Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is all over the news channels, so no point in repeating the story.

Everyone is asking questions, pointing fingers, giving lectures. I too have questions. Very simple basic ones:

Where did you get this video footage from? Kaun maadarchod ye video shoot kar raha tha!?

Obviously this individual knew that the footage will be newsworthy… right? That's why he is taking the video in the first place. So this individual IS aware that the person administering the injection should NOT be doing so. Then WHY wasn't he stopped!

Was it considered more important to get the story? You could ALWAYS report on the story afterwards… have someone else shoot the bloody video… Yell… Scream… STOP the rick-puller from injecting the baby.

What caused the death of the infant is NOT the question here. Could be overdose, could be an incorrect dose, could be the infection (as Dr. Rickshawpuller stated). THAT is NOT the point here! For all I know this footage could have been shot later with the rick-puller giving an injection to another infant.

The point is that an infant in need of treatment was being treated by an individual who isn't qualified to offer treatment. AND there was at least one individual present on the scene who was aware of this. Instead of stopping it – he/she let it happen in order to get it on video.

Right now, there is a debate on TimesNow. There is a panel barking away on NDTV. ABP News won't stop airing comments from political leaders. At the same time, the anchors on these respective channels are YELLING into the camera that it is shameful how political parties are making this (and similar incidents) a political issue and pointing fingers.

To the media and the anchors - If you don't want the debate politicised, then why the fuck are you inviting politicians on the panel!?!

You want answers from the politicians? What answers? Don't you already know the answers? All of us already know the answers that will be given. Here you go "Sad/tragic incident. Shouldn't have happened. We will look into it. It will be investigated/probed". Chalo… hogaya. Done with the usual crap.

NOW answer this:

Where the fuck is the bastard who shot this video? USSKO bulaayo. USS maadarchod se poochcho WHY he didn't feel the need to stop this? Why didn't he even try?! Why did he think it was more important to let this happen and get it on video rather than attempt to stop it when he had the chance???

If that individual happens to be a media person… Saale bhadve, your media tells politicians NOT to seek political mileage from tragedies and take the country for a ride, BUT you don't have a problem using tragedies to get material for your news channel? Haraam ki aulaad… couldn't you stop this from happening and flash your MEDIA ID to get a supervisor or RMO on the scene?? Demand for a qualified medical professional to administer the dose to the infant?!!!

Sab ke sab chutiye hain… Haraamzaado… at least ask the right questions!

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