Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Lame. Idiotic. And that's just the first episode!

Priyanka Chopra looks relatively good in the poster, but her face and hair looked absolutely horrid in the pilot episode.

Aunjanue Ellis - Miranda Shaw - is way too dumb a character to be considered as a believable Academy Director.

Remainder of the cast hardly merits a mention. The pilot episode was way too disappointing for me and I won't bother watching this one.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reality check:

  • You have loans to repay.
  • You are extending the loans.
  • You are borrowing from friends and colleagues.
  • You aren't paying them back. When you do, you aren't paying back the entire amount.

YET… you have the nerve to say shit like:

'How can you just say NO to me? It's just a short-term loan, buddy. Just a bridge. Will sort it out in a few days'

'I was thinking of buying a SUV. Hopefully a Denali. Just for the thrill. To get the feel of driving a big car. You sold yours, right? I should've bought it'

*Rolls eyes.

Laanat hai.

Terminator Genisys

There was SOME entertainment value. It was funny. Some lines were good. The effects were brilliant and fun to watch.

A predictable plot line - to be expected of course, but the acting was disappointing.

Emilia Clarke - Horrible.

Jai Courtney - Sad. Sissy. Lame. Idiotic.

Jason Clarke - Not nearly as sinister as the character should've been.


Watchable and even entertaining in parts.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Just watched the pilot for this. Not bad.

Seems like a good watch, although not sure how long I will be able to tolerate the mopey Jennifer Carpenter.

ATTN: Office Of Smt. Maneka Gandhi


Responding to a question on involving men in the gender debate Gandhi who holds the charge of women and child development ministry said, "Obviously it is the most critical since all the violence is male generated. One of the ways to tackle this is at the school stage so we have started something which will go into effect in a few months called "gender champions'': boys who have been particularly respectful and helpful to girls and deserve to be emulated and rewarded. These prizes will be given to a person in each class annually. It can also be given to a girl who has been outstanding in her bravery/attitude.''


That appeared in the papers on 15-09-15.

Maneka ji may have missed another story that made rounds on 14-09-15. It's understandable, given how busy she is saving the tigers and what not. Hota hai. The story was about a 'fight' breaking out during a TV show / Debate [Link]. Video:


Maneka ji SHOULD view the video (and read the article). She just might want to retract her statement. Of course, that's not the only option. The alternatives are:

  • Perhaps she could enlighten us as to what constitutes violence and what does not. She may be of the opinion that Deepa Sharma slapping Om Ji can not be considered 'violence' (It is a probability - Recently another BJP MP, Mahesh Sharma, shared with the general public his own method of determining who CAN BE a nationalist and who can not. OR which text is religious and which is not).
  • Perhaps Maneka ji could drum up support from the other bandars members in BJP and then insist on standing by her statement ('all violence is male generated'). They could even demand a gender test for Deepa Sharma.
  • Perhaps Maneka ji would applaud Deepa Sharma and give her one of those Gender Champion Prize/Award for outstanding bravery/attitude.

JFTR, I couldn't care less about Deepa Sharma or Raadhe Maa or Om Ji. Either one of them getting slapped or slapping another one is a non-issue for me. In my personal view, they (and a significant number of other personalities) are deserving of a lot more than just a slap.

I merely pointed out this incident to highlight the problem with the idiotic extraordinary comments of Smt. Maneka Gandhi. I am sure there are a number of other reports that could be used for that purpose, but this was a preferred choice simply because of the short interval between the two 'news reports'.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tragedy Used For TRP


Delhi government has issued notices to two private hospitals after the parents of a seven-year-old boy, who died of dengue on September 8, jumped to their deaths from a building after they failed to get him admitted to a hospital in time.

…The couple's only son, Avinash, died of suspected dengue on September 8 after allegedly being denied admission at two prominent private hospitals on the previous day.Union health minister JP Nadda expressed anguish over the denial of admission to the child and tragedy thereafter. He has assured action against those guilty.


The incident is sad. Times Now deciding to have a 'debate' on this, is a clear indication of how fucked up the media has become.

It's extremely insensitive to be debating this and having Arnab Goswami - perhaps the worst debate moderator in Indian media, conducting it. Here is a moderator who drowns out any panellist who does not echo the view already voiced by Arnab. This was made obvious last night when he wouldn't allow Dr. Vimarsh Raina (Director - Akash Hospital) to answer the questions, enumerate the action(s) taken, defend the position of the hospital, or complete his points.

Dr. Raina MAY have valid points or may not. How the fuck do you conclude that NOTHING WAS DONE when you won't even let him speak!?

At least there was Dr Shalini Pandey (Sr. Consultant - Batra Hospital) who managed (towards the end of this horrible 'debate') to put in a sentence commending the steps taken by the doctors at Akash Hospital to try to help the child.

