similar words/phrases of your choice]. The insistence that THIS is how an actual rescue mission was executed is… laughable to say the least.

The suggestion of providing bicycles was just as idiotic as suggesting a Hollywood cover. You want me to believe that the CIA thought THIS was the 'best' option?? If yes, it is rather surprising that the CIA is still referred to as an 'intelligence' agency.

The elaborate set up to have the media publish about the fake film seemed completely unnecessary. The Swiss Air ticket reservations, the immigration checks, the final verification – well, it might have looked good on screen but to me it seemed fake and forced. Probably even more fake and forced because I was expecting this to be 'based on true events'.

I kept wondering why the Republican Guards at the airport weren't using a fucking PTT/Walkie-Talkie. Surely they would have been around in the 1980's:

  • Around the 1:35:38 marker - A studio crew member is shown using one in LA.
  • At the 1:37:39 marker - An airline crew/ground staff is shown using one in the airport.

So, why the airport security / guards didn't bother to get a few for themselves (rolls eyes)??!

Let's just assume there is some reason why the guards and security personnel don't have PTT/Walkie-Talkies - BUT, they did have phones! They could have relayed information over the phone to stop the American/Canadians from boarding the plane. Why didn't they? Why insist on running all over the place when you could just pick up the bloody phone and:

  • Stop the fake film crew from boarding the plane.
  • Deny clearance for take off (call the control tower instead of running to it, you retarded cunt)!

The part with the guard trying to open the glass doors and then ending up with shooting the damn doors – again – ridiculous and laughable. Along with their 'attempt' to stop the plane on the runaway.

Watchable – Yes.
Believable – Err…
Based on true events – Arrr go fuck yourself (it's a quote from the film. You won't get it if you haven't watched it).

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stand Up Guys

THAT's how you make a good film!


Bloody Bengali Bitch Banerjee Barks…. Again!


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee could find herself in the middle of a controversy after she publicly abused her personal security guards today.

Ms Banerjee was apparently angry that she had to wait for her car. The Chief Minister had gone to the Kolkata Book Fair.

Ms Banerjee shouted at the guards saying they should be beaten up for the delay.


Why doesn't somebody just shoot this rabid dog?!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NRA Morgue

MOI Launches SMS Service


The subscription fee is 1 KWD. 40 Fils for each message.

The messages will be sent to the subscribers upon expiry of any MoI related documents (Residency, License, Car Registration etc.) and upon entry of any traffic violations.

A Certificate To Prove You Have Been Cleansed


Gautameshwar is a pilgrim centre where you can submerge yourself in holy waters, wash away your sins and get a certificate to prove you are cleansed.


[Sarcasm] Doesn't one need to get this "certificate" attested by the regulatory bodies to ensure that it's accepted at the gates of heaven? [/Sarcasm] It would be a fair assumption that upon request - a Certified Idiot certificate is also issued (along with the "Proof of Cleansing"), free of charge.

As idiotic as this entire "certification" story is, it gets even worse when you read this on BBC News and then find a typo!

Yes… I made sure that the screenshot includes the byline (Yes. Byline is an actual term).