Monday, July 19, 2010

India Ready For Common Wealth Games !??


And here we go:

- The various embankments on the range (which will host two medal events during the Games), have collapsed and extensive damages (sic) have been caused.

- The grassy expanse of lawn overhead the first box culvert has been washed away along with the side foot-tracks.

- The all-weather road near culvert No. 2 is about to collapse as all the underlying sand fillings have been washed away.

- There are visible landslides on either side of the remaining box culverts

- The chain-linked fences have come down at various places and its footings (sic) are hanging free in the air.

- The windowpanes of the facility block are leaking badly.

- The CPWD (Elect) has made numerous holes on the rooftop for split ACs resulting in seepage inside and damage to the false ceiling.

- The "new" Dr SP Mukherjee Swimming Complex was inaugurated on Sunday despite the fact that parts of the complex are far from complete. Even as the inauguration was on, a water pipe malfunction sprayed water all around.

- Crucial aspects of the competing/non-competing areas like lap timers, wall plaster etc were either missing or already in dilapidated condition.

- Talkatora Boxing Stadium - The holding and warm-up boxing areas, located in the basement, have major seepage problems. There was some flooding inside because of leakage while outside, there was more than a foot of water all around.

- This all comes soon after the Yamuna Sports Complex episode, where the false ceiling collapsed and the wooden flooring got damaged because of water logging.


Taaliyaan. Excellent timing to play the ‘Jai Ho’ or ‘Chuck De India’ tracks. 

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