Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nation Writes A Letter To Arnab Goswami - The UnReal Times

Thanks Ameeta

Dear Mr. Goswami,

Hope you and your vocal cords are fine. You must be wondering why on earth I would write a letter to you.

I want to categorically state through this letter that I do not demand as many answers as you claim during prime time day in and day out. Indeed, if I were to really start demanding answers to the multitude of issues that my 1.2 billion citizens have to grapple with, I would face a heart-attack and collapse.

The fact is I take most issues, whether it is environmental degradation, gut-wrenching inequality, rampant and unconscionable corruption, in my stride. So when I came to know that a gentleman called Mr. Pareshan, a human rights activist from Mumbai, had filed a case accusing me of being the main reason behind your conducting debates in News Hour, I decided that enough is enough.

Because it is disturbing that Mr. Pareshan has filed a case accusing me of being the main cause of noise pollution not only on earth but also in space – when an astronaut from the International Space Station said that he could hear someone yelling “The Nation wants to know !” between 9-10.30 PM IST. He perceives me to be a bigger culprit than you for demanding answers to irrelevant questions and making you ask them on my behalf.

It is not fair, Mr. Goswami. It is not fair to say that a Nation that never asked a single question all these years and let corruption flourish is now shown to be asking questions and that too, through you!

Who has given you the right to use my name, Mr. Goswami?

This time, the Nation (er…well.. really) demands an answer from you.

The Nation

P.S : Kindly reply to this letter rather than making it a topic for a NewsHour discussion.


Ye Peene Waale Bahut Hi Ajeeb Hote Hain

Ye peene waale bahut hi ajeeb hote hain 
jahaan se duur ye khud ke kareeb hote hain

Kissi ko pyaar mile aur kissi ko rusvaai 
mohabbaton ke safar bhi ajeeb hote hain

Mila kissi ko hai kya sochiye ameeri se 
dilon ke shaah to aksar gareeb hote hain

Yahaan ke logon ki hai khaasiyat ye sab se badi 
habeeb lagte hain lekin raqeeb hote hain

Don't find fault, find a remedy.

- Henry Ford

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dexter – Season 8 Episode 5

6 Minutes and 16 Seconds into the episode (including start up theme and recap). Every line from Dexter… what a punch! *claps. Have this stupid grin on my face.

Even if the series ended right at this point - I would be content.

Royal Baby Media Coverage

Friday, July 26, 2013


Raj Babbar and Rasheed Masood have collectively achieved what other governments have been unable to achieve since independence. A solution to India's food problem! [Link]

*Drum roll

In view of the recent statements made by Raj Babbar and Rasheed Masood, the government doesn't really need the Food Security Bill / Ordinance. The Indian government can now in fact put a stop to all food subsidies.

These two gentlemen can contact their respective joints/eateries from where (as per their claims) they can get a full meal ranging from INR 5-12 and have them expand their operations all over the nation. These outlets can then provide a full meal at these super affordable prices, thereby eliminating the need for any food subsidy whatsoever!

In 2013, here are two individuals who claim that a proper meal (as per Babbar - including Rice, Sambhar and vegetables on the side) would not exceed INR 12 per person! This is dynamite. Even if Mr. Masood and Mr. Babbar were to take commission on this deal, I don't think anyone would object. In fact, I am confident that the parliament would even ratify said commission!


Now on a more serious note. These two individuals HAVE in fact achieved something with their recent comments. Collectively, they have dealt a massive blow to Congress' chances in the upcoming general elections. Unless the BJP really screws up in the run up, I think they have pretty much bagged this one. Now if they could just keep their party members (and their respective tweets) in check… they have a very good chance.

In my view – In elections (in India at least), the issues that SHOULD matter… rarely matter. You see, the general Indian population doesn't vote for the Prime-Minister of India. The National issues are restricted to television debates and manifestos. The common man voting in his constituency for his candidate is least bit concerned about verifying the GDP figures. He doesn't care who rubbished whom in which national debate on what channel.

He reads about it. He watches it, but in the end  is only concerned about his constituency and votes only for the candidate he likes in his constituency. The candidate who is popular in his constituency. The achievements or failures of the candidate's party on the national level are of little or no significance when it comes to casting his vote. He couldn't care less about the foreign policy or the success / failure of the FDI scheme.

The issues highlighted in the previous two paragraphs make good television. They provide good material for articles and blog posts. They serve as yet another option to waste away our time with colleagues and friends. These issues are for people like you and me. Self-anointed intellectuals. Another fact – Most of the self-anointed intellectuals don't vote. We couldn't care less even if we tried.

So how do Babbar and Masood's statements change the dynamics? Well, it pisses off the people who DO vote. A LOT! Now they simply don't want to vote for the Congress candidate in their constituency (even if he is a good administrator. Even if he is popular) because HE represents the Congress.

