Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heroes Season 2

Done watching the first 4 episodes of the second season. Definitely less annoying than the early episodes of season 1. So far it's only Claire and Hiro who are annoying, but definitely less irritating than they were in the first season.

Mohinder still seems gay, Parkman still deserves to be whacked around, but all said and done, the show isn't as frustrating as the first 11 episodes of the previous season. Not much of Jessica/Nikki so far, and I hope they would keep it that way.

I don't even find her hot (guess it's the teeth, could be the hair). Candice.. now she is HOT. loved the look in the skirt, and that smile of hers..

For some reason, I always liked Nathan.

The screenplay is downright stupid, but hell - it's just television, So I guess it's ok when the writers didn't wonder why Peter didn't just fly himself, while he was going nuclear and why that didn't occur to anyone while they were making a big deal out of the whole Peter being the exploding man thing (he did absorb Nathans ability too, remember?)

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