Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ishq kar ke, tujh se diwaana - betaab hua, barbaad hua
Bhool gaya apna bhi naam, jab naam tera isse yaad hua

Its actually from one of the songs in Goal ... Initially I thought that I liked the song only because of Bipasha. Later on figured out that I only listened to the song till this line was on and then would just switch the channel.

Well I still like Bipasha. Perhaps next time I come across the song, instead of flipping channels, Ill just hit mute. :)

us ko judaa hue bhi zamaanaa bahut huaa

Ahmed Faraaz ...

us ko judaa hue bhi zamaanaa bahut huaa
ab kya kahen ye qissaa puraanaa bahut huaa

dhalti na thi kisi bhi jatan se shab-e-firaaqai
marg-e-naagahaan tera aanaa bahut huaa

hum khuld se nikal to gaye hain par ai khudaa
itne se vaaqye kaa fasaanaa bahut huaa

ab hum hain aur saare zamaane ki dushmani
us se zaraa rabt badhaanaa bahut huaa

ab kyon na zindagi pe muhabbat ko vaar den
is aashiqi mein jaan se jaanaa bahut huaa

ab tak to dil ka dil se taarruf na ho sakaa
maanaa ki us se milna milaanaa bahut huaa

kya kya na hum kharaab hue hain magar ye dil
ai yaad-e-yaar tera thikaanaa bahut huaa

kahta thaa naasehon se mere muunh na aaio
phir kya thaa ek huu kaa bahaanaa bahut huaa

lo phir tere labon pe usi bevafaa ka zikr
ahmad 'faraz' tujh se kahaa naa bahut huaa

Bush: Mission Accomplished

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bipasha ...

Now that the love is gone

The video is kind of lame (my view).. but .. what the hell

what are we suppose to do
after all that we've been through
when everything that felt so right is wrong
now that the love... is.. gone...

there is nothing left to prove
no use to deny the simple truth
can't find the reason to keep holding on
now that love is gone

Double Calculations!

Sure you guys must've read about Ambani bhaiya climbing to the top of the world's richest list.

Well soon after that, there was another report stating that there was some mistake and he infact isnt the richest just yet. Link

My problem is not with that, but with the statement made by the Reliance Spokesman Tushar Pania, who was quoted as saying:

"They are completely wrong. They have done double calculations

What's wrong with just saying that there was an error in the calculation, or some factors were not taken into account, or something like the figures calculated were incorrect. This is perhaps just a tad bit better than saying Galti se mishtake hogaya hoga.

The message did get across, which is usually the whole point of any communication but I am not asking for PERFECTION over here, just a bit of sense.

Windows Live Photo Gallery (BETA)

Haven't tried it, but that's because I don't really have any photos to share.

Just put it up here, incase anyone wants to try another photo-sharing application or just wants another option.

Policy Change


Going to be launched soon. Expected to present a serious challenge to Youtube.

The interesting bit abt Hulu is, the content will include primetime shows (full episodes) such as Prison Break, Office, Heroes etc...

Can't wait to check it out. I did submit my email address, now have to wait for them to launch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Woh jab yaad aaye

Click here to listen to the song

Lyrics by Asad Bhopali. The voice - Rafi sahib

Woh jab yaad aaye, bahut yaad aaye
gham-e-zindagi ke, andhere mein humne -
Chirag-e-mohabbat jalaye-bujhaye

Aahaten jaag uthi, raaste hans diye
thaam kar uthe dil, hum kissi ke liye
kai baar aisa bhi dhoka hua hai
chale aa rahe hain woh nazren jhukaaye

Dil sulagne laga ashk bahne lage
jaane kya-kya humen, log kahne lage
magar rote-rote, hansi aa gayi hai
khayalon mein aake woh jab muskuraye

Woh juda kya hue, zindagi kho gayi
shamma jalti rahi, roshni kho gayi
bahut koshishen ki, magar dil na bahla
kai saaz chede - kai geet gaye

Follow up comments

I was leaving a comment on a blog, when I noticed EMAIL FOLLOW UP COMMENTS option. Cool. Sure makes things easier.

Incase you already knew about it, well no harm done.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jaage hain der tak

Jaage hain der tak humen kuch der sone do
thodi si raat aur hai, subah to hone do

Aadhe adhure khwaab jo, poore na ho sake
ik baar phir se neend mein, wo khwaab bone do!!