A party that mocks a community can be forgiven (targeted vote-banks). A party that screws up figures or cooks up statistics can be forgiven (politics hai. Everyone exaggerates and screws up). Almost all 'sins' are quickly forgotten or forgiven. The one that isn't is when a party mocks the poor or the lower middle class.

The elite don't vote. Even if they did, it won't add up to much. The elite don't make up much of the voting population. The elite simply contribute to the campaign funds and party funds.

Is there anything that can change this for the Congress? Well yes:

  • Congress will have to take radical steps. Suspend anyone who makes an irresponsible comment and claim that their party does not subscribe to anti-national, anti-reform, anti-poor, communal views and has no place for individuals that do. This may include senior members as well - Not impossible, but improbable (You may be surprised, but most spokespersons don't have much of support when it comes to vote gathering. They too just appeal to the self-anointed intellectuals).
  • Congress could come up with a miracle reform in the run up to the elections. That doesn't mean fancy cooked up statistics. No complicated mouthful financial reform. It has to be a populist reform. Perhaps something like an immediate and unconditional commitment of full disclosure of its funding and activities - Not impossible, but improbable.
  • The single largest opposition party really screws up in the run up to the voting day. Could be anything. They could say something idiotic about cricket (*rolls eyes). Say something about SRK or make a statement on Salman's ongoing case. Could make an insensitive remark on a rape victim. Just about anything – Highly probable.

If none of this happens, then no amount of horse-trading is going to enable the Congress to form the government in the centre in 2014.

Just to highlight how the government in the centre is elected, here is a simple and efficient YouTube presentation:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

University Pulls Out Poem From Syllabus. Poet Has Alleged Terror Links


Calicut University in Kerala has pulled out from its syllabus a poem penned by Arabic poet and an ex-Guantanamo detainee Ibrahim al-Rubaish following media reports of his alleged links with terror outfit al-Qaida.

…The Dean's report, without commenting on the literary quality of the poem, said it would be against moral values to prescribe a poem penned by a person who is said to have terrorist links, the sources said.


I haven't read the poem, yet.

Let us just assume that the allegation has its merits and the poet does have links to the terrorist organisation. Now my questions:

  • Where does it say that a terrorist CAN'T compose a good poem?
  • How does the quality of his literary work get diminished because of his association to a terrorist organisation?

"Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken". Inspiring, isn't it? Guess who said that. It was Adolf Hitler [Mein Kampf - Chapter 2].

Another quote that Hitler allegedly used (as per some sources): "Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you're insulting yourself"? [Source 1, Source 2]

Ask any intellectual or guru and he will say those are inspiring quotes (or something along those lines).

Romeo and Juliette isn't a classic because Shakespeare penned it. Bhanusimha Thakurer Padabali, Valmiki-Pratibha, Nastanirh – These works aren't great because they were penned by Rabindranath Tagore. In fact, it is the other way around. We know them only because of their classic compositions some of which are named above. Shakespeare and Rabindranath Tagore are considered great literary figures BECAUSE of these works! Their personal life / associations are of little or no significance to these works.

To the dean of Calicut University - Your syllabus includes teaching the poem. Look at the merits of the poem and not of the poet. If you find the poem lacking in merit or content - remove it from the syllabus. But removing it just because you do not approve of the poet is ridiculous.

Ye Kya Jagah Hai Dosto Ye Kaun Saa Dayaar Hai


Ye kya jagah hai dosto ye kaun saa dayaar hai
Hadd-e-nigaah tak jahaan gubaar hi gubaar hai

Ye kis mukaam par hayaat mujh ko leke aa gai
Na bas khushi pe hai jahaan na gham pe ikhtiyaar hai

Tamaam umr kaa hisaab maangati hai zindagi
Ye mera dil kahe to kya ye khud se sharmsaar hai

Bulaa rahaa kya koi chilamanon ke uss taraf
Mere liye bhi kya koi udaas beqaraar hai

Na jis ki shakl hai koi na jis ka naam hai koi
Ik aisi shai ka kyon humein azal se intazaar hai

BJP's Official Website


Guess what… no Modi!

So, it's not JUST Shivraj Singh Chouhan [Link]. Even the IT guys at BJP don't want to put up Modi's picture!

"Our foreign policy would be to have cordial relationship with our neighbours" - That is Rajnath Singh speaking at Capitol Hill [Link].

That's the BEST you could come up with on Foreign Policy??!! Thank you for that blinding glimpse of the obvious.

Something even more interesting - The President of the BJP - The Party With A Difference (*rolls eyes) - also said: "As far as changes in the foreign policy is concerned, there is not likely to be a basic change in its fundamental principles".

