Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nashe Mein Kaun Nahin Hai

Kissi ko husn ka guroor - jawaani ka nasha
Kissi ke dil pe mohabbat ki ravaani ka nasha
Kissi ko dekh ke,saanson se ubharta hai nasha
bina piye bhi kahin hadh se guzarta hai nasha

nashe mein kaun nahin hai - mujhe bataao zara
kisse hai hosh, mere saamne to laao zara
nasha hai sab pe, magar rang nashe ka hai juda

khili-khili hui subah pe hai - shabnam ka nasha
hava pe khushboo ka, badal pe hai rimjhim ka nasha
kahin suroor hai khushiyon ka, kahin gham ka nasha

nasha sharaab mein hota to - naachti botal
maikade jhoomte, paimaanon mein hoti hulchul


My First Mac

Got my first MacBook over the weekend. Not bad at all, actually, it's been fun. Will take some getting used to.

I got the 2.0 ghz one. 


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Colour Coded Speedometer



Now, Honda has released images of the Japanese Insight's EDAS which shows us the color-changing speedometer background that is used in the system's guidance function. If the color behind the number is green, you're driving efficiently. Get a little sloppy, and a bit of blue appears. When you're driving in the least economical fashion, the whole screen turns blue.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kal Tak Mujhko Gaurav Tha

kal tak mujhko gaurav tha - main devtaaon ki hoon santaan 
aaj magar hoon aadha jaanwar - aaj hoon mein aadha insaan

kal tak meri dhadkan-dhadkan jeevan raag sunaati thi 
aaj hai mere ang ang mein jaise thanda ek shamshaan

kaun pukaara kaun pukaara - dekho sab kuch badal gaya 
koi peeche choot gaya hai - koi aage nikal gaya

aag ke hain ye naag jo hain lipte hue mere tan se 
pairon se aur baazoo se aur seene se aur gardan se

dharti ki aankhen bheegi hain - ambar bhi rota hai 
duniya mein koi sab paata hai aur koi sab khota hai

jharne ho nadiyaan ya sagar - sab hain paani ke dhaare 
lekin in aankhon ke aasoon - jaise pighle angaare

cheekh rahi hai saari dishayen - koi disha khaamosh nahin 
dosh nahin hai tera lekin - phir bhi tu nirdosh nahin

doob na jaaye duniya teri - aason ki is baarish mein 
lagta hai tera dil aur aankhen - dono hain iss saazish mein

Kya Ye Bhi Zindagi Hai Ki Raahat Kabhi Na Ho

Krishan Mohan...

kya ye bhi zindagi hai ki raahat kabhi na ho
aisi bhi to kisi se mohabbat kabhi na ho

vaadaa zaruur karte hain - aate nahin kabhi
phir ye bhi chaahte hain shikaayat kabhi na ho

shaam-e-visaal bhi ye tagaaful ye berukhi
teri razaa hai mujhko masarrat kabhi na ho

ahabaab ne diye hain mujhe kis tarah fareb
mujhsa bhi koi saadaa tabiyat kabhi na ho

lab to ye kah rahe hain ke uth, badh ke chuum le
aankhon ka ye ishaaraa ke jurr'at kabhi na ho

dil chaahta hai phir vahi fursat ke raat din
mujhko to tere khayaal se fursat kabhi na ho

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ram Jethmalani Slams IBN

Awesome! Thanks KK

Some of the comments on Youtube are cool too. Such as:


    • What a stupid bitch. She is pretty, she should learn to just keep her mouth shut and look pretty LOL - labartic
    • The Press' job is NOT to reflect public opinion, but to report facts. - dion1tj
    • Absolutely right. This was brilliant. One of the better videos I've watched in a while. Defense attorneys have an obligation that has nothing to do with public opinion, decency, or morality. Mind you, these are all worthwhile pursuits in their own time and place. Nevertheless, the moment we make sentimentality a factor, we lose a reliable means of enforcing our laws. Leave opinions and feelings for courts of equity.- ProjectInsanity
    • At the end of the day, it's my penis. STFU you friggin pseudo intellectual whore.- horneyvirus

The last comment is actually very close to what I wanted to say.