Iran or bust

thukraao ab ke pyaar karo - main nashe mein hoon

Click here to listen to the Ghazal

Shahid Kabir ...

thukraao ab ke pyaar karo - main nashe mein hoon
jo chaaho mere yaar karo - main nashe mein hoon

ab bhi dila rahan hoon yaqin-e-wafa magar
mera na aitbaar karo - main nashe mein hoon

girne do tum mujhe - mera saagar sambhaal lo
itna to mere yaar karo - main nashe mein hoon

mujh ko qadam qadam pe bhatakne do vaaizo
tum apna kaarobaar karo - main nashe mein hoon

fir bekhudi mein hadh se guzarne laga hoon main
itna na mujh se pyar karo - main nashe mein hoon

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Invisible

Boring, crappy, irritating, dumb, annoying nonsense..
Complete waste of time. Don't watch.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Incase you had a doubt

Now you know where bush's brains are - (thanks Cool chic)

Singapore Airlines - A 380

Got the pics from their site

aap ko bhuul jaayen hum

Tasleem Fazli ...

aap ko bhuul jaayen hum, itne to bevafaa nahin
aap se kya gilaa karen - aap se kuch gilaa nahin

shishaa-e-dil ko todnaa, unka to ek khel hai
humse hi bhuul ho gai - unki koi khataa nahin

kaash vo apne gham mujhe, de den to kuch sukuun mile
vo kitna badnaseeb hai - gham hi jise milaa nahin

jurm hai gar vafaa to kya, kyon main vafaa ko chhod duun
kahte hain iss gunaah ki - hoti koi sazaa nahin

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lucky You

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't play poker.

I enjoyed it.. but that's probably because I enjoy poker. It's a different story that I haven't played in a while.

It could have definitely used some fine tuning. A bit less talking would've helped too, the ending could've been so much better, the romantic angle, well didn't really see the point of it, thankfully it didn't take up too much footage.

All said and done, I did enjoy the movie.

Now Casino Royale had poker too. But I didn't enjoy that, because... well that was SUPPOSED TO BE a bond movie. Lucky You on the other hand, is a poker movie.

Bush marches on

NBW against Aamir Khan

Just read this news article in the morning. These days, people really need to sue celebrities in order to showcase their patriotism.

Issuing a Non bailable warrant against him is fine, provided the prosecution or the court can produce the signed acknowledgement of receipt - by Aamir - for the previous summons.

But what I can't understand is, how the hell does this case even get this far. the petition should've been thrown out the second it was read.

This is how it goes - The case against Aamir is for DISHONORING the national flag (yeah, I know, these people just don't give up). It was the launch of some new car, and Aamir was there to promote the car. The car being launched had the national flag stuck on the roof and it remained there even after the event was over.

Confused? Well so am I. How the hell does this imply dishonor for the national flag? even if it does, then how does it make sense to sue Aamir for it? He was there for the event, but that doesn't mean that he organized the event, or better yet, doesn't mean that he put the flag there?

Don't the courts have any real cases to attend to? the last time I checked, there was a huge backlog of pending court cases, and here they are wasting time on such nonsense.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Koi humdum na raha

Ab kya kahen hum...sigh...
Majrooh Sultanpuri ke alfaaz, Kishore da ki awaaz

here are the lyrics -

koi humdum na raha - koi sahaara na raha
hum kisi ke na rahe - koi humaara na raha

shaam tanhaai ki hai, aayegi manzil kaise
jo mujhe raah dikhaye - wahi taara na raha

ae nazaaro na hanso, mil na sakoonga tum se
woh mere ho na sake - main bhi tumhara na raha

kya bataaun main kahaan, yunhi chalaa jaata hoon
jo mujhe phir se bula le - woh ishaara na raha

tere qadamon pe sar hoga qazaa sar pe khadi hogi

Seemab Akbarabaadi ...

tere qadamon pe sar hoga qazaa sar pe khadi hogi
phir us sajde kaa kya kahna - anokhi bandagi hogi

nasim-e-subah gulshan mein gulon se khelti hogi
kisi ki aakhri hichki - kisi ki dillagi hogi

dikha duungaa sar-e-mahfil bataa duungaa sar-e-mahashar
vo mere dil mein honge aur duniya dekhti hogi

mazaa aa jaayegaa mahashar mein phir sunane-sunaane kaa
zubaan hogi vahaan meri kahaani aap ki hogi

tumhen daanistaa mahfil mein jo dekha ho to mujrim
nazar aakhir nazar hai be-iraadaa uth gai hogi

Heroes Season 2

Done watching the first 4 episodes of the second season. Definitely less annoying than the early episodes of season 1. So far it's only Claire and Hiro who are annoying, but definitely less irritating than they were in the first season.