Well they seem to oppose the present government's foreign policy with great enthusiasm. BUT in Washington he states that IF his party does come to power, no basic change is to be expected?! So… you are representing BJP - The Party With NO Difference?


Perhaps it's a language issue. Of course it is! Given that hardly anyone understands Sanskrit, Rajnath was forced to use Hindi / English. That has distorted what Rajnath meant to say. Not to worry - We will now have some BJP spokesperson - who will decipher Rajnath's words and tell us exactly what Rajnath MEANT to say but couldn't say due to the stifling of the Sanskrit language. [/Sarcasm]

IF we are lucky, we will get a civilised spokesperson as opposed to the uncouth, loud-mouth, ill mannered ones they usually put up.

Monday, July 22, 2013

'Thounds' Of Fans

Well, we all know she can't spell. Perhaps she has a tough time counting as well.

First Charges Filed In 2000 Match Fixing Case


"There are six accused in this case, three of them are on bail while two are abroad," Inspector Keshav Kumar told the court. "The sixth is Hansie Cronje, who is dead," Mr Kumar, the investigating officer in the case, said.


I understand naming the other accused, but filing charges against Cronje? What are you going to do? Ban Cronje from cricket for another life time??

I know a lot of people take a lot of things seriously. I know a lot of people take cricket (and other sports) way too seriously. I can probably understand why the players take it so seriously… but for everyone else – Chillax will you! It's just a game.

  • You think someone is cheating – Don't play with them again.
  • You can prove someone has cheated – Throw him out of the team / game.

Charge-sheet, court case bla bla – Waste of time. Keep it simple. The team management should be allowed to resolve these issues within themselves.

Yes yes… corruption within the team management is an issue. Big deal. Like I said, it's just a game. Keep it that way. Simple. Have a good time. Enjoy the game… and let it go.

Before anyone asks - My views on doping in athletics/cycling etc -

I like to keep it simple and fun. Now, if someone wants to pump himself up with steroids / hormones / horse piss or whatever and run the 100m dash in under 9 seconds or even less… don't know about you, but I would like to watch that!


Kate Expecting

There were a lot of stupid comments on TOI for this news. Here is one of them - From Mr. Thomas Cheenath. I really don't know why HE is hoping for a boy? And look… someone even disagrees with his comment (err… I really don't get it. Or is it that people can't tell the difference between Dislike and Disagree).


Was Thomas promised a Knighthood or a title or something along those lines? Don't know about Kate or William, but imagine how disappointed Thomas will be if Kate delivers a girl! Damn… I am so worried. Perhaps we should have the media assemble outside Mr. Thomas Cheenath's house!?

Baigaane ki shaadi mein Abdullah deewaana.

That's How You Come Up With A Headline!

Don't know if this was intentional or not… but I am going to assume that it was.



So… what do the Tories have to say about this? Definitely not happy with the headline, I am sure.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Probably The Worst 'Fake Accent'

ROTFL. This was bad and trust me, I have heard A LOT of 'fake accents'.

BTW - If you must fake an accent, why not fake a nice one? Why a crappy US accent??

Snowden Asylum

More Security For Arjun Rampal… ??


"I feel all my efforts have paid off. My producers call every day, wanting to increase my security cover because of this film. I know I am at risk, but I wanted to do this film.


More security cover...  I am at risk?? Risk of WHAT? The audience in general and gangsters in specific would have enough brain cells to be able to distinguish between the actor and the character played in a film.

I mean, it's not as if someone is going to demand the arrest of Rishi Kapoor because they believe he IS actually a wanted terrorist in real life. Why would anyone confuse Arjun Rampal to be a real spy??. Kuchch zyaada hi bol gaya.

In another part of the same interview, Rampal states "But Tom (Tom Struthers) also said that Irrfan and I were wrong for the part and that RAW agents are not so good looking!" Err… was there really the need for that comment? What was the purpose of that statement?

Sometimes, it's best to keep your mouth shut.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


If you are hosting a show, the least you can do is familiarise yourself with the relevant terminologies. That isn't too much to ask for, is it?

Kunal Vijayakar is the host of the Foodie show on Times Now. Here is a 7 minute video. You don't have to watch the entire thing. The first few seconds are enough to highlight the problem.

You are hosting a show called The Foodie and you don't know how to pronounce Gourmet?!? Pathetic. The correct pronunciation is:


For those of you who don't know how to read that or make sense of it, here is a YouTube video:

Hadh hoti hai…

Thursday, July 18, 2013



This is supposed to be a 'news' website. It is bad enough that you have to resort to posting junk in terms of content. The least you can do is perform a spell-check before you publish said junk!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is all over the news channels, so no point in repeating the story.