USB Lunchbox


Yes, it's the Japs, again. USB Powered Lunchbox to keep your lunch hot.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kya Se Kya Ho Gayaa

kya se kya ho gayaa - bewafaa - tere pyaar mein
chaahaa kya, kya milaa - bewafaa - tere pyaar mein

chalo suhaanaa bharam to tootaa - jaanaa ke husn kya hai
kahati hai jis ko pyaar duniya - kya cheez kya balaa hai
dil ne kya naa sahaa - bewafaa - tere pyaar mein

tere mere dil ke beech ab to - sadiyon ke faasale hain
yakin hogaa kise ke hum tum - ek raah sang chale hain
honaa hai, aaur kya - bewafaa - tere pyaar mein

Kya Hua Tera Waada


kya hua tera waada - woh kasam, woh iraada
bhoolega dil - jis din tumhen
woh din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga

yaad hai mujhko, tune kaha tha - tumse nahin roothenge kabhi
dil ki tarah se haath mile hain - kaise bhala chhootenge kabhi
teri baahon mein beeti har shyaam - bewafa yeh bhi kya yaad nahin

kya hua tera waada - woh kasam, woh iraada
bhoolega dil jis din tumhen
woh din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga

oh kehne waale mujhko farebi - kaun farebi hai yeh bata
woh jisne gham liya pyaar ki khaatir - ya jisne pyaar ko bech diya
nasha daulat ka aisa bhi kya - ke tujhe kuch bhi yaad nahin

Wataniya Offer


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weeds - Season 1

Weeds - Season 2 -  Key Art

Got done with Season 1. Funny stuff. Not bad at all. 

Hope Season 2 is as good. Have it downloaded already, just haven't been able to watch it, yet.

Kaabe Se Butkade Se Kabhi Bazm-E-Yaar Se

Shamim Jaipuri...

kaabe se butkade se kabhi bazm-e-yaar se
aavaaz de rahaa hoon tujhe har muqaam se

naa-aashnaa hai aaj vahi mere naam se
duniya pukaarti thi jinhen mere naam se

uff ye shab-e-firaaq ke maaron ki bekhudi
khud hi bujha diya hai charaagon ko shaam se

dil mein fareb lab pe tabassum nazar mein pyaar
luute gaye 'shamim' bade ehatimaam se


Animated Rajnikanth

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shano Shano - Yuvraaj

WTF?? how the hell can you call this a song? Gulzaar sahib!! aise gaane ke saath aap ka naam - ab to hadh hi hogayi!


everybody in the party are you ready say ex, ex, ex
go with the flow say plo, oo
ready for d put the d to the e, e, e
explode with me, explode

Yes.. please! Everyone who is associated with coming up with this trash should explode.


atke atke, kitne latke, deke bulaye tu
ander ander beech samunder, dubki khaaye tu

Does this even make sense!!! 

Gulzar and Rahman when together, usually do come up with nonsense lyrics (anyone remember songs from Sathiya - ' geeli hansi, peeli hansi '), - but this shano shano is the newest low for Gulzar. Some how, I am sure that this - shitty trashy crappy number - is going to be a bloody hit! - in case it already isn't one yet. Seriously.. the public lacks refined taste.

Incase someone thinks I am being too harsh or whatever with my criticism.. well.. check this out:


roz yehin par aana, jab suraj wapis jaye
aadha din ho aadha, oh aadhe raat ke saaye
roz yahin se jaana, jab suraj shaam nahaye
doob raha ho aadha, paani mein gaute khaye

pakka shikari hain, pakka shikari - aari chalaata hain, aari aari aari
tune chalaaye hain, barche hazaron - apni to pehli hai, baari baari baari
pyaala pyala, mai ka pyaala


WTF is that supposed to mean? no seriously... pakka shikaari hai.. pakka shikaari - aari challata hai - aari aari aari!! - did a four year old come up with that line?


tez hawa se uttraa, to panvv pe chalna hoga
dhoop mein paanv jalenge, to chaanv mein chalna hoga

Maadar .... (sorry.. BEEP BEEP) What next?? lift nahin chalegi.. stairs se chadhnaa hoga?? Tu nahin rukega.. tujhe khud hi maarna hoga?

And btw, what's with most of the new songs (using the term - songs, rather loosely over here) having that bloody chipmunk voice? It's there in this one and heard in one of the Dostana tracks too. Kya re, gaana hai to dhang se gaao, otherwise - go to some bloody TV 'TALENT' Show and beg for votes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guns N Roses - New Album - Online!


Guns N' Roses have launched their new album on MySpace, days ahead of its release in shops.

Chinese Democracy, the US rock band's first album in 15 years, will not be available to buy until Monday.

But fans can hear the album on the band's MySpace page. They are one of the highest-profile acts to use the site to launch a record.


Allo SMS - Wataniya


Send an Allo sms now and let your friends and family hear your voice!
It is an alternate way to communicate
Send short voice sms locally or internationally
No activation or subscription fee

  • Local message - 55 Fils
  • International message - 120 fils


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


SMSes to guide you through Delhi traffic


NEW DELHI: To ensure smooth traffic on roads, the Delhi Police has decided to launch a campaign to guide people about traffic congestion and to educate them about road laws.

The campaigning will be launched through SMSes, television and radio, asking people to avoid certain routes where congestion is reported.
Traffic rules and regulations will be publicised through banners, hoardings, advertisements in newspapers and televisions, among other means.


Yawn.... So now there will be RKFM 99.7's Linda yapping all over Delhi as well.