Mohinder still seems gay, Parkman still deserves to be whacked around, but all said and done, the show isn't as frustrating as the first 11 episodes of the previous season. Not much of Jessica/Nikki so far, and I hope they would keep it that way.

I don't even find her hot (guess it's the teeth, could be the hair). Candice.. now she is HOT. loved the look in the skirt, and that smile of hers..

For some reason, I always liked Nathan.

The screenplay is downright stupid, but hell - it's just television, So I guess it's ok when the writers didn't wonder why Peter didn't just fly himself, while he was going nuclear and why that didn't occur to anyone while they were making a big deal out of the whole Peter being the exploding man thing (he did absorb Nathans ability too, remember?)


Proposed blogging law (Italy)

Just incase, someone thought that Stupid laws and proposals were region specific.. well here is another idiotic proposal, this time from Italy. Ricardo Franco Levi has come out with the draft. (MORON)

The law, IF PASSED WITHOUT ANY AMENDMENTS, requires all bloggers in Italy to register with a national database. Beppe Grillo talks about the crappy law and makes his displeasure known on his blog. The outrage from the general public has ensured that the proposal will be revised and reconsidered.

What it says more or less is that Non-professional and/or not-for-profit blogs and websites be categorized as editorial products which would imply that, these would be treated at par with magazines and newspapers.

Not only would this allow the government to hit them with taxes, but also object on the content of these blogs or websites. If a post or a readers comment were considered libelous, it could translate to jail term for the blogger!!??

Just as I had mentioned earlier, about a law proposed by a parliamentary committee in India, it's highly unlikely that such nonsense would come into effect, but one does wonder - HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? Even if it's just a draft and will be amended, what were you thinking when you prepared the bloody draft!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mehdi Hassan Live - Ranjish hi sahi

Unfortunately the above video is not complete ... but still.

You can find the lyrics here

The ghazal was originally penned down by Ahmed Faraz, and later on Talib Baghpati added the following ashaar (couplets) to it ...

maanaa ki muhabbat kaa chhipaanaa hai muhabbat
chup ke se kisii roz jataane ke liye aa

jaise tujhe aate hain na aane ke bahaane
aise hi kisii roz na jaane ke liye aa

Sunday, October 21, 2007

shaam se aankh mein nami si hai

Gulzar ...

shaam se aankh mein nami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kami si hai

dafn kar do humen ki saans mile
nabz kuch der se thami si hai

vaqt rahtaa nahin kahin chhup kar
iski aadat bhi aadmi si hai

koi rishtaa nahin rahaa phir bhi
ek taslim laazmi si hai

Wish she would read this.. but even if she did make it till here, kya faayda. She doesnt understand Urdu.. sigh..
Hota hai, chalta hai.... duniya hai.

Tired of this view

Transform into a vending machine - be safe (Japan)

This sure is creative (don't know if its practical or effective, but definitely creative). Apparently, some designer in Japan has come up with this idea for women-clothing, to avoid being assaulted on the streets.

Go behind an alley and then DISGUISE YOURSELF as a vending machine.... (and you thought Bond had the coolest gadgets). Wonder if the disguise lights up too.

Imagine a potential rapist or mugger walking along a street shaking up the vending machines looking for his next victim. or better yet.. imagine someone trying to shove a coin into the disguised woman (well that could be considered as sexual assault too, just unintentional. The coin slot would be somewhere around her...... well you know).

Of course, they could always make the vending maching disguise to display the sign OUT OF ORDER.. but then that would also narrow down the machines to shake up - for the potential rapist/mugger.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

der lagi aane mein tum ko

Andleeb Shadani ...

der lagi aane mein tum ko, shukr hai phir bhi aaye to
aas ne dil kaa saath na chhodaa - vaise hum ghabraaye to

shafaq dhanak mahtaab ghataayen - taare nagmein bijli phuul
us daaman mein kya kya kuch hai - vo daaman haath mein aaye to

chaahat ke badle mein hum to bech den apni marzi tak
koi mile to dil kaa gaahak - koi humein apnaaye to

kyon ye mihrangez tabassum madd-e-nazar jab kuch bhi nahin
haaye agar koi anjaan agar - is dhoke mein aa jaaye to

suni sunaai baat nahin hai, apne upar beeti hai
phuul nikalte hain sholon se - chaahat aag lagaaye to

jhuuth hai sab taarikh humeshaa apne ko dohoraati hai
achhaa mera khvaab-e-javaani - thodaa saa doharaaye to

naadaani aur majburi mein yaaro kuch to farq karo
ek bebas insaan kare kya - tuut ke dil aa jaaye to

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NO(BEL) Prize for bush

ISP's responsible for your actions !! (India)

the committee seeks to raise the liability of internet service providers for any third party content in a manner that it will become difficult to run the service and stay away from jail.