Everyone is asking questions, pointing fingers, giving lectures. I too have questions. Very simple basic ones:

Where did you get this video footage from? Kaun maadarchod ye video shoot kar raha tha!?

Obviously this individual knew that the footage will be newsworthy… right? That's why he is taking the video in the first place. So this individual IS aware that the person administering the injection should NOT be doing so. Then WHY wasn't he stopped!

Was it considered more important to get the story? You could ALWAYS report on the story afterwards… have someone else shoot the bloody video… Yell… Scream… STOP the rick-puller from injecting the baby.

What caused the death of the infant is NOT the question here. Could be overdose, could be an incorrect dose, could be the infection (as Dr. Rickshawpuller stated). THAT is NOT the point here! For all I know this footage could have been shot later with the rick-puller giving an injection to another infant.

The point is that an infant in need of treatment was being treated by an individual who isn't qualified to offer treatment. AND there was at least one individual present on the scene who was aware of this. Instead of stopping it – he/she let it happen in order to get it on video.

Right now, there is a debate on TimesNow. There is a panel barking away on NDTV. ABP News won't stop airing comments from political leaders. At the same time, the anchors on these respective channels are YELLING into the camera that it is shameful how political parties are making this (and similar incidents) a political issue and pointing fingers.

To the media and the anchors - If you don't want the debate politicised, then why the fuck are you inviting politicians on the panel!?!

You want answers from the politicians? What answers? Don't you already know the answers? All of us already know the answers that will be given. Here you go "Sad/tragic incident. Shouldn't have happened. We will look into it. It will be investigated/probed". Chalo… hogaya. Done with the usual crap.

NOW answer this:

Where the fuck is the bastard who shot this video? USSKO bulaayo. USS maadarchod se poochcho WHY he didn't feel the need to stop this? Why didn't he even try?! Why did he think it was more important to let this happen and get it on video rather than attempt to stop it when he had the chance???

If that individual happens to be a media person… Saale bhadve, your media tells politicians NOT to seek political mileage from tragedies and take the country for a ride, BUT you don't have a problem using tragedies to get material for your news channel? Haraam ki aulaad… couldn't you stop this from happening and flash your MEDIA ID to get a supervisor or RMO on the scene?? Demand for a qualified medical professional to administer the dose to the infant?!!!

Sab ke sab chutiye hain… Haraamzaado… at least ask the right questions!

Social Media… It Isn't ALWAYS Important


I just came across this. PLEASE watch this till the end. The explanation of Cloud Computing is… PRICELESS.

I wish I could meet this guy for a few hours. I would first like to explain a few concepts to him. Then, I would like to thank him for the hilarious video. And then, finally - I would like to slap him across his face (at least once) for being such an idiot.

BTW, in case you didn't know Vishwa Bandhu Gupta is a former Income-Tax Commissioner.

Gupta ji… humaare desh ka sabse badaa durbhagya hai ke aap jaise chootiyon ko jhelna padhta hai!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Talk About Messed Up Priorities


… Narendra Modi who is promising to build the world's tallest statue — that of the Sardar — with scrap donated from villages across the country. The other set is trustees of the primary school in Karamsad where Sardar studied from standard I to III. It needs a government grant to refurbish the rundown structure and turn it into a memorial to the real Iron Man of India.

But while Modi needs about Rs 2,000 crore to build the statue, the Kasramsad school needs a measly Rs 25 lakh but that the government is refusing to open its purse strings…


The rest of the article is the usual story of how the trustees have been unable to secure the small amount required… bla bla.

Here is the thing - It doesn't matter if the amount is INR 20 Billion or INR 2.5 Million. What does matter is the use of those funds. As mentioned in the article, the intended use is to build / maintain a memorial. (The article states that the school will be turned into a memorial. It isn't mentioned that the structure will be operated as a school).

People are arguing why the statue is more important and why the school is not significant enough as a memorial. Another set of people pointing out that Modi and his govt. hasn't done anything for the suggested school memorial in all these years (apparently the request of INR 2.5 Million was put in a while back).

My view - Any memorial, School or Statue - made by any party - be it Congress or BJP or BSP - is a waste of funds. These proceeds can be utilised in a much better way. Just about ANY undertaking would be considered a better utilisation when compared to building a memorial! It is not as if we have any shortage of REAL issues.

I wish there were more people focusing on THAT FACT as opposed to showing their loyalty to one political party or the other OR highlighting their choice of monument that the Sardar would have preferred. Memorial/monuments to bante rahenge. Pehle bhi bante the, abhi bhi bante hain, aage bhi bante rahenge. Innka kya issue banaa rahe ho!? Issue banaana hai to dhang ke issue uthaao! I am sure Sardar Patel would have liked that EVEN more.