Shit happens.

Toshiba G 450


Seems impressive.

Product Page

Monday, November 17, 2008








Started off with this new show, Weeds (Thanks Yousef). Awesome, funny shit. It's really cool (so far). ohh and just for a heads up, it's R rated.

It's an old show, as in - it started back in 2005. I seem to have missed this one. I have it now, though.

Jahaan Phuulon Ko Khilna Tha - Vahin Khilte To Achha Tha

Saadullah Shah...

jahaan phuulon ko khilna tha - vahin khilte to achha tha
tumhin ko hum ne chaahaa tha - tumhin milte to achha tha

koi aakar humen puuchhe - tumhen kaise bhulaayaa hai
tumhaare khat ko ashkon se shab-e-gham mein jalaayaa hai
hazaaron zakhm aise hain - agar silte to achha tha

tumhen jitna bhulaayaa hai - tumhari yaad aai hai
bahaar-e-nau jo aai hai vo hi khushbuu laai hai
tumhare lab meri khaatir agar hilte to achha tha

milaa hai lutf bhi hum ko hasin yaadon ki jhil-mil mein
katati hai zindagi tum bin magar itni si hai dil mein
agar tum aate to achha tha - agar milte to achha tha

Saturday, November 15, 2008





Slow. Really slow. Not nearly enough action sequences. Extremely disappointed about that. The ending is a total let down. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Linda's Corner Today




Linda's Corner is going to (BE) fun for me

Your (YOU ARE) going to be able to sent (SEND) me your request and dedications, to be announced on the radio...

Your (YOU ARE) going to find great recipes and you can send in yours to (BE) shared with everyone. And a page For Our Health.Your suggestions on what you want will be considered SO just click.


She asked for suggestions, here is one - PROOFREADING.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feng Shui Compass



Err... in case, someone may be interested...

Personal view - What crap!

Jaan-E-Sukuun Aa Bhi Jaa - Tera Hi Intezaar Hai

Yahya Jasdanwalla...

jaan-e-sukuun aa bhi jaa - tera hi intezaar hai
aankhon se ashk hai ravaan - jaan bhi beqaraar hai

hone ko fasl-e-gul bhi hai daavat-e-aish hai magar
apni bahaar ka mujhe aaj bhi intezaar hai

saare sahaare ishq ke - tuut chuke hain hijr mein
ek tumhaari yaad bas - dard ki gham-gusaar hai

ahad-e-vafaa ka aap ke - lutf-o-karam ka aap ke
aur kissi ko ho na ho - mujh ko aitabaar hai

lut gai gham ki aabru - lut chuki dil ki aarzu
'yahya' nigaah-e-lutf ka - phir bhi ummidvaar hai


Gmail - Voice & Video Chat


We've just started to roll out Gmail voice and video chat for both PCs and Macs, so if you don't see it right away, don't worry -- it could take a day or so for this feature to be available in all Gmail and Google Apps accounts. If you want to download the plugin right away, visit


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Full Length Shows On YouTube


Popular video-sharing Web site YouTube takes a new step in its quest to boost the company’s advertising revenue. The plan to show full-length television shows and films will now also include Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s archives, in addition to the content from other networks. Google, YouTube’s owner, has been searching for several months for a good strategy to take its earnings to the next level.


Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2


Getting lame. I am done watching the first 5 episodes. It's just not as much fun now. Have the other episodes on the hard drive as well, just not in a rush to watch them. 

Dean Winters as Charley Dixon and Richard Jones playing James Ellison are pretty much pointless characters, in my view. I doubt we will be seeing Charley anymore in the series (hopefully). Wish they would do away with Ellison too.

Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver - not happening.

Summer Glau as Cameron was a lot cooler in the first season. Now, there seems to be just way too many problems with her 'chip' and not all of them make sense.

The Matrix On Windows

Monday, November 10, 2008

Headlines - Indian Markets

These are just some of them, over the past few days. I am not even putting up the headlines for October or September yet.

Does anyone else feel that India doesn't really need a finance ministry or the SEBI? I mean, everything seems to be explained by ' GLOBAL CUES '. If GLOBAL CUES is going to be the cause and effect of everything, then what's with all the talk about India Shining, India being a resilient economy etc.

Wonder why it's so hard to just REPORT. Seriously, wouldn't it be more sensible to just say ' Markets opened higher' or ' Markets opened lower' or 'Markets opened flat' instead of trying to put up a reason to it. Especially when the reason for everything is going to be the same.

Seat Belt


Ishq Fanaa Ka Naam Hai - Ishq Mein Zindagi Na Dekh

Jigar Moradabadi...

ishq fanaa ka naam hai - ishq mein zindagi na dekh
jalvaaa-e-aaftaab ban - zarre mein roshni na dekh

shauq ko rahnumaa banaa - jo ho chukaa kabhi na dekh
aag dabi hui nikaal - aag bujhi hui na dekh

tujh ko khudaa ka vaastaa - tu meri zindagi na dekh
jis ki sahar bhi shaam ho - uss ki siyaah shavi na dekh

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dexter - Season 3


Awesome. The show is still cool. Love it the way it is and yes, Rita is a little less annoying than she was in the previous seasons (well I found her annoying). Perhaps one of the few shows about which I don't want to change anything.

Done with the first 6 episodes. Wanted to wait to get more, but then just couldn't help myself. For the shows that I do like, I usually wait till I have the entire season, or at least the next few episodes before I start watching and get done with all the episodes I do have (I don't do it for Heroes, because I don't really like that show, I watch that when I have nothing else to watch).

Can't wait for more.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Airtel DTH Ad

Most of the Airtel ads are cool. This one, is really cool (for me), because inspite of Kareena (thuuu) featuring in the ad, I don't have a problem with it. That doesn't happen often.

Is Tarah Sataaya Hai Pareshan Kiya Hai

Afzal Firdaus...

is tarah sataaya hai pareshan kiya hai
goya ki muhabbat nahin ehasaan kiya hai

socha tha ki tum doosaron jaise nahin hoge
tum ne bhi vahi kaam meri jaan kiya hai

mushkil tha bahut mere liye tark-e-ta'alluq
ye kaam bhi tum ne mera aasan kiya hai

har roz sajaate hain teri hijr mein gunche
ankhon ko teri yaad mein guldaan kiya hai

Hologram Technology On CNN


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Ocean Breeze - For Sale



The Iraqi government plans to sell a luxury yacht, moored off the French resort of Nice, that was one of many opulent treasures belonging to former dictator Saddam Hussein, a senior official said yesterday.



For a mere $30 million, you too can cruise the high seas like a Middle Eastern dictator -- or a comic book supervillain. The Iraq government is putting Saddam Hussein's 270 foot-long yacht up for sale.



Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ik Zara Dil Ke Qarib Aao To Kuch Chain Pade

Ganesh Bihari Tarz...

ik zara dil ke qarib aao to kuch chain pade
jaam ko jaam se takraao to kuch chain pade

baithe baithe to har mauj se dil dahalegaa
badhke tuufaan se takraao to kuch chain pade

ji ulajhta hai nagmaa-e-rangin sun kar
geet ek dard bharaa gaao to kuch chain pade

daag ke sher javaani mein bhale lagte hain
meer ki koi ghazal gaao to kuch chain pade

yaad-e-ayaan mein guzishtaan se ijaazat lekar
'tarz' kuch der ko so jaao to kuch chain pade

A Message For Sarah Palin




I downloaded this because the cast said Ben Kingsley. Watchable, but... 

The movie starts off okay, not engaging but tolerable. Starts getting a bit pathetic but then with Ben Kinglsey back, it does seem to get a bit interesting, sigh only for a little while. Then it turns really bla. By the time the movie actually started to make sense, I had lost all interest. Some of the one liners were good.

Woody Harrelson is annoying, always has been and in all likelihood, always will be. I don't think it's just the characters that he plays. Guess it's his voice. 

The escape from the dungeon / torture chamber or whatever, and then driving away with the train, ridiculous. No, it's not funny, it's ridiculous.

Carlos being murdered, err.. well the movie would have made a lot of sense if he was KILLED and not murdered by the super dumb chick (totally unnecessary and really screws up things for the movie).

When Carlos was making out with the dumb chick, and parts of the church were falling off, hell - one of the logs could have hit Carlos on the head, and he would have been killed. That would make a hell lot more sense.

See, if I had known earlier that there was money involved, I could understand why these guys were desperate to track down the people involved. Because, it just seemed really stupid to go through all this nonsense, when you had already recovered the dope.

It could have been a really entertaining engaging movie, but the makers just didn't think enough. It really wasn't that difficult, they could have really made this well. It's a bit surprising that they screwed up the simplest of things and missed out on the obvious. 

The most surprising part for me is, the reviews. People seem to be really impressed with the movie. It's watchable - at best.

Even if you choose to ignore the basic mistakes, aren't too bright and of course are easily impressed by mediocre trash, this still isn't as good / great - as mentioned in the reviews. 

Haaye Vo Vaqt-E-Judaai Ke Tumhaare Aansuu

Hakim Nasir...

haaye vo vaqt-e-judaai ke tumhaare aansuu
gir ke daaman pe bane the jo sitaare aansuu

laal-o-gauhar ke khazaane hain ye saare aansuu
koi aankhon se churaa le na tumhaare aansuu

teri aankhon mein agar hon to sitaare aansuu
meri aankhon mein agar hon to bechaare aansuu

in ko 'nasir' na kabhi aankh se girne dena
unko lagte hain meri aankh mein pyaare aansuu