Just read this article in the morning, and absurd is not the word.... I thought the Patriot Act was stupid.

What they seem to be proposing is, that if a user, for instance were to use the internet to download or share copyright material (book, music, video whatever), then not only is the user liable for legal action, so is the ISP that s/he used.

Now, if a terrorist were talking over his Reliance cell phone, to his other terrorist friends and discussing plans for their next terror strike, would it be logical to prosecute the Ambanis?

If one of the committee members (who have proposed this crap) were to receive a death threat by regular mail, would it be logical to prosecute the postal services??

Pretty sure that this proposal won't be coming into effect ever, but just can't even begin to imagine how the hell someone can come up with something so stupid. Common sense is just too uncommon these days.

Monday, October 15, 2007


50 years from now, that's what a car would look like (well, at least that's what the guys at Mercedes believe). Here is the link to the story.

If the look isn't enough to intrigue you, well the car is supposed to be capable of SELF REPAIR. Personally, I think that's pushing it a bit, but then again, since self diagnose is possible, then why not repair. Perhaps, it will house spare parts somewhere within the body.... or maybe the guys over at Merc VISUALIZED this car, without any spare parts.

Inspired by Star wars?? R2D2 riding along in the hood!!! or alternatively something like nanobots replicating and taking the form and function of the part required.. hmm Michael Crichton would love this shit.

Ohhh and it gets cooler. One can actually change the design of the car. No, I dont mean taking it to the bodyshop. You choose how you want the car to look like, and the car acquires that design and it's stored in some KEY FOB (no idea).

The car is supposed to be made of micro metallic particles, controlled by magnetic fields, and that's what allows you to change the design of the car (without taking it to the bodyshop).

hmmmm .. I think they took the VISION a bit too far.... but then, who knows - Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another one on torture

apna gham leke kahin aur na jaayaa jaaye

Nida Fazli ... (Sigma... mood banaa diya yaar)

apna gham leke kahin aur na jaayaa jaaye
ghar mein bikhri hui chizon ko sajaayaa jaaye

jin chiraagon ko havaaon ka koi khauf nahin
un chiraagon ko havaaon se bachaayaa jaaye

baag mein jaane ke aadaab hua karte hain
kisi titali ko na phuulon se udaayaa jaaye

khudakushi karne ki himmat nahin hoti sab mein
aur kuch din yuun hi auron ko sataayaa jaaye

ghar se masjid hai bahut duur chalo yuun kar len
kisi rote hue bachche ko hansaaya jaaye

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tum itna jo

Kaifi Azmi ...

tum itna jo muskuraa rahe ho
kya gham hai jiss ko chhupaa rahe ho

aankhon mein nami - hansi labon par
kya haal hai kya dikha rahe ho

ban jaayenge zahar pite pite
ye ashk jo pite jaa rahe ho

jin zakhmon ko vaqt bhar chalaa hai
tum kyon unhen chhede jaa rahe ho

rekhaaon ka khel hai muqaddar
rekhaaon se maat khaa rahe ho

'Naughty' emails can land you behind bars

Beware before you click the forward button on that "naughty" email that just arrived in your inbox. It could land you in jail for five years along with a fine of Rs 1 lakh.

Just read this news article. It got me thinking, what the hell is wrong with people? Is filing a law suit the new in-thing?

Most of the forward emails have a Subject line, and it's usually evident from the subject itself that the email might contain explicit material. In those cases, one can just delete the forward, without even having to open it.

Yes in some cases, the subject might not make it clear, or perhaps the subject is missing or whatever, well you open the email, you find the content offensive, hell don't just run off and file a lawsuit! There are sensible options available. The easiest thing to do, is to let the person know that you don't find such emails amusing.

Make it clear that you don't want to receive such material again. That would - in most cases - be the end of story. All it would take for the sender, is to remove that particular address from his group.