I couldn't think of a suitable title for this post. I thought of titles like Pathetic Politics, but realised this is in fact great politics. Next title I thought of was Modi Mistaken… but then I wasn't sure if this was a mistake or intentional. More importantly, this post isn't about Modi specifically. It is about the political scene in general.

I request the Modi supporters to READ the post before they start yelling and screaming. Hopefully you will see that I am NOT bashing Modi.


Comparing China and India, he said: “In 10 years from 2000, China, which did not have even a single university among the top 500 varsities in the world, now has 32, whereas India, which had two, now has only one. Why did this happen?

How did China do it? It spent almost 20% of its GDP on education. Our government promised to spend 7% but actually spent just 4%.”


As per 2012 figures, China spent 4% of its GDP on education and not 20%:

  • BEIJING - Premier Wen Jiabao announced on Tuesday that the country's public expenditures on education reached 4 percent of its GDP in 2012, a target set almost 20 years ago. "Government spending on education totaled 7.79 trillion yuan over the past five years, increasing* at an average annual rate of 21.58 percent to reach 4 percent of the GDP in 2012," Wen said in his annual work report delivered to deputies to the top legislature. (7.79 trillion yuan is equal to $1.25 trillion) [Link].
  • Government spending on education finally reached 4 percent of the country's GDP in 2012, 19 years after the target was first set in 1993 [Link].

Almost every speech from every politician (regardless of the party they represent) contains exaggerations, factual errors, selective data, misrepresented statistics. There is nothing unique in the case of Modi, at least in this regard.

What does make Mr. Modi unique is… he is extremely popular (don't ask me why. I don't know. I am still to figure out how SRK is so popular). Also, Mr. Modi is a great orator. THAT is a fact and there is no point in denying that.

Do I like Modi… NO. But then again, I don't like ANY politician. I might find a particular speech by one politician impressive, but another speech by the same politician to be pathetic. I like some ideas of one. I like some policies of another.

But… I don't 'like' any politician. I find them all equally opportunistic, equally corrupt and at crucial times, I find them all equally incompetent.

Irrespective of that fact, the point is – Modi is one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) politician on the Indian political scene today. He is usually very careful with his remarks. Be it the Hindu Nationalist label or the Puppy remark or even the China example.

In case of the China illustration highlighted above, perhaps he got the figures wrong… but this is politics. Nobody (except the OTHER party) cares if one has misquoted a statistic. What matters is - the immediate effect. Shock and awe, applause. When listening to Modi harping on, no one is going to pull out their smartphone and google up the figures.

The effect is almost immediate. As soon as Mr. Modi speaks the words, the damage to the other party has been done. The target audience has been reached and impressed. THIS is why I think this is great politics (Please note, there is a significant difference between the terms great and good. Great doesn't necessarily have to mean Good).

If the Congress party believes that its members always get their facts and figures right - they are wrong, yet again. We have tons of examples to pick from. Pranab Mukherjee comes to mind… but he isn't the only one.

My problem with the entire issue is:

The party members/spokespersons etc making public appearances and showing up for debates with their voice boxes replaced with loud speakers. These idiots harping on:

"No. He/She is right. This is not what he/she meant. He/She implied so and so. Media has misquoted him/her. You have misinterpreted the statement. The other party has an agenda. This is malicious propaganda"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying (at least in some cases)Err.. ok. He/She could have used a better analogy OR Yes, the figure was not verified. An oversight on the part of the politician and his staff for not cross checking the data.

If it makes it easier, these super defensive morons can always end the statement saying – These are of course my personal views. The party will give its official statement through the official spokesman.

This is definitely a much more civilised approach than digging up some crap on the other party and barking stuff like - In 19bla, your party member bla said bla. Why didn't you raise this point at THAT time?!

The obvious problem with the above response is – You come across as uncivilised. Further, you have not answered the question thrown at you. Instead you have responded with another question. This could go on forever.

You come across as defending a weak or wrong argument/statement with even more idiotic and weaker arguments… and then resorting to posing questions and counter questions of your own.

Again, I would like to point out that this isn't practiced JUST by the BJP. It is not just idiots like Devang Nanavati or Kiron Kher or Smriti Irani or Meenakshi Lekhi who blabber and make counter accusations without answering the questions. It is done by the CPI, Congress, Janta Dal, BSP, SP…. every one!

Please… stop. It is disgusting. Annoying. Simply scoring cheap debating points is NOT going to win you the elections. Two wrongs don't make a right. X party said so and so 12/15/20 years ago… nothing was done… so Y party can say something equally idiotic today and nothing should be done – THAT is a pathetic line to take when making an argument.

* For those who do not see the difference, a small illustration –

A hypothetical example not representative of actual expenses. The figures used have been chosen solely for ease of calculation purposes. 

  • In 2012, your total expense on a car was KWD 1,000. Your expenditure on petrol was KWD 20.

