Sunday, June 30, 2013



Jackie Shroff does a decent enough job with what he got in terms of role/script. Do wish there was more of him (The hospital scenes were terrible. Especially the climax. It wasn't just over the top. It was ridiculous).

Rishi Kapoor is brilliant in his role. Probably the only one in the film who justified every bit of on-screen time.

Prithiviraj not bad. In my view, he would look good only in the 'strong-silent' type roles (Those are the best anyway).

Arjun Kapoor needs to work on his acting. It is way too early for him to convincingly play a double role (with conflicting characters). But then again, in Bollywood that really doesn't matter. Would be nice though if he would work on his expressions. At present, he just has one expression.

Sasha Aagha has potential. Her 'acting' is average (at best), but thankfully for her - in Bollywood that is of little concern. Actors with far less talent/skill have managed to make it big. I seriously doubt Sasha would ever make it as a lead heroine, but she is definitely passable as an item girl. I do see her being cast as a vamp though. Would suit her. And if she manages to pick her roles (and friends) properly, she could make her mark. Otherwise, there is always singing.

The film - Way too many holes in the plot. Too much film-reel is wasted on scenes that add nothing. Some more editing would have made this well paced and engaging. With some post production work it could have actually been a good tight thriller. At present, it is just a typical masala film, average at best - with Rishi Kapoor doing a brilliant job.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chattisgarh Collector's Response


In a shocking case of apathy, a collector in Chhattisgarh rejected a farmer's application requesting permission to end his life saying he does not need the administration's permission to kill himself.


It isn't often that I agree with the administration, but every now and then there will be an incident where I don't see any reason to disagree.

The response (in this case) may be considered insensitive (*rolls eyes), but I see nothing wrong with it. It is obvious the farmer - Rameshwar Banjare was trying to get some attention.

The article goes on to explain the reason for Rameshwar Banjare's request. He is trying to get compensation for his land – now rendered barren due to pollutants. In all likelihood, Rameshwar thought that by pulling off a stunt like this, he would be able to draw the attention to the pending issue and it just might help expedite the matter.

Like any other government procedure, this too can be painfully slow and extremely frustrating. Totally agree with that. Banjare getting ticked off about it is also understandable.

Here is the part that I don't get – Rameshwar could have submitted a relevant application – seeking timely compensation. He could have asked why he hasn't been compensated yet. He could have perhaps even demanded that the officials look into the matter and assist in resolving the issue.

Instead, what does bewakoof Banjare do? He submits an application requesting permission to commit suicide. If I was in the collector's position, I would have probably asked if he needed any assistance in deciding on the method and even made a few suggestions.

Insensitive… sure. But I honestly feel the world is better off without such cunts. Seriously.



Arrey marna hai to mar. Iss mein poochne ki kya baat hai? Saala nautanki. Tum log bas faaltu mein tension dete ho aur footage khaate ho. Mar saale maadarchod. Dum nahin hai? Idhar aa haraami… hum maar dete hain. Dharti pe bojh. Neech zaat.

Arrrggggh… It's Dexter time. Will have to settle for a re-run.


Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.

- George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Game Of Thrones - Dating Profiles Of The Characters


This was a fun read.

You can find more here

More Than Half Of Indian Graduates Are Not Fit To Be Hired


A new survey of graduate students across the country, conducted by Aspiring Minds says that more than half of them are not fit to be hired.

Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Aspiring Minds says, "Our education system continues to be put down by the rote learning concepts. These rote learning concepts are not training people for functional skills who are going to be deployed into the industry in a more readily fashion without any extensive training."


Don't know why there was a need for a survey to come to this conclusion. It becomes evident (that most are unemployable) when you try to have a conversation with them. Go ahead, try it. They might be able to recite paragraphs from their text books, but ask them what they understood and… BLANK (most of them anyway).

Now, next survey - How many political leaders are sensible enough to be allowed to speak to another human being? Not many, but it would make a good headline.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Interview Scam


The fraudsters' methods are the same in most cases. Mails are drafted on what look like genuine letterheads with the company's logo. One such letter purportedly from Bosch says, "Your resume has been selected from one of the various job sites we hire for our plant. Bosch HRD selected 52 candidates...Designation and job location will be fixed by Bosch HRD at the time of final process."

The letters then invariably ask the candidate to make a refundable security deposit, only in cash, into a certain HR manager's account. The amounts that TOI has seen ranges from Rs 6,725 to Rs 15,890. The amount, the letters say, will pay for the air ticket, accommodation and food during the interview period, and will be refunded in full as soon as the interview is over. It even provides an explanation for why the money needs to be deposited into the HR manager's account and not a company account: "because it will be easier to refund the money immediately after the interview".


