Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ISP's responsible for your actions !! (India)

the committee seeks to raise the liability of internet service providers for any third party content in a manner that it will become difficult to run the service and stay away from jail.

Just read this article in the morning, and absurd is not the word.... I thought the Patriot Act was stupid.

What they seem to be proposing is, that if a user, for instance were to use the internet to download or share copyright material (book, music, video whatever), then not only is the user liable for legal action, so is the ISP that s/he used.

Now, if a terrorist were talking over his Reliance cell phone, to his other terrorist friends and discussing plans for their next terror strike, would it be logical to prosecute the Ambanis?

If one of the committee members (who have proposed this crap) were to receive a death threat by regular mail, would it be logical to prosecute the postal services??

Pretty sure that this proposal won't be coming into effect ever, but just can't even begin to imagine how the hell someone can come up with something so stupid. Common sense is just too uncommon these days.

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Great...we just shoot the messenger...

L o r d R a j said...

Sparta ??