You have to understand, it's not like Mr X was deriving sexual pleasure/satisfaction or (something along those lines), thinking about Ms Meenakshi reading a "NAUGHTY EMAIL". I do admit that the above scenario is not completely impossible (Who is to say what gets one off), but it's definitely a safe argument that it would be highly unlikely that 8 PEOPLE in the same office had such a unique kink.

I'd just say, PRUDE BITCH.

Power to the people (well .. kinda)

Ok so the title of this post is a bit crappy, but who cares. Good things happening for music. Bands going Direct to Fans, Death to DRM.. ahhh .. nice.

That's what Radiohead is doing with their new Album - in Rainbows, going direct to the fans. The album releases today and you can download it from here. Ofcourse, you can order the discbox too from the same place.

Yeah there are some consumers bitching about the quality. 160 KBPS apparently is not good enough!!! (yeah, even I was rolling my eyes, Some people eh) click here to read the whinin on Gizmodo.

In my opinion, Pay what you want for downloads, is great.

Then we have Nine Inch Nails doing the same thing. Dumping records labels and agents and going direct to the fans/consumers. Here is part of the text from the official site:

I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very different and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate.

(Click here for the whole thing)

How can I forget, a great presentation from Ian Rodgers (VP n GM of Yahoo Music)

here is part of it:

Suing Napster without offering an alternative just seemed like a denial of fact. Napster didn’t invent the ability to do P2P, it was inherent in TCP/IP. It was like throwing Newton in jail for popularizing the concept of gravity.

I personally don't have any more time to give and can't bear to see any more money spent on pathetic attempts for control instead of building consumer value. Life's too short. I want to delight consumers, not bum them out.

(You can read the whole stuff by clicking here.)

That chucks out DRM .. YES!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rockstar- NickelBack

Now thats a VIDEO. Great song, love the video. Here are the lyrics:

I am through with standing in line, to clubs we'll never get in
it's like the bottom of the ninth, and i'm never gonna win
this life hasn't turned out, quite the way i want it to be

i want a brand new house on an episode of cribs
and a bathroom i can play baseball in
and a king size tub big enough for ten plus me

i'll need a credit card that's got no limit
and a big black jet with a bedroom in it
gonna join the mile high club at thirty-seven thousand feet

i want a new tour bus full of old guitars
my own star on hollywood boulevard
somewhere between cher and james dean is fine for me

i'm going to trade this life for fortune and fame
i'd even cut my hair and change my name

because we all just wanna be big rockstars
and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
we'll all stay skinny coz we just won't eat

and we'll hang out in the coolest bars
in the vip with the movie stars
every good gold digger's going to wind up there
every playboy bunny with her bleach blond hair

hey hey I want to be a rockstar

I want to be great like elvis without the tassels
hire eight body guards that love to beat up assholes
sign a couple autographs so I can eat my meals for free

O think I am going to dress my ass with the latest fashion
get a front door key to the playboy mansion
going to date a centerfold that loves to blow my money for me

I am going to trade this life for fortune and fame
i'd even cut my hair and change my name

because we all just wanna be big rockstars
and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
we'll all stay skinny coz we just won't eat

and we'll hang out in the coolest bars
in the vip with the movie stars
every good gold digger's going to wind up there
every playboy bunny with her bleach blond hair

and we'll hide out in the private rooms
with the latest dictionary and today's who's who
they'll get you anything with that evil smile
everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial

hey hey I want to be a rockstar
hey hey i want to be a rockstar

(LOVE THIS PART... not all of it is in the video though..)

I am going to sing those songs that offend the censors
going to pop my pills from a pez dispenser
when they ask why I drink all day I'll say because i can

I'll get washed-up singers writing all my songs
lip sync em every night so I don't get them wrong
then listen to the fans tell me how damn good I am

I am going to trade this life for fortune and fame
i'd even cut my hair and change my name

Fiscal Conservative


Well that's the tiny little picture one gets on the left side of the web address, in the address bar. In other words, the you see in the address bar - when you go to Google, or the when you go to Yahoo.

Here is ONE OF many ways you can get it done for your blog.

Go to the above link. Register online (its free and takes a few minutes). Click on the activation link you will receive in your email. Once you have activated your account, Sign in. Then click on Edit blog (left side of the screen), Put up your blog details (Address, Name... the usual). Click Submit.

Then click on Change Favatar, select the pic you want to use as your Fav Icon. Click Submit.

