Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Pointless 'Records'

Hyderabad boy eyes new record by clicking 1800 selfies in one hour!

A world record attempt… for selfies?! What makes it worse is… there actually is an existing record (held by another idiot) that this Hyderabadi idiot is trying to break!

The article continues and so does the chutiyapa:


Bhanu has quit his job as a research assistant at a city hospital to practice for the record. "I wanted to focus on breaking the record. I worked there for five months. But when my application got accepted, I decided to quit. My work hours were 10 am to 6 pm and that wouldn't leave me much time for practice," explains Bhanu, whose "day begins ends with a selfie".

…Bhanu has been working hard on his hands and wrists. "I am comfortable clicking selfies only with my right hand, so I do exercises for my hands and wrist," he says.

*rolls eyes

What is the BLOODY POINT?! Why is there even a category like this in the Guinness World Records? What the fuck is wrong with people?! SERIOUSLY!

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