Arnab insisted on NOT politicising the debate. If he did not want to politicise the debate, then he shouldn't have brought two politicians on the panel! He hammered away at the AAP spokesperson stating that the State government should be blamed for the actions (or lack of) of the PRIVATE hospitals (JFTR, show cause notices had already been issued).

Sambit Patra - one of BJP's more eloquent and reasonably well behaved spokespersons (which means that he is relatively tolerable when compared to other idiotic party spokespersons. It doesn't mean that he is LESS idiotic) suggested that the Delhi government SHOULD have 'Put up hoardings all over Delhi that told people that if they are infected with Dengue then they should go to the following government hospitals'.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

You Would Think No One Could Be THAT Stupid


Dear Angelika:

I started wearing my earings one hour ago. They are a gift from my beloved and a group of special friends. As soon as I put them on, I was able to vibrate to my soul map in a much clearer way. I have felt that my body has not been able to be as strong/clear, powerful as my soul and suddenly this shifted.

Immediately, much began to change beginning with a fully surprising out of the blue phone call of news for something I prayed for YEARS ago and then let go as it never happened!. Now it is happening.

Much has changed in one hour in several areas of my life…too much to comment on and including the clear answer and solution  from WITHIN  to a mysterious question and challenge that had plagued me quite a while. I am amazed. Please receive my immense gratitude for this upgrade that is in motion. Because you all choose to be in service, so many benefit and I thank you.

Mahalo Nui Loa, Love, Laurie~~~~~


That's NOT all. Braco's 'followers' claim that by gazing at his face, you will be healed! They claim that Braco's abilities are so strong that his gaze can have these positive healing effects even through a Live video feed!


In an encounter with Braco, he offers his gift to visitors through his silent gaze. Whether meeting Braco in person, or through an online Live Stream experience, an interaction ensues between Braco and his visitors, which many scientists studying Braco’s work have reported takes place beyond the level of traditional ‘energy healing’.

Yaar…. hadh hoti hai!


Started off with this series. No matter what anyone tells you, this is NOT a funny show!

Season 1, Episode 2… That's how far I was able to get, at which point, I wanted to trash my laptop and stab out my own eyes.

Absolute rubbish! Can't understand how such nonsense can make it to a 'Recommended Watch' list. Getting a 4 star rating?!! How did that happen?!

The VP being dumb is acceptable / believable… BUT the Chief of Staff? Director of Communications? VP's Personal Aide? How the fuck is it possible that EVERYONE in the office is incompetent to a degree that they appear retarded?! Even the Whitehouse liaison to the VP is an imbecile!

These are supposed to be civil servants with ACTUAL experience at handling and babysitting nominated / elected officials. These are the individuals who are expected to save the nominated / elected 'representatives' from landing in shit. True, that they may not always be able to accomplish that, but they simply CAN NOT be THIS incompetent.

This show isn't funny. It is STUPID!

If this shit excuse for a comedy show was supposed to be satirical, well … IT ISN'T. If it was 'inspired' from Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister, well… the Americans have failed miserably… yet again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Pointless 'Records'

Hyderabad boy eyes new record by clicking 1800 selfies in one hour!

A world record attempt… for selfies?! What makes it worse is… there actually is an existing record (held by another idiot) that this Hyderabadi idiot is trying to break!

The article continues and so does the chutiyapa:


Bhanu has quit his job as a research assistant at a city hospital to practice for the record. "I wanted to focus on breaking the record. I worked there for five months. But when my application got accepted, I decided to quit. My work hours were 10 am to 6 pm and that wouldn't leave me much time for practice," explains Bhanu, whose "day begins ends with a selfie".

…Bhanu has been working hard on his hands and wrists. "I am comfortable clicking selfies only with my right hand, so I do exercises for my hands and wrist," he says.

*rolls eyes

What is the BLOODY POINT?! Why is there even a category like this in the Guinness World Records? What the fuck is wrong with people?! SERIOUSLY!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"What We Want Is Not Less Journalism, But Better Journalism"

The viewpoint shared by Mr. Shashi Tharoor:


From the breathless and hysterical coverage inundating the Indian press and TV screens, you would scarcely realise that there isn't even proof that the charred remains are those of the missing woman, nor that evidence that a murder has even been committed rests entirely on hearsay.

Welcome to India's extraordinary media environment, in which the Fourth Estate serves simultaneously as witness, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. In ancient times, India put its accused through agni pariksha - a trial by fire; today, we put them through a trial by media.

No Indian democrat would call for censorship, or for controls on the free press: what we want is not less journalism, but better journalism.


Finally, an article that's worth reading / sharing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'Breaking News'

Thanks Mathew

Surely I am not the only one who feels that it's most imperative to shut down ALL 24 hr news channels and simply revert to the earlier model of having a 20-30 minute news broadcast on regular channels.