Sunday, February 28, 2016

WhatsApp To Discontinue Support For BB OS10

Well… FUCK YOU too!

My First Omega… And The Second

It had been about two weeks that I was considering getting myself another watch. Was getting tired of the Armanis and wanted something different.

I decided on getting myself the Seasmaster (Spectre Edition). It wasn’t available in Salhiya or at Hamra and I had pretty much dropped the idea when… I happened to pass by the Omega Boutique at Avenues.

There it was. Last piece. And I got it. A big THANK YOU to the Show Room Manager – Mr. Anil Kumar, for being so helpful.

Comes in the fancy box with an additional metal strap and all that. Although, I will be wearing it with the NATO strap (at least for a while).

While I was waiting for them to pack it up and do the routine paper-work (which would’ve taken about 10 minutes)… I wondered - How bad would it be if I got a SECOND Omega? Another big Thank You to Mr. Anil Kumar for helping me decide on the Aqua Terra.


Comes in another fancy box and additional fabric strap that matches the dial. I don’t think I will be using that fabric strap ever. This looks good with the metal strap.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Freedom 251

And just how does he bring down the cost to Rs 251, and also earn a profit? "Economies of scale gets it down to around Rs 1,200, and thereafter an online sales model cuts down marketing and sales expenses, giving us further savings," he says. And to this we will add marketing piggybacks from companies whose applications we load on the devices. We will save around Rs 300 per device more through this," Chadha says


I am not a businessman / investment analyst but surely this doesn’t add up. I am well aware that marketing costs would add to the final cost of any product… BUT saying ‘no marketing and sales expense will bring down the cost of production’ IS ridiculous. Saving on marketing and sales expenses CAN NOT impact the cost of material required to manufacture the bloody phone! Yaar… bakwaas karne say pehle thoda soch liya karo!

Perhaps there are other ways that Ringing Bells have managed to lower the cost:

  • Perhaps it’s a stolen shipment that is being re-branded/white-labelled (It is a possibility).
  • Perhaps there is some ground breaking manufacturing / assembling technique that has been adopted which the company doesn’t wish to disclose.
  • Perhaps it’s refurbished hardware / chipsets / handsets.
  • Perhaps someone got lucky at bidding on some locker / storage facility and got boxes of chipsets / mobile phones.
  • Perhaps it’s hardware with manufacturing defects / rejected units that have been acquired from the manufacturer.

Numerous possibilities. Several plausible scenarios. The part that is NOT plausible is – A saving on marketing/sales expense bringing down the cost of raw-material / production. That statement simply highlights that this ‘scheme’ is a scam.

That said - we don’t NEED more handsets or cheaper handsets. What we do need is reliable coverage for the existing handsets. Let’s get through that first. The world doesn’t need yet another cheap smartphone. We could do with smarter people though.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao… apni akal ladaao.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Eye Of The World – Robert Jordan

Thank you, Surya

Excellent read. A gripping story with brilliant writing.

All the characters are well defined and the story does remind one of LOTR and GOT, at the same time manages to be a wonderfully unique experience.

Egwene and Nynaeve (in my view) need to be thrashed. Moiraine … sigh… Moiraine… well – Kya kahoon aur kehne ko kya reh gaya. Lan and Perrin are the type of characters that I like – the strong, silent type.

In the beginning of the book, where Rand saves Tam, that single incident makes Rand the hero for me. For the rest of the series, even if Rand were to do absolutely nothing or even destroy the world a million times over, it won’t change my view about him.

Now on to Book Two.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quick Reviews


Stallone is absolutely brilliant!

Michael B Jordan… errr.. average.

Some sequences were irritating, but the film on the whole wasn’t too bad.

Too slow for my liking.

Johnny Depp is excellent!

The film COULD’VE been better, though.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I was really looking forward to this series. The pilot episode was absolutely brilliant!

Episode 2 was watchable. Episode 3 was RUBBISH! Horrible acting by EVERY ONE - Redaric Williams (playing Ty Huntler) managing to be the WORST of the lot.

Hope this gets better. It’s a brilliant concept that deserves significantly better treatment.

X-Files – Season 10

Disappointing. It looks like someone wanted to make a comedy spoof of the series.

Episode 3 and 4 were horrible.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A goat arrested yesterday for raiding a senior bureaucrat's garden in Chhattisgarh was granted a bail today. Along with its owner, it has been booked under charges that carry a two to seven year prison term and a fine.

Among the goat's criminal activities the police have listed grazing in the garden and eating plants and vegetables. They said the magistrate had called up senior police officers to complain about the errant animal.
Abdul Hassan, who faces charges of criminal trespass and mischief causing damage along with his goat, is now awaiting the court's decision this afternoon.


There have been other ridiculous incidents similar to this:

And all these among headlines that state - Over 2 crore cases pending in lower courts: Government data

Waaah janaab!

At Least Proof The Headlines!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


It is surprising to see how one can manage to hire such a talented cast and end up making such an idiotic/pointless/rubbish film.

Waste of time. Waste of talent.

Waah Zindagi

Kissi Shaayar ne khoob kahaa hai. Khoob nahin, balki BAHUT khoob kahaa hai.

Pyaas lagi thi gazab ki, magar paani mein zehar tha,
Peete tou mar jaate, na peete tou bhi mar jaate.

Bas yahi do massle zindagi bhar na hal hue,
Na neend puri hui, na khwaab hi mukkamil hue.

Waqt ne kaha ‘kaash thoda aur sabr hota’,
Sabr ne kaha ‘kaash thoda aur waqt hota’.

Subah subah uthna padhta hai, zindagi – kamaane ke liye sahib,
Araam kamaane nikalta hoon araam chchodhkar.

Hunar sadakon par tamaasha karta hai,
Aur kismet mahlon mein raj karti hai.

Shikaayaten tou bahut hain tujhse, ae zindagi,
Par chup iss liye hoon ki jo diya tune woh bhi bahuton ko naseeb nahin hota.

Daulat ki bhookh aisi lagi ke kamaane nikal gaye,
Jab daulat mili tou haath se rishte nikal gaye.

Bachchon ke saath rehne ki fursat na mil saki,
Fursat mili tou bachche khud kamaane nikal gaye.

Waah zindagi.