This represents 2% of Total Expense [(20/1000)*100].

  • In 2013, your total expense on a car was KWD 1,200. Your expenditure on petrol was KWD 30.

This represents 2.5% of Total Expense [(30/1200)*100].

The percentage increase is 25% {[(2.5-2)/2]*100}. This is NOT the same as spending 25% of your Total Expense on petrol. 25% of KWD 1,200 would be KWD 300

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dexter Season 8

Done with episodes 1-3.

Debra is so annoying!

With the exception of Debra… the three episodes have been absolutely brilliant!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

TOI Really Needs To Work On Article Titles


With all the noise being made about the 'Puppy' comment… it wouldn't be too bad an idea to refrain from using similar words (for a while). I mean… at least don't use it in the titles / headlines!

Immigration And Path To Citizenship

Friday, July 12, 2013

Just heard Sanjay Nirupam (Congress) tell Atul Anjan (CPI)Bolte bolte itna mat bol jaayiye ke kal pachchtaana padhe.

Strong words… on national television. Must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this bit.

Interestingly enough, this could apply to just about everyone – given that the general elections are coming up.

Wonderful Ad

This could've been an ad for Asian Paints or Kodak… or even for Patek… I honestly don't give a damn that it is for Binani Cement… It is absolutely wonderful.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zila Ghaziabad

If you haven't watched it yet, don't bother. Won't be missing much.

The plot is needlessly dragged on. The script should've been tighter. Film should've been shorter. I couldn't even sit through the full thing.

Sanjay Dutt - Usual stuff. His role is more of a 'special appearance' type. The promos were misleading.

Vivek Oberoi - Lacks screen presence. He simply can not play the lead role. It doesn't suit him. Vivek can be the 'right-hand man' for the main lead - that's fine. Give him extra lines, no problem. But Vivek Oberoi as a main lead is unacceptable.

Arshad Warsi - A change from how he is usually portrayed. Good, but nothing brilliant. It was different from his normal characters so it was good to watch. Tolerable for most parts but the role could've been significantly better if the screenplay wasn't so lacking.

Paresh Rawal - Hate to see good talent being wasted in such films.

Ashutosh Rana - I don't know why he doesn't get better roles. He is definitely a very capable actor.

Ravi Kishan - I find him annoying, BUT in this film he manages to play the character well. Sadly, that holds true just for the first half of the film. I would blame the lacking script.

Minnisha Lamba - Ignored in every film, no reason why this should be different. Worthless, pointless character and as expected, yet another pathetic attempt at acting.

Geeta Basra - Looks good in the item song, but the song SHOULD've been better.

Shriya Saran's item song leaves a lot to be desired. It wasn't bad, it just didn't seem to fully exploit her talent, ability, skill (yes I will be shutting up now).

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mumbai Cops To Take Help From Dabbawalas To Tackle Terrorism


… the cops conducted meetings with over 200 home delivery dabbawalas and requested them to monitor suspicious people and movements since they interact with hundreds of people on daily basis and visit dozens of places to deliver tiffins…

"There are thousands of dabbawalas in the city who roam around in various areas whole day. They can be of great help. We have asked them to become our ears and eyes.… We have taught them on how to recognize/identify a suspicious man or activity in their surroundings… Not only terrorists, they can provide information about robbers, criminals and anti-social elements in the area. They will be rewarded for their help to the police and their service to the Mumbaikars,"


Points to consider:

  • If cops can recruit dabbawalas for gathering information, can't the anti-social/national elements use the same dabbawalas to be their carriers OR to relay misinformation?
  • The concept of reward could potentially lead the dabbawalas to falsify information.
  • After how many false alarms or irrelevant tips will the police department stop relying on information received from the dabbawalas?
  • If the police department can give training to 200 dabbawalas, what is stopping the cops from training say 10-20 individuals in every locality/colony? That way they could have even more eyes and ears and foot soldiers.
  • Won't this news story serve as a warning to the 'anti-social/national' elements?


Perhaps in the next media reports, the media should highlight details of upcoming raids planned by the police department. Then there can be a follow up story that provides details of the confidential informants


Another Idiot


This was posted on itimes by Jatin Seth.

He thinks she is the perfect choice for the post of PM (more 'sweeping' comments come to mind). Of course, we are all entitled to our opinion, BUT it is difficult to take an idiot's opinion seriously. Here we have an individual who isn't aware that the present Chief Minister of his state is Akhilesh Yadav and NOT Mayawati.

In MY OPINION Mayawati is a loud mouth, good for nothing, shrewd conniving bitch incompetent. Her supporters seem to be equally incompetent.