Then click on Favatar Codes, copy the code appearing under favicon code - which should look somethin like :

link rel="shortcut icon" href=""
type="image/x-icon" />
link rel="icon"
href="" type="image/png" />

Paste the code in your blogs template under the HEAD tag. Save template, n you are done.

P.s. Dont forget to clear up the browser cache. It might take some time for the Fav icon to appear.


Favatar site seems to be down.. so here is another way of getting your Fav Icon done

If you know how to make a Fav Icon using a photo editor (adobe or whatever), go ahead and do it. Otherwise you can go to Favicon editor site, like this one and make one from there. It is easy.

With that done, Upload your ICO file (name it anything you like) to a web server like Tripod or whatever, I am using HostAnyPic (free) and then edit your blogs template (Edit HTML) to read:

<link href='URL to your ICO file that you are hosting' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='URL to your ICO file that you are hosting' rel='icon'/>

Paste the above just before the HEAD tag ends.

Some more Healthcare

ab kisse chaahen

Bashir Badr ...

ab kisse chaahen - kisse dhuundhaa karen
vo bhi aakhir mil gayaa - ab kya karen

halki halki baarishen hoti rahen
hum bhi phuulon ki tarah bhigaa karen

aankh muunde us gulaabi dhuup mein
der tak baithe use socha karen

dil muhabbat din duniya shaayri
har dariche se tujhe dekha karen

ghar naya kapde naye bartan naye
in puraane kaagazon ka kya karen

PS3 - 40GB

Should be out in Europe soon. Expected to be on the shelves in US by first week of November. PS3 Cheaper now (smaller Hard drive, but that shouldn't be an issue).

Here is the link.

Well yeah, one of the reasons why PS3s didn't sell as much was the price. Of course, the main reason wasn't just the price, but Wii.

For the price, sony can come out with more price cuts or whatever, but then, what are they going to do about Wii?

I'd say, face the facts. Admit to it. Beaten by a superior product. Better luck next time.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si

meri bheegi bheegi si, palkon pe reh gaye
jaise mere sapne bikhar ke
jale mann tera bhi, kissi ke milan ko
anamika tu bhi tarse

tujhe bin jaane bin pehchane, maine hriday se lagaaya
par mere pyar ke badle mein tu ne mujh ko ye din dikhlaaya

jaise birha ki rut maine kaati - tadap ke, aahen bhar bhar ke
jale mann tera bhi, kissi ke milan ko
anamika tu bhi tarse

aag se naata nari se rishta, kahe mann samajh na paaya
mujhe kya hua tha - ek bewafa pe, haye mujhe kyun pyaar aaya

teri bewafai pe - hanse jag sara, gali gali guzre jidhar se
jale mann tera bhi, kissi ke milan ko
anamika tu bhi tarse

Sunday, October 7, 2007

You Kill Me

Ben Kingsley... just saw that name appearing in the credits and thought it would make a good watch. Well it didn't.

It does have its moments. Smart and Witty at times (wish that would last through out the movie). Ben Kingsley does do the best he can, with the role he was offered. I am sure everyone had a great time while filming for the movie.

It comes to a point where you find yourselves saying 'Get this over with'

Ohh and the Alcohol Anonymous thing - never could take that thing seriously, never have never will. The whole idea of 'Hi my name is bla bla.. I am an alcoholic' , it's just too lame to make sense (to me).

If that shit works for the Alcoholics, then great. I just don't see how it would help and probably that's why the movie just didn't interest me.

You can definitely let this one pass.

baat karni mujhe mushkil - kabhi aisi to na thi

Bahadur Shah Zafar ...

baat karni mujhe mushkil - kabhi aisi to na thi
jaisi ab hai teri mahfil - kabhi aisi to na thi

le gayaa chheen ke kaun aaj tera sabr-o-qarar
beqaraari tujhe ai dil - kabhi aisi to na thi

chashm-e-qaatil meri dushman thi hameshaa lekin
jaise ab ho gai qaatil - kabhi aisi to na thi

un ki aankhon ne khuda jaane kiya kya jaaduu
ke tabiyat meri maail - kabhi aisi to na thi

aks-e-rukh-e-yaar ne kis se hai tujhe chamkaayaa
taab tujh mein maah-e-kaamil kabhi aisi to na thi

kya sabab tu jo bigadtaa hai "zafar" se har baar
khuu teri huur-e-shamaail - kabhi aisi to na thi

They shouldve read the warning label

Ajab Si

hmmm. It's a nice song. KK sings well, and this song is no exception.