Well, if some job seeker is idiotic enough to fall for THAT – here is a suggestion:

STOP APPLYING. You are too stupid to be hired by anyone sensible for any reasonably well paying job. Do not waste your time and that of others. Get yourself a real education first. Clearly, your only skill is being able to crap out mugged up shit onto an answer sheet. That is NOT education.

Padhe-likhe jaahil.

In my view, the 'fraudsters' should build a database of their victims and sell that database to recruitment agencies and big organisations - Database Of The Unemployables. This will help the respective HR officers in short-listing potential candidates and save everyone a lot of time and effort.

When it's a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.

- Voltaire

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ye Jo Hai Hukm Mere Paas Na Aaye Koi

Daag Dehlvi…

Ye jo hai hukm mere paas na aaye koi
Iss liye ruuth rahe hain ki manaaye koi

Taak mein hai nigah-e-shauq khudaa khair kare
saamne se mere bachtaa hua jaaye koi

Haal aflaaq-o-zameen ka jo bataayaa bhi to kya
baat vo hai jo tere dil ki baataaye koi

Aapne 'daag' ko muunh bhi na lagaayaa afsos
uss ko rakhta tha kaleje se lagaaye koi

Ho chuka aish ka jalsa to mujhe khat bheja
aap ki tarah se mehmaan bulaaye koi

Government Listens To Citizens

Obama - Before And After (On NSA 'Surveillance')

Do watch:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Passport Seva Kendra

From June 21, online payment system will be applicable for taking appointments at Ghaziabad, Herald House ITO, Shalimar Place, Gurgaon, Bikaji Cama Place, Lalbagh, Sai Arcade, Mangalore, Hubli-Dharwad, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Raipur, Shimla, Bareilly, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur and Gorakhpur offices.


With the launch of online payment-based appointments, applicants will be required to make payment at the time of booking appointment on the government's website.

"With this, only genuine applicants will book the appointment and number of no-shows will reduce," the statement said.


I don't have anything against applicants being required to make payment at the time of booking appointment. My problem is with the statement - ONLY GENUINE applicants will book the appointment.

From all the stories that highlight the issues involved in actually getting through the website to make an appointment - I seriously doubt there would be individuals who are just clicking away and booking appointments for the fuck of it. Given that they are taking all this time and effort, isn't it obvious that they would be 'genuine applicants'?!

The article goes on to say:

"Further, instead of an applicant choosing the date and time slot of appointment, the system will automatically give the earliest available appointment" - Err… and what if the person wants to book the appointment for a later date? The applicant MAY NOT want to come in on the earliest available date. The applicant MAY have plans or other appointments. The article doesn't mention that the applicant has the option to change the date/time or request another date/time.

More Mamata Madness



"CPI(M) has joined hands with the Maoists in making a blueprint to kill me and to make room for their return to power in West Bengal which will never come off,"

Here we go… again. What I really can't understand is, with all this PLOTTING going on, how come there hasn't been a single successful attempt? Surely the security can't be THAT good. Sigh… We hope… we wait. Umeed pe duniya qaayam hai.


"Outsiders intruded the village when I visited the residence of the girl (gangrape victim who was brutally killed on June 8) and my security staff later told me that a murder plot was hatched against me there itself, which came to be known later,"

Did the security staff tell you OR… did YOU tell that to your security staff?

A plot was 'hatched' there itself? You must've done/said something really horrid for people to immediately 'hatch' a murder plot. The important question here is, why didn't anyone go ahead with the plot? Not even a failed attempt? With all these people 'hatching' so many plots against you, isn't it obvious that YOU are the problem? Why… why can't you be a good girl and just die.


"So long as Ma, Mati and Manush (Mother, land and people) are with me, nobody can touch my hair. I never commit a mistake knowingly. I am not afraid to die,"

Daft cunt.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Embraer's Floating Catalogue


Now THAT's marketing. Well done!

Yet Another Beauty Without Brains

There have been worse. This was just the most recent.

Shopping At LV - Not Bad

As much as I hate shopping… there are a few places I don't mind shopping at. Adding Louis Vuitton (Salhia) to that list.

Very simple reasons (I am a simple man with simple tastes) - In addition to valet parking (JW Marriott), the staff is extremely helpful and very friendly. Plus… I really like the way they pack the stuff.


Game Of Thrones - Season 3

Red head bitch and her God Of Light nonsense - ignored.

Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) - I don't see how this character is adding to the main plot. The torture scenes are fine - No problem with that. It's just that, I don't really care what's happening to Theon. Him and his house are… irrelevant to the story (as of now).

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) needs to kill someone. I was expecting him to do it by the season finale but that didn't happen. Tyrion killing 'King' Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) would be nice. But I would gladly settle for him slashing Cersei's (Lena Headey) throat.

Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) - Killed - Finally the bitch shuts up (*sings - Ding Dong the witch [bitch] is dead).

Robb Stark (Richard Madden) - Killed - Shit happens. He had it coming. I blame the mother.

Talisa Maegyr (Oona Chaplin) - Killed - Hmm… Would have liked to see more of her.

Grey Wind (Robb's dire wolf) - Killed - Oh come on. Must you keep killing the wolves?! Grrrr. NOT COOL!

Going to be a long wait for Season 4.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Being Watched?


I don't know what everyone is crying about. If you were to think about it for a second, the government has absolutely NO INTEREST in what people are saying. The surveillance is for very specific purposes. Seriously! There is a HUGE group of individuals who are being ignored by the NSA (and every other government body/agency/official).

See! Clearly no one is watching or listening to them.

Number Portability - Finally


Pretty sure it is the same process for the other carriers as well.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

SoftSound Wireless Pillow Speakers



  • Listen to TV audio or music without disturbing your partner
  • Speakers are encased inside our soft, supportive Biosense® memory foam pillow and Better Than Down® cover
  • Soft controller attached to pillow so you can adjust volume
  • Built-in sleep timer
  • Includes pillow, remote, RF transmitter and cable for connecting to TV, stereo system, or music player—even your smartphone
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)


Connecting over RF and not Bluetooth - Nice.

Worth looking into anyway.

Indian Embassy Help Line


The Embassy sources said, should an Indian expatriate encounter any improper treatment during a security check it may be conveyed immediately with full details and contact particulars to the Embassy on phone No. 67623639, Email ID:


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IdealNotes For iPhone


On Gizmodo:


You can have every last note-taking, scrapbooking, idea-saving app installed on your iPhone 5, but it still won't replace the usefulness of always having a pen and paper handy. And ensuring that at least half of that duo is readily available, the Idealnotes are soft-covered Moleskine knock-offs designed to live with your iPhone 5 in perfect harmony.

Err… seriously, what's the point!??

What next? Here is my guess:

  • IdealNotes will be acquired by Apple and get renamed to iNote (if that's NOT already taken).
  • iNote 2 will be launched a year later and will include a side band as well to hold a pencil (and hailed as a revolutionary notebook, with Apple claiming to have invented the pencil).
  • iNote 3 will be a thinner/slimmer version of the iNote 2 (yet another ground-breaking development).

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I liked it. Jim Carrey was easy to ignore.

I found the film enjoyable. Plus, there is Olivia Wilde

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bhindi Bazaar Inc

The film is a bit too down-market for my taste.

But… Vedita Pratap Singh is impressive (in my view). Never thought that someone anchoring for one of those teleshopping crap products could deliver such a performance. Hum to fan hogaye.

Hope to see her cast in better films.

Ek Thi Daayan


Why is it that Bollywood magicians must have idiotic names? Goga… Bobo?? Arrey?!?

Here is what bothered me the most about this film - With a bit of effort… and a lot of editing, this film could have been so much better! Wasted opportunity.

Didn't like Huma Qureshi in this one. Not one bit. It had nothing to do with the role. Just didn't like her in this film.

Surveillance State

Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Shocked' By Jiah Khan's Death, Boy Commits Suicide


According to police, the boy, Babu , a resident of Gurunanak Basti in Sriganganagar, woke up on Tuesday morning and was watching television. Babu was a student of Class V in a private school. "He became depressed after watching the news of Jiah Khan's death. Later he brought some DVDs of Jiah Khan's movies and started watching them. In the afternoon, the boy confined himself to a room. He did not even lock the room and hanged from the ceiling fan," said a police officer on Wednesday.


Wow… this is definitely beyond the permissible level of stupidity. You daft cunt!

Good riddance to bad rubbish. One less idiot in the world.

I do feel sorry for the parents, but I am sure they would have been suffering from the day Babu was born. Couldn't have been easy bringing up a retard (Yes, I am extremely insensitive and No… I am NOT sorry about that).

Jee haan… main hoon Khalnayak (*plays the video on YouTube smiling as he sings along).

Monday, June 3, 2013

I-T Department To Scan Salary Slips Of Top Executives For TDS


NEW DELHI: Income Tax department has decided to scan the salary structure of top executives of large corporates and PSUs to examine hidden tax opportunities in the perks and reimbursements made to them.

The department, during its recent deliberations with top I-T and CBDT officials here, decided to strengthen its tax deducted at source (TDS) obtained from salaries of employees, regime in order to collect more revenue under this category.


All I want to say is - Fuck You.



As per Montek Singh's 'calculations', INR 32 a day is sufficient. So… Why not simplify the Tax Assessment Form? Here is a suggestion: