Sunday, September 13, 2015

You Would Think No One Could Be THAT Stupid


Dear Angelika:

I started wearing my earings one hour ago. They are a gift from my beloved and a group of special friends. As soon as I put them on, I was able to vibrate to my soul map in a much clearer way. I have felt that my body has not been able to be as strong/clear, powerful as my soul and suddenly this shifted.

Immediately, much began to change beginning with a fully surprising out of the blue phone call of news for something I prayed for YEARS ago and then let go as it never happened!. Now it is happening.

Much has changed in one hour in several areas of my life…too much to comment on and including the clear answer and solution  from WITHIN  to a mysterious question and challenge that had plagued me quite a while. I am amazed. Please receive my immense gratitude for this upgrade that is in motion. Because you all choose to be in service, so many benefit and I thank you.

Mahalo Nui Loa, Love, Laurie~~~~~


That's NOT all. Braco's 'followers' claim that by gazing at his face, you will be healed! They claim that Braco's abilities are so strong that his gaze can have these positive healing effects even through a Live video feed!


In an encounter with Braco, he offers his gift to visitors through his silent gaze. Whether meeting Braco in person, or through an online Live Stream experience, an interaction ensues between Braco and his visitors, which many scientists studying Braco’s work have reported takes place beyond the level of traditional ‘energy healing’.

Yaar…. hadh hoti hai!

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