I don't care if DARD E DISCO is a big hit (I think its a stupid song.. the music is good, the beats are cool.. the lyrics are trashy and don't even get me started on the video).

aankhon mein teri - ajab si ajab si adayen hain
dil ko bana den jo patang, saansen yeh teri woh haawaen hain

aai aisi raat hai jo bhahut khush-naseeb hai
chaahe jise door se duniya - woh mere kareeb hai
kitna kuch kehna hai - phir bhi hai - dil mein saawal kahin
sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai - woh phir se kahun - ya nahin

tere saath saath aisa - koi noor aaya hai
chaand teri roshni ka - halka sa ik saaya hai
teri nazron ne dil ka kiya jo hashr - asar yeh hua
abb inmein hi doob ke ho jaun paar - yehi hai dua


WOW! .. well, I do hate gold (just don't like the colour), but the WOW is because I had figured this kind of stuff wouldn't go beyond cell phones (VERTU, remember?). Anyways, this Laptop is created by Alex Wiley

BTW the Apple Logo on the Laptop, it's studded with 3 carat diamonds.

The whole thing can be customized..(yeah like anyone is interested in that info....)

More details here

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Insurance... VETO!

WGA validation no longer necessary for IE 7

according to a post on Microsoft's IE blog, this WGA check is going away with the latest IE7 update, at least for Windows XP users.

Click here for the full story.

I am sure everyone who wanted to try out or use (yes, there are some who prefer IE7) IE7, have already found a work around and are using it now. So, I don't believe that this move is actually going to increase IE7s market share. not unless there were tons of lazy users who wanted to use IE7, but just couldn't get themselves to use a patch. Although that's highly unlikely, it's not an impossibility (shit happens... ).

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Girlfriend finds porn - KILLS BOYFRIEND !!

A Chicago woman killed her live-in boyfriend after finding his porn stash, prosecutors alleged Tuesday.

Here is the full story. Just wanted to share the scary story.

Yes it's scary. First I thought it must be something really deviant or some taboo stuff. Perhaps something too kinky. Turns out, it was pretty regular stuff - nude photographs - not even videos but nude PHOTOGRAPHS OF WOMEN. (disappointed?? if yes - well so was I, but the disappointment didn't register till the shock lasted).


shit happens eh..

Black-Water Security - DONT WORRY

What took them so long?

Here is the news article - Lawsuit against DEFAMATORY SONG (honestly, I was expecting this to happen quite a while back).

They don't like the video. They don't like the women in the video, they don't like the dance steps, they don't like the use of words Hare Krishna Hare Ram, and they don't like the way the buddha idol is shown in the song.


Another case of people taking things a bit too far. It's a song.... thats all it is.. JUST A BLOODY SONG. IF you feel it's demeaning or derogatory or DEFAMATORY (!!!) then don't watch it, don't listen to it. Hindus watching this song are not going to give up their religion. The buddhists who watch the video are not going to convert to any other religion.

If the GOD(s) (sorry, some people believe its plural) do get angry, then it's between God(s) and us (the people who enjoyed the video, and also the lyricist, the choreographer etc). We will handle it. No need for a law suit. All you are doing is giving it more publicity, which I am sure WAS NOT what you intended on.. (yeah right).

Hurting the religious sentiments .. ufffffff (seriously hate that line). Toughen up a bit atleast. Too fucking sensitive.

OMG.. I used the word 'FUCKING' - Hope it didn't hurt anyones SENTIMENTS..

Lawyer sues T20 India team

local lawyer has filed a complaint in a local court accusing them of showing disrespect and contempt to the Indian flag after winning the final match with Pakistan.

Here is the link, to the complete text for this nonsense.

Disrespect to the national flag?!!? Seriously, some people do take this stuff a little too far. I am not a nationalist freak, so I guess I wouldn't understand the feelings of these .. these.. PATRIOTS (well pick a word..the words I'd like to use .. well they could be considered as showing DISRESPECT AND CONTEMPT). But, like any normal person with a brain capable of thinking, I do recognize a publicity stunt when I see one.

This is crap. I seriously hope that people filing such suits be thrashed in public and be held in contempt of court for wasting the courts time. Seriously dude, get a life.