We really need that Stupidity Tax implemented. I don't know why the government won't even consider the idea. They love TAXING and here is one which is actually needed. Probable reason why none of the governments have considered a Stupidity Tax is because they figure most of the cabinet will be required to pay it as well.

Another OS 7 Device (With Track Pad) For Legacy BB Loyalists (Leaked)



Title refers to the model as 9270, whereas the article states it is 9720.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

- Have no clue where I heard that.

Q10 Home Screen

Some people prefer multiple pages and they categorise Apps/Icons etc page wise. Others prefer the Folder approach. Well, it depends on how you use the phone and what is convenient to you. In my case, I avoid Apps as much as possible (FaceBook and FourSquare are bundled with the OS. I haven't downloaded those). Native support is preferred when available. Here is my Home Screen (Yes. Everything fits in just one page):

Logic/Reasoning -

The items in the top row are the ones I use the least. The ones I use most are closer to the keyboard, to make it easier to tap (or perhaps that's just the way my head works). This arrangement works perfectly for single-hand use (for me).

Yes, Contacts and Setup are also there right at the top - I use those the least. I can't recall when was the last time I opened the Contacts module to search for details. Universal Search works good enough. Account Setup isn't something one messes around with on a daily basis (well, not if you got it right the first time).

YouTube is there only for consistency purposes (fill out the page). I use it frequently but not often enough to command a space on the Home Screen as an individual icon. It can go to the Media folder. In fact, that is where it was. Just pulled it out to complete the page and it will go back into the Media folder as and when I find some other App/Icon/Item that I use more regularly.

Folder Composition -


  • Help - Pretty much all the help I need is taken care of by CrackBerry.com.
  • Settings - Swipe Down from the top is convenient enough.
  • Search - Universal Search from Home Screen works well enough.
  • Adobe Reader / Docs To Go - I don't see the need to launch the app(s). If I receive an attachment, it will launch Adobe or relevant module from Docs To Go on its own.
  • Phone / Camera - Soft keys already available. No need for additional icons for these modules.
  • Smart Tags - No actual use (for me).
  • Compass - No actual use (for me).
  • Print To Go – Did not even bother to see what this is about.
  • Games - No thank you.
  • Box - Might be better integrated with OS 10, but I already have DropBox and everything is there. Didn't see any reason to make the switch.


  • Maps - I don't use Maps (Kuwait is a really small country. Enough sign boards around). When travelling - The driver is expected to know which route to take. Drive on your own when on a vacation - WHY would I do crazy shit like that? If I can't afford a vacation with proper arrangements in a decent hotel with a chauffeur driven car on call, I'd rather NOT make the trip (probably another reason why I don't travel as often as most individuals). Do it properly, or don't do it at all. Exploring new places and all that nonsense - never made sense to me and I doubt it ever will.
  • Weather - I couldn't care less about the temperature or the conditions. I mean... how does it matter? If it is hot, it is hot. Knowing the temp is bla bla degree Celsius is not going to make it any cooler now is it?
  • Voice Control - Don't really recall using it on any of my cell phones. I am fine with typing.
  • Mobile Service Provider App - Pointless.


  • Shortcut to Gmail (for searching older emails, if I need to).
  • Browser module.
  • Will populate the folder with more web shortcuts (as and when needed).

Utilities, Social, Media, Productivity, Instant Messaging are pretty much self explanatory.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I mean, why not just have a Stupidity Tax? Just tax the stupid people

- Edina Monsoon (Absolutely Fabulous)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paying Bill Online Costs Man INR 50,000



A few days ago, Kumar had tried paying his electricity bill through a third-party website and carried out a transaction of Rs 2,340…

Next morning, Kumar shot off an online complaint to the support desk to seek refund. Within a few hours of filing the online complaint, Kumar received a call from a number, 886164****, asking for "details of my SBI account, the debit card number and PIN".

"The caller also asked Kumar to read out the bank's helpline number mentioned on the back of the card. He then asked him to give his mobile and landline numbers," a senior police officer said.

Within 30 minutes of the call, Kumar received five text messages on his phone informing him about online transactions carried out between 1.02pm and 1.06pm of Rs 10,000 each.


Firstly - There is a typo in the article (of sorts). In the beginning it states - Bank confirmed a successful transaction and the website claimed that the transaction had failed. However, later in the article it's stated - Bank alerted of an unsuccessful transaction (I have highlighted both parts in the screenshot).

Request Mr. Raj Shekhar to fix the typo. Next time, read the draft before publishing it online.

Now moving on with the story:

- The number used for making the scam call - Why is it masked in the article? Pretty sure the fraudster won't be using the same number again, but what purpose does it serve to mask the number in the article?

- Third Party website - It is important to mention what convinced Mr. Kumar to use a third party website. How did he come across it and what made him believe that it was legitimate? For some reason, Mr. Raj Shekhar felt those details were not necessary to include in the article.

