Monday, July 8, 2013

Q10 Home Screen

Some people prefer multiple pages and they categorise Apps/Icons etc page wise. Others prefer the Folder approach. Well, it depends on how you use the phone and what is convenient to you. In my case, I avoid Apps as much as possible (FaceBook and FourSquare are bundled with the OS. I haven't downloaded those). Native support is preferred when available. Here is my Home Screen (Yes. Everything fits in just one page):

Logic/Reasoning -

The items in the top row are the ones I use the least. The ones I use most are closer to the keyboard, to make it easier to tap (or perhaps that's just the way my head works). This arrangement works perfectly for single-hand use (for me).

Yes, Contacts and Setup are also there right at the top - I use those the least. I can't recall when was the last time I opened the Contacts module to search for details. Universal Search works good enough. Account Setup isn't something one messes around with on a daily basis (well, not if you got it right the first time).

YouTube is there only for consistency purposes (fill out the page). I use it frequently but not often enough to command a space on the Home Screen as an individual icon. It can go to the Media folder. In fact, that is where it was. Just pulled it out to complete the page and it will go back into the Media folder as and when I find some other App/Icon/Item that I use more regularly.

Folder Composition -


  • Help - Pretty much all the help I need is taken care of by
  • Settings - Swipe Down from the top is convenient enough.
  • Search - Universal Search from Home Screen works well enough.
  • Adobe Reader / Docs To Go - I don't see the need to launch the app(s). If I receive an attachment, it will launch Adobe or relevant module from Docs To Go on its own.
  • Phone / Camera - Soft keys already available. No need for additional icons for these modules.
  • Smart Tags - No actual use (for me).
  • Compass - No actual use (for me).
  • Print To Go – Did not even bother to see what this is about.
  • Games - No thank you.
  • Box - Might be better integrated with OS 10, but I already have DropBox and everything is there. Didn't see any reason to make the switch.


  • Maps - I don't use Maps (Kuwait is a really small country. Enough sign boards around). When travelling - The driver is expected to know which route to take. Drive on your own when on a vacation - WHY would I do crazy shit like that? If I can't afford a vacation with proper arrangements in a decent hotel with a chauffeur driven car on call, I'd rather NOT make the trip (probably another reason why I don't travel as often as most individuals). Do it properly, or don't do it at all. Exploring new places and all that nonsense - never made sense to me and I doubt it ever will.
  • Weather - I couldn't care less about the temperature or the conditions. I mean... how does it matter? If it is hot, it is hot. Knowing the temp is bla bla degree Celsius is not going to make it any cooler now is it?
  • Voice Control - Don't really recall using it on any of my cell phones. I am fine with typing.
  • Mobile Service Provider App - Pointless.


  • Shortcut to Gmail (for searching older emails, if I need to).
  • Browser module.
  • Will populate the folder with more web shortcuts (as and when needed).

Utilities, Social, Media, Productivity, Instant Messaging are pretty much self explanatory.

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