Saturday, July 31, 2010



Salmiya Cooperative.

There was another sign for Corn FLEX!!

Singapore Airlines A380 Suite

Wonder why they have to call the A380 as the ‘AirBus’ A380. Not cool at all.



Friday, July 30, 2010

The Ghost Writer

Picture 1

Well, you could try, but I don’t think it’s possible to make Chinatown again. THAT was an amazing plot. This one, err….

Pierce Brosnan and Kim Cattrall definitely deserve better scripts. This movie was slow, pointless and childish. A few explosions here and there just might liven things up a bit, but sadly none of those either.

Seriously lacking in character development. About 45 minutes into the film and I didn’t care about what happened to any of the characters.

Cinematography was nice though. But that doesn’t make up for a lousy attempt at remaking Chinatown.

Crossing Over

Picture 1

It’s watchable, but I have seen better films. oh and JFTR, this is no where close to Crash.

The part of the movie I disliked the most – Taslima Jahangir (played by Summer Bishil). Everything from her entry scene till the end of the film. Right from Taslima’s introduction, I was like WTF! Cheap stunt from the makers.

Her ‘essay’, the way the FBI ‘handles’ her case, the ‘options’ that are presented to her, the ‘options’ that are presented to the family – total crap, far fetched and not to mention - mind numbingly stupid.

Can’t blame Harrison Ford or Ray Liotta for bad writing.    

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FaceBook Notification Glitch


 New Picture

As per FaceBook’s Notification, a friend of mine ‘Liked’ my Status Message even before I had put it up!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Once a Smoker was smoking at airport.........

Thanks Shauki!


A gentleman came  & asked him. How much do you smoke a day

Smoker : Why are you asking such a question?

Gentleman replied : If you had collected all that money  instead of smoking, the plane which is in front of you, would have been  yours.

Smoker asked that gentleman : Do you smoke? 


Smoker asked:- Does that plane belong to you?

Gentleman replied:- No.

Smoker:-Thanks for your kind advice, BTW that plane IS mine

Moral of the Story : Unnecessary advice is also injurious. If not to Health, then your Ego for sure.

I have had enough!

Feels like my brain is going to blow out any second now. THAT would be a much needed relief, but the fuck up is – it’s just not happening!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

FireFox Tab Candy


FireFox takes the Expose and Spaces features of the Mac and applies them to Tabbed browsing. NICE!

  • Instant Overview
  • Lightweight Grouping
  • Only The Tabs You Want
  • Organise Your Space

  • With one keystroke Tab Candy shows an overview of all tabs to allow you to quickly locate and switch between them.
  • Tab Candy also lets you group tabs to organize your work flow.
  • You can create a group for your vacation, work, recipes, games and social sites, however it makes sense to you to group tabs.
  • When you switch to a grouped tab only the relevant tabs are shown in the tab bar, which helps you focus on what you want.



You can download the Beta Version here (Of course it will be buggy, it’s just starting out).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dexter – Season 5

Season 5 premiers on 26th September 2010. Can’t wait.

I am so glad that Rita is dead. Never did like her. True she was less annoying in Season 3, but I am really happy about her being dead. The show just keeps getting better.

The Apple iPhone 4 Story - Taiwanese Animation



Thursday, July 22, 2010

USD 50,000 Diamond iPod


Tweet Link

Me guessing Floyd Mayweather, Jr. would have really hit his head HARD at some boxing match or practice session, before he shelled out USD 50,000 for an iPod.

And then tweeting about it, with the price tag! That’s just sad, mate. Would be cool if someone made one of those MasterCard Priceless spoofs for this.

  • Spending USD 50,000 on an iPod – No brains.
  • The iPod looks ugly – Bad taste.
  • Tweeting about it with the price tag – Makes you look like a brainless cheapo with absolutely no taste.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Transfer JP Miles To Friends And They Get 25% More




E.g.: If you transfer 1000 JPMiles to your friend’s JetPrivilege account through during the promotion period, then your friend’s account will be credited with 1000 JPMiles + 250 Bonus JPMiles i.e. 1250 JPMiles.


