Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Transfer JP Miles To Friends And They Get 25% More




E.g.: If you transfer 1000 JPMiles to your friend’s JetPrivilege account through during the promotion period, then your friend’s account will be credited with 1000 JPMiles + 250 Bonus JPMiles i.e. 1250 JPMiles.


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Anonymous said...

i'm a JP member,why would i transfer my miles to anyone or y would anyone transfer their miles to me..........???koi kuch kaho!!!!

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Pride!

How are you doing?

Good point.

There are times when one just might transfer.


You have 20,000 miles in your JP account.
your brother/sister has another 20,000.

Now you are planning a trip KWI-BOM-KWI. Even for an economy class travel, you will need 30,000 miles for an award ticket.

If you can get an award ticket, then you pay KWD 39-40 only.

IF your brother/sister were to transfer 8,000 miles into your account, then (with the 25% bonus) you will get the 10,000 miles needed for your award ticket.

IF you were to buy the additional 10,000 miles online, it would cost you INR 12,500 (about KWD 75-80).

That's the logic. I guess.

Anonymous said...

pata nahin,itna hisaab kitaab nahin hota ,i' duh when it comes to economics

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Pride,


Doesn't matter, really. When one has to travel, one HAS TO travel. ticket 39 KWD ki ho ya 80 ki.

Anonymous said...

yeah i got a good deal,j class at 189......not bad huh!

L o r d R a j said...

I say...
Definitely NOT a bad deal. :D

But then again, there are people who say.. ' Yaar.. 100 dinar mein ticket mil jaati to accha tha' . Sigh, what to say. PEOPLE, eh?


Anonymous said...

kuch toh log kahengey.logon ka kaam hai kehna..........

L o r d R a j said...