- I do feel bad for Mr. Kumar. BUT, here is the thing - You get a call from an unknown number. You go ahead and give this person not only your account details but also your PIN? Seriously?! This is just asking for it.

You do NOT give your PIN out. This is not mentioned in some 'secret' manual accessible to only a selected few. It is common sense (even if you don't read the text on the pin mailers sent from your bank).

Customer Support (from a vendor or service provider) will request you to verify some details for identification purposes. I can understand why Mr. Kumar didn't suspect anything and gave out his phone number(s) and address. But why would he give out his account details and PIN?!? That is just being careless.

Even a bank's support staff doesn't ask for the PIN. They might ask you to verify the last few transactions of your account (amount details) or your date of birth etc. Sometimes the last 3 digits (or something along those lines) of your Debit Card number… but never the PIN.

It is highly unlikely that someone will distribute a comprehensive manual on How To Save Your Money From Scams OR A Dummy's Guide To Keeping Yourself Safe From Fraud. That said, I will share one technique that has proven effective for a lot of people. A relatively simple concept (revolutionary to some) usually referred to as 'Use Your Brain… You Idiot!'

Shouldn't be THAT difficult a task. Try it for a change.

We live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police.

- Jeff Marder

Kedarnath Will Be Restored To Its Original Glory By The Government


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna on Sunday turned down offers from his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi and others for reconstruction of the Kedarnath temple, saying it will be done by his government and the temple committee.



The Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand was "partially destroyed" and suffered serious damages in the recent floods but government will make all required efforts to restore it to its "original glory", Minister of Culture Chandresh Kumari Katoch said today…

…Ms Katoch said provision has been made for funds for ASI (Archaeological Survey of India)  to begin the work. Uttarakhand government will also contribute and the ministry will encourage public participation in the process.


Ms. Katoch, could you please consider the following:

Given that Temple Committee(s) (not just the one for Kedarnath, but mostly all of them) have their own funds, which they shamelessly flaunt every now and then (by their own admission amounting to Thousands of Crores) - Why can't the restoration be funded completely from those funds? Why should the government (centre or state) or the public contribute? Clearly there shouldn't be any need for any contribution from anyone. The temple's own reserves/funds can be utilised for the restoration.

The centre and state government should be using the money for relocation and rehabilitation of the survivors. If contributions are received from the general public or organisations or other state governments - those too should be employed for the benefit of the survivors who have lost pretty much everything except their heartbeat (for now at least).

Here I was thinking - this would be an opportunity for the trustees to set a wonderful example by utilising the temple's funds to aid the survivors and help them relocate. *Smacks head. Wonder what I was high on that made me think the trustees would even consider such a step. Ye har time bheekh maangna band karo. Ab to zaroorat na ho tab bhi haath failaa kar khade ho jaate ho. Thuu.

[General Rant]

Gold jewellery and accessories for the idols are fine if you can't think of any better utilisation of those funds. I am sure the gods would prefer that the devotees are alive and well cared for as opposed to yet another gold throne to place the idol on.


What Is It With All The 'Sweeping' Statements?

18-06-2013 - Charandas Mahant (Congress):

"If Congress president Sonia Gandhi asks me to pick up a broom and sweep state Congress office in Chhattisgarh, I would do it," [Link]

02-07-2013 - Kailash Vijayvargia (BJP): 

"…if party ask me to contest municipal corporation election I will follow the order and I will even sweep the floor of the party office if party ask me to do so" [Link]

02-07-2013 - Beni Prasad Verma (Congress) referring to SP leaders: 

"They are dreaming about becoming the PM. But they are not fit enough to get a sweeper's job in the PM's residence" [Link]

Is it that the politicians have realised that 'sweeping' is the only task they are good for?

Personally, I think these politicians should be thankful that they are not members of the BSP. Mayawati would definitely make them sweep the floors… and much more.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Members MUST Visit Elderly Relatives. It's Now A Law - China


BEIJING: A Chinese law requiring family members to visit their elderly relatives went into effect on Monday to howls of online ridicule, as the country's huge population ages rapidly.

The regulation "forces" children to visit their parents, the state-run Global Times newspaper said, with concerns growing over increasing numbers of "empty nest" homes.


I didn't bother reading the article any further. My views:

Individuals who want to meet their elderly relatives (or anyone else for that matter) will do so without any compulsion. IF one is doing it only to comply with the law OR to avoid a fine OR because of social pressure OR as a formality… well I seriously doubt the elders would want to meet him anyway.

Why would I want to interact with someone who is visiting me ONLY BECAUSE s/he was forced to?!

Dil se milne ki tamanna hi nahin jab dil mein… haath se haath milaane ki zaroorat kya hai.