Fired Up

New Picture

Predictable teen flick. Not nearly as funny.

Some people are comparing this to American Pie. Well it might be in the same genre, but definitely not in the same league. JFTR - I didn’t like ‘American Pie’ that much.

Probably a 13–15 year old might enjoy this one.

Monday, July 19, 2010




The old tag line was ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’ - Swasth khaao, tan mann jagaao. Made a bit of sense.

New Tag Line - Zindagi mein life. Err… meaning? Life in life? or guess they meant LIFE in life. Who the hell comes up with this shit? Seriously! They actually pay people to come up with idiotic slogans or is it just me who doesn’t get it??

Vahi Phir Mujhe Yaad Aane Lage Hain

Khumar Barabankvi…

Vahi phir mujhe yaad aane lage hain
Jinhen bhulaane mein zamaane lage hain

Vo hain paas aur yaad aane lage hain
Muhabbat ke hosh ab thikaane lage hain

Sunaa hai humen vo bhulaane lage hain
To kya hum unhen yaad aane lage hain?

Hataaye the jo raaste se doston ki
Vo patthar mere ghar mein aane lage hain

Ye kahnaa thaa un se muhabbat hai mujh ko
Ye kahne mein mujh ko zamaane lage hain

Qayaamat yaqiinan qareeb aa rahi hai
'Khumar' ab to masjid mein jaane lage hain

Extending Unemployment Benefits


India Ready For Common Wealth Games !??


And here we go:

- The various embankments on the range (which will host two medal events during the Games), have collapsed and extensive damages (sic) have been caused.

- The grassy expanse of lawn overhead the first box culvert has been washed away along with the side foot-tracks.

- The all-weather road near culvert No. 2 is about to collapse as all the underlying sand fillings have been washed away.

- There are visible landslides on either side of the remaining box culverts

- The chain-linked fences have come down at various places and its footings (sic) are hanging free in the air.

- The windowpanes of the facility block are leaking badly.

- The CPWD (Elect) has made numerous holes on the rooftop for split ACs resulting in seepage inside and damage to the false ceiling.

- The "new" Dr SP Mukherjee Swimming Complex was inaugurated on Sunday despite the fact that parts of the complex are far from complete. Even as the inauguration was on, a water pipe malfunction sprayed water all around.

- Crucial aspects of the competing/non-competing areas like lap timers, wall plaster etc were either missing or already in dilapidated condition.

- Talkatora Boxing Stadium - The holding and warm-up boxing areas, located in the basement, have major seepage problems. There was some flooding inside because of leakage while outside, there was more than a foot of water all around.

- This all comes soon after the Yamuna Sports Complex episode, where the false ceiling collapsed and the wooden flooring got damaged because of water logging.


Taaliyaan. Excellent timing to play the ‘Jai Ho’ or ‘Chuck De India’ tracks. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Citibank’s Mobile Website


Works fine for my NRO account. BUT my NRE account is not accessible via the mobile site. :(

The Indian Rupee Symbol


New Picture

I honestly don’t see the point in having a symbol for the currency, but then – I don’t see the point for a lot of things.

In my opinion, the symbol is sad. Regardless of how the genius who created the symbol wants to explain it - I think it’s pathetic made up just for the fuck of it and a bastardised version of the Euro symbol. In all likelihood, the guy was fooling around with the Euro symbol when he came up with THIS.

Read somewhere in the explanation that the guy is depicting the tricolour in the symbol… err – I honestly don’t see it.

What was even more laughable was when there were reports that it would take anything from a year to two years to actually be able to use the symbol on computers. This coming from a country that keeps on harping that they are the brains behind most of the worlds biggest Computer (hardware/software) companies!! HAA!!! – Shine on India… Shine on.