If you think what happened after the finals was disrespectful, then why don't you take a walk on the roads of Delhi after the August 15th or the January 26th celebrations. Now that scene would really help make a grand case, perhaps against all the residents of Delhi.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Hoax

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

Loved the tag-line. ok movie. I did enjoy some of the dialogues. It's not Gere's best performances (infact, I honestly believe that Gere didn't do much of a performance in this).

It's based on true events. Publishing the 'Autobiography' of Howard Hughes - which ofcourse is fake because the writer has never even met the man, let alone acquired any authorization from him to write the book.

It's definitely not captivating enough. It's not really slow, but for some reason, it seems that way. It could've definitely been a hell lot more interesting.

It's definitely NOT a must-see movie, and Gere has done better movies.

All said, I don't think it was a waste of time. I did enjoy watching it. Don't think many people will though (just a feeling).


So, India won the Twenty-20 World cup. Personally - I think its Gully cricket (free hit, bowl out... WTF!!), but then, that's just me.

Surely the majority doesn't think so :

Mumbai comes to a halt to welcome victorious Team India

or how about this - The board has announced $3 million for the team and Rs 15 lakh each for the support staff while Yuvraj Singh will get Rs 1 crore for hitting six sixes in one over - Link

I am sure there is more, but then I am also sure that almost everyone would've already read it.

Yes, there is plenty of money with the board, yes they can surely afford all these distributions (and much more). It's just that, wouldn't it be great if that money was actually used in developing the sport or training the players:

(someone please show some of the bowlers how to bowl the correct line and length.... and that doesn't mean that the batsmen don't need any help. don't even get me started on the fielding)

or grooming young talent:

(I am sure we have lots of young players who have shown promise).

The above would definitely be a better use of funds as opposed to .. well being given away for winning Gully Cricket?

They have already screwed up the first two matches against Australia (thank heavens it rained for the first ODI), lets see what happens next.

What makes it worse is the way the media yapps... DEKHTE HAIN , KAUN HAI ASLI CHAMPION (I honestly didn't know there was ever a doubt)

or.. Australia ka muqaabla WORLD CHAMPION INDIA SE .. (did they forget that Australia is the current world champion for the 50 over version of the game??)

Of course the team is slightly different, well, if the others perform better, then why not keep them in the playing 11. ISNT IT OBVIOUS!! For every match, there will be a winner, and there will be a loser. We get that. What we want is a good game.. not a one sided match. Honestly.. SOME OF THEM HAVE TO GO

Sreesanth jumping or the Aussies frowning or the players abusing might be exciting for some, but that DOESN'T make a good game.

Yes.. every player has a bad day once in a while.. perhaps the entire top order was having a bad day .. well shit happens. (possible that the Pak team was having a bad day too for the twenty-twenty final).

If it's all upto good day/bad day .. then probably we should be paying the prize money to the guys who scheduled the matches on these days, and not to the players.

The next test match for India will be November 22nd, against Pakistan. Really hope the team can get its act together by then. would be great if they win, but I am willing to settle even if they can put up a good show.

And if not.. then.. Gully Cricket to hai hi.. Kanche baazi bhi shuru karaa denge.

Boing Boing TV

Boing Boing stuff, now on Video..
Each episode under 5 minutes, Five days a week.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Evan Almighty

It's a pointless movie..
tolerable - yes, but still - pointless.

We are winning in Iraq

Main pal do pal k shaayar hoon

Main pal do pal ka shaayar hoon, pal do pal meri kahaani hai
pal do pal meri hasti hai, pal do pal meri jawaani hai

mujhse pahle kitne shaayar, aaye aur aakar chale gaye
kuch aahen bhar kar laut gaye, kuch nagmen gaa kar chale gaye
wo bhi ik pal ka kissaa the, main bhi ek pal ka kissaa hoon
kal tum se judaa ho jaaoongaa, wo aaj tumhaaraa hissaa hoon

kal aaur aayenge, nagmon ki khilti kaliyaan chunanewaale
mujhse behtar kahnewaale, tum se behtar sunanewaale
kal koi mujh ko yaad kare, kyon koi mujhko yaad kare
masruf zamaanaa mere liye, kyon waqt apna barbaad kare


Its based on a Stepehen King story, so you know what to expect. The movie starts off brilliantly but does get lost as it goes along. It does have its chilling moments.

Would've been nice if some of the things or characters were introduced (to the audience) before they start haunting Cusak.

The bad part is that, even in the end, there are unanswered questions. Guess that was the point, who knows.

Watch if you have nothing else to do.