Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Our foreign policy would be to have cordial relationship with our neighbours" - That is Rajnath Singh speaking at Capitol Hill [Link].

That's the BEST you could come up with on Foreign Policy??!! Thank you for that blinding glimpse of the obvious.

Something even more interesting - The President of the BJP - The Party With A Difference (*rolls eyes) - also said: "As far as changes in the foreign policy is concerned, there is not likely to be a basic change in its fundamental principles".

Well they seem to oppose the present government's foreign policy with great enthusiasm. BUT in Washington he states that IF his party does come to power, no basic change is to be expected?! So… you are representing BJP - The Party With NO Difference?


Perhaps it's a language issue. Of course it is! Given that hardly anyone understands Sanskrit, Rajnath was forced to use Hindi / English. That has distorted what Rajnath meant to say. Not to worry - We will now have some BJP spokesperson - who will decipher Rajnath's words and tell us exactly what Rajnath MEANT to say but couldn't say due to the stifling of the Sanskrit language. [/Sarcasm]

IF we are lucky, we will get a civilised spokesperson as opposed to the uncouth, loud-mouth, ill mannered ones they usually put up.

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