Well, for those of you who would like to start using the ‘SYMBOL’ right away, here is how you do it:


We mapped the grave acent symbol - ` (the key just above "tab" button in your keyboard) with the new Rupee symbol. Just select "Rupee" font from the drop down list of your fonts in your application and press the key just above your tab button. It will display our new rupee symbol. Try it.

You can download the Font files (for the Rupee Symbol) from the same site.

No Demat Accounts For Hindu Gods (err.. seriously, someone did put up a petition)

MUMBAI: Let gods remain in temples and not enter the stock markets, said the Bombay High Court while dismissing a petition seeking orders to authorities to allow Hindu gods to open demat accounts.


Disturbing headline. The article was even more disturbing.

Deities have PAN Cards in their names? Land / property! WTF??!! Like it wasn’t bad enough for the god men [illegally] accumulating wealth in the name of religious institutions and organisations, NOW they want to do it in the name of the deities themselves!!

So, do these deities have wills as well? Have they appointed caretakers for the property? Who signs off on behalf of the deities? I am sure any trustee or individual can be given authority to sign on behalf of another PERSON, but how is the ORIGINAL Authorization Letter signed? What would be the text of such a Letter of Authority?

To Whom It May Concern

I Lord Ganesha – holder of Indian PAN Card No: 0123456789, mailing address - Ganpati Panchayatam Sansthan, hereby appoint and authorise Mr. Natwarlaal to act on my behalf for all legal and financial matters.

Yours divinely


(I can’t really sign, so here is a symbol – Well, if AFKAP can have a symbol, so can I)

The High Courts seem to have way too much time on their hands. Such PETITIONS should be thrown out the moment they are presented.

I won’t be surprised if some fanatic now jumps up and says “Why the court mentioned only HINDU gods! What about the other gods!!”

The country is a fucking joke!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Losers

New Picture  

Time pass. Predictable. Wish a bit of work was done on the Villain’s character (clich├ęd). Seemed a bit too over the top.

Zoe Saldana definitely good to look at.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wataniya’s BlackBerry Promotion


Now you can get your favorite BlackBerry at monthly installments starting from only KD 6. But that’s not all; you also get 1 month free subscription and two free applications (GPS and Salat).

New Picture

Customise Your iamaKey


Personalize the LaCie iamaKey with a quality engraving


LaCie’s XtremKey


LaCie announced today the LaCie XtremKey – offering industrial-strength protection for your data. With capacities up to 64GB and an impenetrable shell, the XtremKey is a truly rugged USB key that stands up to the elements.


  • Watertight up to 100 meters.
  • Resistant to 5-meter drops.
  • Holds up in any environment, no matter where you take it (+200°C / -50°).
  • Can withstand the pressure of a 10-ton truck.

Well that’s one thing that Q can strike off his ‘To Make For Bond:’ list.


New Picture


It’s a Firefox and Chrome plugin that erases all name and likeness of your ex from the internet, even if they become a meme, or the president.

Simply feed it their first and last names, their Twitter username, their Facebook profile info and their blog URL, and it takes care of the rest. Sure, photos can slip through the cracks, I'm sure. And you'll have to set up an email filter yourself if you want to cut off contact completely.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Amazon Prime Membership For Students

New Picture


BlackBerry Protect


BlackBerry Protect allows you the ability to wirelessly backup, restore and locate your BlackBerry® smartphone.

In the event that your BlackBerry smartphone is misplaced, lost or stolen, BlackBerry Protect provides features like:

remote device wipe, remote device lock, ‘Lost and Found' screen, locate device on a map, remote activation of the BlackBerry smartphone loud ringer, and wireless device backup and restore.

Remote Device Management:

  • Protect important information on a lost BlackBerry smartphone by remotely wiping or locking the device from your desktop
  • Remotely add contact information to the home screen of a locked BlackBerry smartphone so it can be returned if found
  • See your BlackBerry smartphone's location and pinpoint the current whereabouts of a lost or stolen devicewith cell tower and GPS device tracking
  • Find a nearby misplaced BlackBerry smartphone by remotely activating a loud ringer

Over the Air (OTA) Backup and Restore:

  • Back up data from your BlackBerry smartphone (including Contacts and Calendar; Memos and Tasks; Browser Bookmarks and Text Messages) over Wi-Fi
  • Restore your data to a new BlackBerry smartphone, or simply switch from one BlackBerry smartphone to another.








Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Advani Hopes Strike Would Silence Opposition's Critics

Senior BJP leader LK Advani on Tuesday hoped that the strike called against price rise would put an end to criticism that the Opposition was not doing enough on the issue.

"Through you (the media) I would like to thank the people of the country for making Bharat Bandh an unprecedented success. I would also like to thank the people of Delhi and our supporters here for this success," he said.



So with the Bharat Bandh the opposition has successfully tackled the issue and brought the prices down?! Can anyone please explain to me one positive thing accomplished out of the Bharat Bandh? (No cars honking on the streets does NOT count)

Abbey maadar beep, jahaalat ki bhi hadh hoti hai. Bhaunkne se pehle soch liya kar!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

Typos on TechCrunch

  New Picture (1)


Proofreading ?!

Monday, July 5, 2010

FaceBook Goes Free For Airtel Users (Till August 31st)


"For the two-month period, the partnership enables Airtel customers to access Facebook’s full mobile site faster and at no data cost from their Airtel mobiles via," said an Airtel statement.

Customers, accessing mobile Internet for the first time need to SMS ‘FACEBOOK’ to 54321 to take advantage of this offer.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Smallville – Season 10


Picture 1


This has dragged on for long enough, don’t you think? Besides, isn’t nearly as witty without Lex’s one-liners.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invisible Empire: New World Order Defined

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined (2010)

According to NetFlix, this ‘documentary’ was released in 2009.


More amateurish conspiracy theory crap (in my view). Hated the way parts of it were presented (Video running in small tele sets). Annoying. The narrator kept yapping and although I was trying - just couldn’t get interested. Was actually bored with it.

There is one part where the narrator makes reference to the BRIC nations. There, the smart ass mentions INDONESIA is part of the BRIC!

When the hell did THAT happen? I know it’s been proposed a couple of times, but to the best of my knowledge - Indonesia still isn’t a part of the BRIC.

Till June 29th 2010, it most definitely wasn’t included in the BRIC and here is a link from the Business Standard to validate the fact that they are TRYING to get Indonesia included.

(I said I couldn’t get interested in the documentary, that doesn’t necessarily mean I wasn’t paying attention. )

Read some where that there were other mistakes as well. Something about Hitler uncle being on the cover of Times or some crap like that.

There is also a part where the narrator expresses his surprise at Ted Turner’s view on population control. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the view. The guy proposes that it would help significantly if there were less idiots errr.. people born into the world. He suggests one or two kids per couple.

I REALLY don’t see why the narrator believes this makes Ted the devil.

This one was a waste of time.

Well that’s about the ‘documentary’. My own views about the New World Order, hell why not! Have you taken a look at the world around you lately?? It’s a cesspool! Why NOT come up with a New World Order? Why is it SO WRONG to have ONE NATION, ONE CURRENCY!?

I know what the Book of Revelation says. I have probably read it more times than perhaps any missionary/preacher has (What??!! I find it interesting).

I for one have never been able to understand WHY it’s such a bad idea to have the entire world as a single nation with a single currency. I personally believe it’s a wonderful idea if it can ever be executed.

What’s wrong with the idea of one religion, one god? Does the population enjoy fighting in the name of religion? Why would it be the end of the world if everyone finally agreed that YES, there IS only one God!!

On one side, we have preachers trying to SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD to as many lost souls as they can and trying their best to save their souls from eternal damnation. They want mankind to be united and put an end to discrimination. On the other side, they oppose the idea of the entire world believing in a single god, they oppose a single nation (which will definitely have an effect of discrimination)??!!

Arrey baba, make up your mind. People are confused enough as it is. No reason to add to it!